WCW Thunder 12/16/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Ratings stayed the same at a 2.3. I was wrong about last week being a 2.5….

Sid and Benoit come down. Sid is going to powerbomb Nash into the Earth’s core! Benoit admits that Hall is the king of the ladder match but that is as of right now. Sid screams some more and challenges the Outsiders. Here comes PTB. Hennig calls them stupid and the Outsiders are facing Goldberg and Hart tonight. He continues and gets to the point and that is Sid and Benoit have to wrestle tonight or they are suspended for six months.

Juve comes down and finally the Juice has come back to Alabama. He does some more Rock impersonations. He mentions the wrong state actually. Juve heads to the announce table.

DDP is getting ready for his match and is attacked by a man in a Sting match. Fucking announcers sell it as Sting.

DDP is looking for him after the break.

Match 1: Vampiro v. Buff Bagwell

Vamp and Buff go at it for a bit. OK has come down with his BBQ sauce. Dr. Death is involved. It has become a mess, this match, OK nails Vamp and Buff hits the Blockbuster for the win.


BBQ sauce is dumped on Vampiro.

Spice and Evan are walking together.

DDP is walking down stairs and he is talking to someone, asking about Sting.

Gene is with Prince and he is facing Evan. Prince just does hand motions and has Paisley do his talking. How do you do a gimmick like that with a straight face?

Match 2: Evan Karagias v. Prince Iaukea

Madusa comes down….A mess. Prince wins via roll up.


Madusa slaps Evan after the match. Spice comforts him.

Sting and DDP are fighting in the back. The fake Sting guy runs over and it is clearly David Flair and DDP gives chase.

Match 3: Saturn and Asya v. Duggan and Midnight

Duggan and Midnight interrupt Shane Douglas yelling. Match has been brawling for the most part. Midnight has Asya tied up and tosses her down like a rag doll.Saturn is beating on Midnight. Booker has come down. Now Asya is in and she suplexes him and drops the legs. Now it is Duggan and Saturn and Duggan is manhandling him and he sticks him and gets two. All four are in the ring. Midnight is tossed to the floor and Stevie Ray rolls her back in and Booker argues with him. Duggan takes down Saturn. Shane runs in and hits his man and now Dean is in and Duggan has the board and the ref somehow misses it.

** Long but a mess.

They beat up Duggan after the match and Booker and a dude from the crowd.

David screams at Gene about touching his bear.

Match 3: Norman Smiley v. David Flair

We get the Wiggle and some some bashing with garbage cans. Meng comes down and rips apart the bear and chases off Norman.


Sting is in the back walking with his bat.

Norman has left the arena in a panic.

Sting calls out Luger and here he comes. Luger comes out dressed as Sting, so perhaps I wrong. Sting is beating him with ease. Luger fights back but is given two Stinger Splashes but Luger gets his leg up on the third. No ref the entire time. Luger has the bat and Liz tries to take it and that allows Sting to Rack him but he can barely get him up and of course he swings him into Liz and then checks on her. Luger beats him with the bat.

Sting shrugs off help and is going for Lex who is getting in a car and leaving.

Match 4: Dr. Death v. Wall

They are clobbering each other. Wall takes off his head with a big boot. Chavo is on the floor selling his products to the fans. Wall is working over Death in the corner. Fans are chanting for Chavo. Death misses in the corner after the reverse and Wall is wailing on him. Berlyn is involved as is OK and we get a DQ. Wall loses and he is upset with Berlyn.

** Okay brawl.

Wall decks Berlyn.

Dustin is in the back opening doors.

Match 5: Dustin Rhodes v. Curt Hennig

Dustin is talking about his dad and JJ. Curt tries to attack him but he is elbowed to the mat. Shane tries to get involved but he is set up in the corner and kicked square in the nuts. Curt takes advantage and hammers him. He elbows and stomps and chops him. Now a replay of the Seven opening segment as a figure floats towards the ring. All that for JJ? Why? Oh well, he knocks Dustin out with a guitar shot and hits him again and continues to assault him.

*1/2 Angle advancement.

JJ is with Gene. He talks about a Bunkhouse Stampede and how fat Dusty is etc….

Piper has arrived and he is bellowing about nonsense.

Match 6: Sid and Benoit v. CC 

Shane and Parka are there too and they get obliterated. Curt has come down and he too is manhandled. But they have isolated Benoit and he is worked over by CC. He is able to shove the ladder into them but the offensive is short lived and now Benoit is clotheslined with the ladder. DQ. Sid is back in but he is overwhelmed and the faces get stomped.

*1/2 Angle advancement.

Piper rambles some more.

Kanyon is in the ring and no one can beat him and he keeps talking about how great he is. Cue DDP.

Match 7: Kanyon v. DDP

DDP slaps him upside the head and it is on! They are brawling and DDP strikes with a swinging neckbreaker and then chokeslams him for a two count. Kanyon punches him in the nuts. Kanyon is choking him out and then runs him into the corner where he stands on his throat. DDP fires back but runs into a big boot only to clothesline Kanyon and get two. Kanyon comes right back with a neckbreaker and he gets two. The agent is on the apron and Kanyon runs into him and is rolled up and nearly pinned. They tussle and DDP hits the DC! But David Flair runs down and knocks him out and both are down and the ref starts a count and Kanyon is trying to get up and has his hand on Kanyon and he gets the win.

**1/2 Long match.

Bigelow comes down to complain and he gets blasted.

Piper is beating up CC and going nuts.

Bret and then the Outsiders are getting ready for their match.

Match 8: Outsiders (c) v. Bret Hart and Goldberg for WCW Tag Titles

Nash cannot find Hall….By the ring JJ and CC are down there. Piper is getting beat up. Nash is working over Hart. Goldberg runs down and tears through the cage as Nash and Bret go at it. JJ is in and takes out Piper and then Goldberg with a guitar. Goldberg spears JJ though. Nash has a pipe and knocks out Goldberg. Hart is cuffed to the cage as is Goldberg and they are getting beat up. Now Piper is also cuffed. They get destroyed by the pipe. The heels leave and Goldberg finally breaks free but they are already gone.

*1/2 Angle advancement. I must have missed something with Hall.

**1/2 By the numbers. Some okay wrestling but nothing special. Angle advancement and it did a decent job setting up the PPV. Still, something is missing. Just too much filler and not enough of the Cruiserweight action and good wrestling that used to be a part of Thunder or at least should be….

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