ECW on TNN 6/9/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

From: New Orleans, LA

1.) Scotty Anton defeated Raven
2.) Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman defeated ECW World Champion Justin Credible & ECW Television Champion Rhino

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Joey Styles and Joel Gertner kick off the program as per usual with Styles ripping on TNN for airing a documentary about incest being educational. Jazz makes her way out to be interviewed. Jazz is the fighting female phenom, apparently. Her TNA stands for “talent and ability.” ECW World Champion Justin Credible comes in and attacks Jazz with a kendo stick, which is blurred by the censors. Francine jumps on Jazz briefly as well. Credible has a microphone and says that ever since he has won the championship, Tommy Dreamer has been chasing him trying to kick his ass. Credible says that Dreamer doesn’t have the balls to get in the ring with him. He will continue his path of destruction. Tommy Dreamer runs down and tackles Credible until security breaks them up.

2. Backstage, Cyrus and Scotty Anton are sitting. Cyrus thinks that Raven could be a big ratings guy for the Network. Anton suggests they can give him the Clap, but Cyrus jokes that Raven already has it before leaving.

3. Backstage, Raven is sitting down somewhere. Raven talks about how Anton was a one eyed flunky and now he is a Network hired gun. Raven will see him in the ring tonight.

4. Cyrus tells Raven that it’s all about the ratings. Cyrus is offering Raven a spot in the Network. They go to shake hands but Raven ducks a short arm clothesline but an elbow strike catches him. Anton avoids the DDT but is worked over by Raven in the corner. Cyrus trips Raven from the floor so that Scotty can get the upper hand. On the floor, Raven punches Anton and puts him across a table. Raven leaps off the middle rope but misses an elbow drop and crashes through the table. Anton tosses Raven into the ring and plays to the crowd. Back in the ring, Anton hits a dropkick and stomps away on Raven. Anton chop blocks Raven’s legs to maintain control of the contest. Raven kicks Anton away to avoid the Clapper. Anton wraps Raven’s leg around the ring post. Raven clotheslines Scotty in the corner. Raven uses the snot rag on Anton. Raven drop toe holds Anton onto a chair but Cyrus gets on the apron to distract the referee. Raven kicks out of a school boy and nearly pins Anton with one of his own. Anton gets the Clapper on Raven right in the middle of the ring and Raven taps out in the middle of the ring. After the match, Anton keeps the hold on Raven for a few moments to add insult to injury. (*1/2. It’s a big win for Anton, no doubt. He needed a clean win over someone who has some creditability. The match wasn’t very good as it didn’t come across as an ECW match but rather a match you’d see on WCW Saturday Night.)

5. Backstage, Da Baldies are sticking together as it’s just another day at the office. They are still going after New Jack.

6. The main event tag match is being promoted a “dream tag team match” with Dreamer and Credible picking their dream partner. Sandman comes down with a ladder from the backstage area and they brawl on the floor briefly. Rhino works over Dreamer in the corner while Sandman and Credible brawl on the floor. Tommy with a neck breaker on Rhino in the ring. Dreamer and Rhino head into the crowd to brawl. Credible sends Sandman into a ladder in the corner. Justin hits Sandman with the ladder. Sandman manages to send Credible into the ladder in the corner to get the advantage. Sandman connects with a White Russian leg sweep on Credible onto the ladder in the ring. Dreamer and Rhino continue to fight in the crowd. Sandman gets his hands on Rhino while Tommy goes after Sandman. Dreamer places Credible on the top turnbuckle while Sandman hits a hurricanrana on Rhino. Steve Corino enters to super kick Sandman and crotches Dreamer on a ladder to help the heels. Scotty Anton and Tajiri rundown as well with the heels maintaining control of the match. Rob Van Dam makes his way down to the ring to a good ovation. RVD runs down and hammers away on Corino first sending him to the floor with a kick. Anton is sent over the top with a backdrop. Rhino goes for a power bomb on RVD, but RVD gets out of it and kicks a chair into Rhino’s face! RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash and Sandman pins Rhino! After the match, Credible hits Sandman with a kendo stick. The heels get the upper hand with Anton putting the Clapper on RVD! Cyrus wants Anton to break RVD’s legs as we fade to black. *1/2. A prototypical brawl that you’d expect in ECW. The partners were quite obvious here and everything made sense in advancing feuds.)

Final Thoughts:
A fine edition of ECW on TNN this week. The matches may have not been overwhelmingly good, but Anton gets a great win to give him some creditability and the main event made sense in advancing the feuds. Can’t complain with that.

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