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ECW on TNN 6/2/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Toledo, OH

1.) Kid Kash defeated Vic Grimes
2.) Mikey Whipwreck defeated Tony Mamaluke
3.) ECW Television Champion Rhino fought The Sandman to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Joey Styles and Joel Gertner kick off the show with Raven sitting in the corner. Gertner doesn’t do his usual gig because he “doesn’t have a line tonight.” It’s actually just the start of his line, which he finishes off by saying that the girls in Toledo are always nice and well, tight. Joey sits down next to Raven who says that Justin Credible stole his girl, his look and his title. Raven says that Credible called him two days and quoted a famous saying. Either they are dubbing in chants or the fans are going nuts on this promo. Raven says that when the fans called him satan he enjoyed it while it bothered Credible. ECW World Champion Justin Credible cuts him off at that point. Francine is with Credible as they come down to the ringside area. Raven wants the bitch with the belt to get in the ring and that leads to a brawl. Raven dropkicks and then knee lifts Credible to the floor. Francine low blows Raven allowing Credible to use his kendo stick and hits the That’s Incredible! Tommy Dreamer runs down but the heels bail quickly. Dreamer goes to the floor and gets a couple of punches in on Credible. Scotty Anton gets in the ring and gets a few cheap shots in as well and goes the American Males clap taunt. Cyrus stomps on Raven as well. Anton locks in the Clap on the referee as well, who told Cyrus he was standing up to the Network. Cyrus does the Clap taunt as well.

2.) Backstage, Little Guido is working out. Big Sal grabs Tony Mamaluke as he walks into the arena saying “you’re in the wrong company.” Mamaluke tells Guido he is full blooded. Guido has something for him and wants to see if he can handle it.

3.) Kash starts off with a tilt a whirl head scissors on Grimes in the opening moments and hits a double springboard hurricanrana from the top rope! Kash slips on a springboard attempt and lands horribly on his neck. Grimes plants Kash with a sit out slam of sorts. Grimes drops a leg across Kash as well. Kash jumps off of Vic’s back and botches a face buster as well. Grimes counters a head scissors with a face buster. Kash soon takes Grimes out with a springboard somersault dive on the floor! Grimes counters a top rope cross body with an ace crusher. In the corner, Vic delivers a head butt to Kash’s groin area. Kash avoids a splash and hits a hurricanrana. Grimes counters a second hurricanrana to hit a flapjack. Grimes misses a Swanton Bomb off the top rope! Kash manages to roll Grimes up and wins the match. (*1/2. A few good spots by both men, but Kash had a few bad botches in this one. Grimes is more than just a guy diving off of balcony’s and can put together some interesting moves.)

4.) Backstage, Johnny Swinger is putting oil on his body when Simon Diamond comes over. Diamond says they have a problem because they have a match and Swinger isn’t ready. Simon tells Swinger he is the brains and tells him what to do and when to do it. Swinger leaves with a guy holding an umbrella. We see Prodigy and his lady friend cover in oil due to the fan having it land on them. Okay.

5.) Whipwreck drops Mamaluke with a short arm clothesline and drops Tony gut first to the canvas. Mikey follows up with a leg drop across the bottom rope onto the apron. Mamaluke plants Whipwreck with a DDT for a near fall. Guido gets on the apron and drops Whipwreck with the Silician Slice but Mamaluke can’t get a three on the cover attempt. On the outside, Tony attempts a springboard somersault but misses Whipwreck and dangerously lands partially on the railing and in the first row. Mikey with a double under hook face buster and that’s good enough for the three. After the match, Guido enters and attacks Mikey but Mikey hits the Whippersnapper! Sinister Minister has a fire ready but Big Sal comes in and goes over the Minister. Whipwreck throws powder in Sal’s eyes and Sal side slams Tony on accident. Sal tosses Mamaluke into the crowd! (*. Well, it was a fine paced match but not enough action for me to really judge it. The miss dive by Mamaluke was insane and I’m surprised he wasn’t severely hurt.)

6.) Backstage, we hear from Sinister Minister and Mikey Whipwreck. Minister likes to consider himself an expert on sinning. He likes some more than others. Minister thinks that Big Sal likes to be hurt. Sal has had his face burned three times by Whipwreck. Sinister thinks that Sal is pretty stupid for putting his hands on him. The next time Sal will explode. Minister lights Whipwreck’s pants on fire, too.

7.) Paul Heyman is on the screen cutting a promo, which is completely muted with a sign on the screen saying his temper to be ignored and ponders if he has been put through too many tables.

8.) Rhino avoids a kendo stick shot before the bell and drops Sandman with a clothesline. Dusty Rhodes is at ringside to keep Steve Corino busy on the floor. Dusty pulls Corino out of the ring with a bull rope. Sandman sends Rhino to the floor where the brawling continues. Sandman sends Rhino into the guard railing and tosses a table into the ring. Back in the ring, Sandman hits a top rope hurricanrana. Sandman plants Rhino with a piledriver on a table. Dusty Rhodes has been attacked by Corino and Victory. Sandman cleans house with the kendo stick until Rhino cuts him off. Dusty gets back into the ring and delivers elbow strikes. Tajiri slides into the ring and cleans house with a series of kicks. Corino and Tajiri are put in tree of woes, but Tajiri gets out of his and baseball slides Corino! Rhino is met with a handspring back elbw. Scotty Anton enters the ring and goes after Tajiri. Rob Van Dam’s music hits and here comes the former ECW TV Champion! Van Dam cleans house until Rhino sends him into a corner. RVD leaps off the top to kick Rhino and kicks Anton. RVD goes for the Five Star but Anton is pulled to safety. RVD takes Anton, Victory and Rhino out with a somersault dive on the floor! Jerry Lynn comes out to the aisle way but doesn’t do anything. (NR. Not much of a match as it was just a big brawl to close the show.)

Final Thoughts:
An uninteresting show aside from the opening segment between Raven and Credible. Nothing really happened here that I wanted to see.

Thanks for reading.

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