WWF Superstars 11/26/1988

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Baltimore, MD

1.)Jake Roberts defeated John Latu
2.)Mr. Perfect defeated David Stoudimiere
3.)WWF Intercontinental Champion the Ultimate Warrior defeated Barry Horowitz
4.)Rick Rude defeated Billy Woods
5.)King Haku defeated Hercules by disqualification
6.)Paul Roma & Jim Powers defeated Bubba Kirk & Max McGiver
7.)Big Bossman defeated David Isley

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan cut a promo during Jake’s match. Heenan says he is going to get his lawyer involved. Andre tried to talk but he was too frustrated or scared to properly speak.

2. Jack Tunney is the guest on the Brother Love Show. Tunney is the WWF President. Love is pissed off about Hogan and Savage chasing him off the stage lately. Tunney says he isn’t going to do anything about that and has a smile on his face, which makes Love even more pissed off! Here comes Bad News Brown to have Love’s match. Brown talks about the past five months sending letters and trying to call his phone. Brown hasn’t gotten a response though. Brown wants to know why he isn’t the number one contender in the WWF. He has beaten everyone and won the battle royal at WrestleMania. Tunney says he isn’t protecting anyone. Brown says that Tunney has a big house and a boat along with a fancy car ever since Savage won the belt. Brown thinks that Tunney is getting a percentage from Savage! Brown figures it out that it doesn’t involve Savage. He thinks it’s about Elizabeth and she is doing favors! Tunney gets angry and Brown shoves him to the ground! Brown doesn’t care who Jack is. Brown leaves after threatening Tunney to never touch him again. Love says this is what you get for accepting favors from Elizabeth!

3. Mr. Perfect cut a pre-tape promo saying that he loves talking about himself. He wants us to talk to his victims about how he is perfect.

4. Mr. Fuji and Powers of Pain cut a promo on Demolition. Fuji takes credit for getting Demolition the WWF World Tag Team Championships. Demolition responded saying that the Powers of Pain haven’t survived a war like they have. They are still going to be champions!

5. Haku attacks Hercules from behind but misses a clothesline. Hercules hammers away and delivers a back elbow. DiBiase cut a promo during the match saying that Hercules belongs to him regardless of where he goes. DiBiase slaps Hercules while the referee was distracted. Haku misses an elbow drop and Hercules hits a powerslam. Hercules follows up with a clothesline but is tripped by DiBiase. Hercules knocks DiBiase and Virgil down on the floor. Hercules grabs his chain and nails Haku with it to cause the disqualification! After the match, Hercules chases after DiBiase and Virgil to the backstage area.

6. Bobby Heenan and the Brainbusters suggest that the Young Stallions get themselves new careers because their wrestling careers are going to be over!

Final Thoughts:
An enjoyable show this week. Brown is getting pushed for a feud with Savage, which would mainly take place on the house show market. The segment was nicely done and Brown looked good at his role. Plus, the advancement of DiBiase/Hercules was a nice touch to the program. I’m entertained by a lot of what is going on here for the WWF.

Thanks for reading.

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