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WWF House Show 11/13/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: Cologne , Germany

Opening Contest: Kwang vs. the 1-2-3 Kid: They start off with some martial arts action missing some kick attempts in the early moments of the contest. It’s a slow start with Kwang rolling to the corner after a couple of arm drags. Kid continues to get the upper hand on Kwang by hitting a dropkick sending the masked wrestler to the floor. Kwang punches Kid in the throat and gets control of the bout with more strikes. Kwang hits the first impactful move with a spinning heel kick in the corner to knock Kid over the top to the floor. Kid fights out of a nerve hold and nearly wins with a cross body but is knocked down with a kick to the chest. Kwang blocks a sunset flip attempt with a strike to head and they both go down following a double clothesline. Kwang comes off the ropes but is met with a spinning heel kick from Kid! Kwang places Kid on the top rope and goes to the middle rope looking for a superplex but Kid shoves Kwang off and leaps off the top to hit a cross body but Kwang rolls through for a near win. Kwang misses a somersault splash after coming off the ropes. Kid drops Kwang with a leaping elbow strike and backdrop. Kwang side steps a charging Kid and sends him to the floor. Kid nearly wins with a roll up but avoids a spinning heel kick and rolls Kwang up for the three count. (**. The snail pace at the start really took me out of the match and these two could have had a much better fast pace match than they delivered here. Their styles should have made for a great match instead of the boring one we got instead.)

Second Contest: Quebecer Pierre vs. Bob Holly: Pierre starts off working over Holly in the corner. Bob hip tosses and scoop slams Pierre before sending Pierre over the top to the floor with a clothesline. Holly follows up with a slingshot cross body onto the floor. Pierre crotches Holly on the top to avoid a head scissors. Pierre leg drops Holly in the groin and taunts the fans while beating down Sparky. Pierre gets a bear hug on Holly in the middle of the ring. Pierre knocks Holly off the apron to prevent him from entering the ring. Bob rams Pierre into the top turnbuckle from the apron and nearly wins with a cross body off the top but Pierre comes back with a quick clothesline. Pierre gets a near fall after a power bomb as well. Pierre counters a back drop with a swinging neck breaker. Pierre leaps onto Holly while he was across the middle rope. Pierre goes to the top after a back breaker. Pierre hits a big splash but Holly refuses to stay down long enough. Pierre scoop slams Holly and hits a middle rope leg drop for a two count. Holly boots a charging Pierre in the corner and runs out to hit a clothesline. Holly avoids a top rope swanton bomb and hammers away on Pierre before hitting a backdrop. Pierre comes off the ropes and runs into a dropkick for a two count. Pierre gets a foot up to avoid an elbow drop and knocks Holly out. They trade a couple of pin attempts with Holly managing to get a three count. (**1/4. A better match than the first but the finish was kind of lame. Holly worked hard and they put together a non-offensive match.)

Third Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champion Diesel vs. Fatu: Shawn Michaels is at ringside and distracts Fatu to allow Diesel to get a cheap advantage from behind. Fatu isn’t affected by being rammed head first into the top turnbuckle and head butts Diesel a couple of times. Fatu is sent into a corner and is turned inside out with a clothesline. Fatu is choked over the middle rope by Michaels and Diesel jumps onto Fatu while across the middle rope. Diesel works over Fatu with elbow strikes in the corner. Diesel slams Fatu face first into the canvas, but Fatu is fine and drops Diesel after two standing sidekicks. Michaels helps Diesel by crotching Fatu on the top rope. Diesel nails Fatu with a boot Diesel finishes Fatu off with a power bomb for the win. (**. I was actually surprised by how well of a match these two put on despite the short amount of time they were given. If they had gotten more time they probably would have produced a really good undercard match.) After the match, Michaels accidentally clotheslines Diesel as Fatu avoided a double team attack. Diesel goes to strike Michaels, but Shawn begs him and tries to talk him out of it. Diesel continues to tease a right hand but they makeup.

Fourth Contest: Jeff Jarrett vs. Mabel: Jarrett avoids locking up with Mabel and taunts the fans instead. Jarrett ducks a clothesline a few times and again goes back to taunting the fans until Mabel picks Jeff up by the neck and delivers a jab followed by a spinning heel kick. Jarrett continues to stall on the outside for several moments. Jarrett always come back in to avoid being counted out. Jeff works over Mabel in the corner with several strikes. Jeff continues to work over Mabel with strikes and eye pokes. Jarrett avoids a splash in the corner and leaps off the middle rope a few times to hit Mabel with more strikes. Mabel catches Double J on a cross body attempt to slam him but misses a leg drop. Jarrett manages to hit a cross body on a second attempt for a near fall. Jarrett avoids a sit down splash and nearly pins Mabel. Jarrett gets knocked down a few times by Mabel and is sent to the floor thanks to a shoulder block. They are both on the floor where Mabel misses a splash and hits the ring post. As they are on the floor, Jarrett gets counted out and Mabel wins the match. (*1/2. Another subpar match with a bad finish. Obviously Jarrett was being protected considering the push he would get a couple of months later.)

Fifth Contest: The Smoking Gunns vs. the Heavenly Bodies: Pritchard and Billy kick off the match with Billy scoop slamming Pritchard. Billy slaps Tom after being poked in the chest a couple of times. Billy head scissors Pritchard and sends Tom to the floor. Bart is now in and press slams Pritchard. Del Ray tags in and cheap shots Bart with the referee out of position. Del Ray has control with a head scissors on the canvas but Bart quickly gets out of it. Gunns manage to hit a side slam/leg drop combo on Del Ray for a near fall. Billy tags in and drops a knee on Del Ray for a two count. Pritchard grabs Bart and Jimmy knocks Bart to the floor where Pritchard sends Bart shoulder first into the ring post. Billy tries to get in the ring but does more harm than good as Bart continues to be double teamed. Del Ray drops Bart with a neck breaker and gets a near fall on a cover attempt. Jimmy plants Bart with a float over DDT! Pritchard leg drops Bart and gets a two count. Del Ray drops Bart after a few jabs. Bart starts to fight back against Pritchard and hits a snap suplex. Del Ray gets tagged in to prevent Billy from getting tagged into the match. Del Ray heads to the top after a scoop slam and misses a big splash. Billy gets the hot tag and cleans house on the heels. All four men are in the ring when Del Ray super kicks Billy and Bart is sent to the floor. Billy manages to pin Del Ray with a backslide. (**1/2. A formula tag match between these two teams. A lot of average wrestling, at best, thus far on the show.)

Sixth Contest: Jim Neidhart vs. Davey Boy Smith: They trade doing pushups to psyche each other out, I guess. Smith runs over Jim with a shoulder block. We get a test of strength, which sees Neidhart cheap shot Smith to get an easy advantage. Smith catches Neidhart on a kick and leg sweeps him to the math. Smith drops an elbow to the thigh of Neidhart. Smith drop toe holds Neidhart as he ran ropes to maintain control. Jim cuts Smith off with a knee lift to the gut and continues to strike Smith while on the mat. Neidhart keeps Smith on the mat with a sleeper hold. Smith fights out but is stopped with a bear hug. Jim works over Davey in the corner but runs into a big boot and Davey runs over Anvil with a series of clotheslines. Smith drives Neidhart down with a vertical suplex. Neidhart counters a monkey flip with a roll up with his feet on the ropes but the referee sees that. Smith rolls Jim up from behind and wins the match. (*1/4. What is with the protection of everyone on this show? Neidhart could have eaten a pin here. A rather boring match between two Hart family members.)

Main Event: WWF World Champion Bret Hart vs. King Kong Bundy: Early on, Bundy works over Hart in the corner with strikes and chokes the champ while the fans chant for Hart. Bundy charges the corner but runs into a boot from Hart. Bundy catches Hart on a cross body but Bret lands on top anyway for a near fall. Bundy drops Hart with a clothesline as he ran the ropes. Bundy gets a near fall after a knee drop. Hart fights back with shoulder blocks but is stopped with a knee lift. Hart fights back with some right hands but Bundy rakes him in the eyes. Bundy misses a big splash. Bret comes off the ropes with a series of clotheslines for a near fall. Hitman with a middle rope forearm drop but Bundy kicks out at two. Hart leaps off the middle rope to hit a bulldog but again gets a near fall. Bundy sends Hart to the floor on the kick out. Bundy rips off the top turnbuckle. Hart trips Bundy from the floor and hits a slingshot splash from the apron. Hart slams Bundy head first into the exposed turnbuckle and gets the pin. (*. Bret has been known to work a miracle, but even Bret couldn’t carry Bundy to a good match. A slow match but Hart is ridiculously over in Germany, so it doesn’t matter to the fans, really.)

Final Thoughts:
Absolutely nothing on this show worth your time. At best we had a couple of average matches, but a lot of the guys seemed to just go through the motions and not work very hard. A weak overseas show presented by the WWF this time around.

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