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WWF House Show 5/15/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: San Francisco, CA

There is only one match that was not recorded. The match saw Virgil pin the Brooklyn Brawler after ten minutes of action.

Opening Contest: Bob Backlund vs. Damien Demento: I literally have zero interest in these two wrestling and apparently they do so for nearly twelve minutes. It’s an incredibly boring match to even fast forward as there were seemingly zero impactful moves throughout the whole contest. Backlund sneaks out a wind with an inside cradle. Thank God.

Second Contest: Razor Ramon vs. Tatanka: They trade chops in the corner with Tatanka getting the advantage. Ramon wants a test of strength but instead nails Tatanka with a clothesline for a two count. Tatanka gets out of a submission by putting Razor’s arms behind his back but when the referee is out of position, Ramon delivers a low blow and drops a leg into Tatanka’s lower midsection. Tatanka gets a second wind and goes on a War Dance. Tatanka drops Razor with several overhand chops. Tatanka nearly wins with a power slam but comes off the top with an overhand chop for another two count. Razor avoids an elbow drop to stop Tatanka’s momentum. Razor hits a back suplex and hangs on for a cover, but Tatanka pops his shoulder up before three to win the match. (*1/2. The crowd was confused about the finish there. They booked themselves in to a situation where two young strong performers couldn’t nor should be in a losing situation. So, the finish makes sense there. However, considering in a month or so Ramon would turn face, having him lose here wouldn’t have exactly hurt him.)

Lex Luger comes out for the next match against Bret Hart, but instead goes to the backstage area because of the crowd booing him. So, we move on but it’s not the last that we see of Luger.

Third Contest: Jim Duggan vs. Yokozuna: Duggan attacks Yoko from behind and hammers away on the big man in the corner. Duggan has his 2×4 but the referee takes that away. Yokozuna proceeds to knock Duggan off his feet with a few strikes. Yoko sends Duggan to the floor. Duggan returns to the ring but Yoko hits a leg drop and has control of the contest. Yoko locks in a bear hug in the middle of the ring but Duggan won’t give in. Hacksaw punches out of the hold but runs into a throat thrust. Yoko goes back to a bear hug and Hacksaw tries to fight out and does so by biting Yoko only to be tossed to the canvas. Duggan avoids a splash in the corner and tries to knock Yoko down with clotheslines and does so on the third attempt! Mr. Fuji trips Duggan from the floor and Yoko splashes Hacksaw from behind. Duggan drops to the canvas and Yoko hits the Bonzai Drop for the win. (**. A fine match here with the fans behind Duggan a good deal. A simple and yet effective story is told here.) After the match, Duggan avoids a second Bonzai Drop but is sent to the floor. On the floor, Duggan gets his 2×4 and hits Yoko a couple of times to get the crowd cheering for him.

Fourth Contest: Bret Hart vs. Lex Luger: Hart pulls Lex off the ropes and slams him down to the canvas. Bret sends Lex face first into the turnbuckle and rubs Luger’s eyes across the top rope. Hart delivers a forearm drop and focuses his offense on the left arm. Hart gets a near fall with a leaping cross body and continues his attack of the left arm. Lex sends Hart face first into the turnbuckle pad after an elbow shot. Hart is sent to the floor where Luger goes to follow and strikes Hitman over the back. Bret manages to send Luger face first into the guard railing and begins to hammer away on Luger. Back in the ring, Lex pokes Hitman in the eyes. Luger drives Hitman down with a back breaker and gets a two count. Luger delivers a few shots with forearm shots but Hitman pops up and nearly wins with a school boy. Hart briefly fights back but is stopped by Luger with an eye rake. Luger cuts Hart off again with a clothesline as Hitman tried to fight back with strikes. Luger nearly gets pinned with a sunset flip and has his buttocks exposed. Hart hits a vertical suplex and both men are down. Lex avoids a roll up by hanging onto the ropes. Hitman atomic drops Luger and gets a near fall after a clothesline. Hart hits a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Hart delivers a back breaker and heads to the middle rope to it a forearm drop for another near fall. They collide heads in the middle of the ring. Hitman has the Sharpshooter on Luger when Razor Ramon enters to attack Hitman to cause a disqualification. Hitman fights off both Lex and Ramon for a period of time. Hitman ducks a running attack from Luger, and Lex knocks Razor out with his running forearm! (*1/2. I feel like these two are capable of producing a decent enough match but this was way too slow and basic for my liking. The fans didn’t come across as overly invested into the match, either.) After the match, Ramon punches Luger to the floor and the fans enjoy it.

Fifth Contest: Kamala vs. Bam-Bam Bigelow: Bam-Bam offers his hand to Kamala, who isn’t sure if he should shake it or not. Bigelow attacks Kamala while he was distracted. Bigelow misses a splash and bails to the floor where Kamala follows up with a head butt and chop. Bam-Bam dumps Kamala to the floor and rams him head first into the apron. Bigelow delivers a falling head butt. Kamala sends Bigelow into the corner and splashes Bigelow but Bam-Bam is on his back and can’t get a cover that way. Bigelow takes advantage with a rollup for the win. (DUD. That was just awful.)

Main Event: WWF World Tag Team Champions Money Inc. vs. the Steiner Brothers: The referee tosses the briefcase to the floor and the Steiner Brothers clean house with clotheslines sending the champs to the floor. Rick and DiBiase kick off the main event with DiBiase sending Rick into the corner head first. Rick catches DiBiase with a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Scott tags in and comes off the middle rope to deliver a double axe handle. Scott quickly tags Rick back in to work over Ted’s arm. They are making some quick tags as DiBiase is taken down to the mat by Scott. DiBiase stops Scott with a knee lift to the midsection and IRS tags in but the Steiner Brothers keep control with Rick tagging in and working over IRS arm. IRS bails to the floor to readjust his tie. Back in the ring, Scott uses IRS’s tie to drop him across the top rope throat first and gets a two count on the cover. DiBiase sends Scott into the ring steps on the floor and guard railing as the referee is out of position. Scott is being worked over by the champ for several moments. Ted gets a two count after a gut wrench suplex. Scott manages to send DiBiase face first into the top turnbuckle. IRS gets tagged in to prevent the tag from being made to Rick. Scott drops down with a jaw breaker to stagger IRS. DiBiase hits a vertical suplex on Scott for a two count. Scott manages to suplex DiBiase but IRS tags to prevent a tag from being made, again. IRS scoop slams Scott and heads to the top rope but Scott manages to get his boot up. Scott finally makes the tag to Rick who cleans house on the champs with clotheslines and Scott manages to hit a couple of dropkicks. Scott comes off the middle rope to hit Ted with a clothesline but Rick only gets a near fall on the cover. Rick power slams DiBiase and sends IRS off the apron. Scott hits the hurricanrana on DiBiase but IRS slides in with the briefcase and hits Scott to cause the disqualification. (**1/2. A fine tag match with Scott doing well with the babyface in peril. I enjoyed the encounter as there was some good heat throughout and the fans wanted a title change. These two teams always seem to put on entertaining matches.)

Final Thoughts:
Not a whole lot of memorable wrestling taking place here. They certainly presented a strong card on paper, but for the most part it failed to deliver a quality outing. That’s usually a typical result when it comes to house shows, anyway.

Thanks for reading.


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