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WWF Superstars 12/24/1988

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Daytona Beach, FL

1.)Akeem defeated Juan Valdez
2.)Powers of Pain defeated Joe Cruz & Lanny Poffo
3.)Jim Duggan defeated Tony Suber
4.)Rick Rude defeated Unknown
5.)Bad News Brown defeated Bob Emery
6.)Ron Garvin defeated Barry Horowitz
7.)Ron Bass defeated Martin Roy

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. This week, Big John Studd is the guest on the Brother Love Show. Love says that Studd was one of the toughest and baddest men to step in the ring when he was in the WWF previously. Love credits Bobby Heenan with Studd’s previous success. Bobby Heenan comes out and wants to hug Studd, but John turns away. Studd doesn’t shake Heenan’s hand! Studd calls Heenan a weasel and doesn’t want anything to do with him. Stuff slaps Heenan’s hand away. Studd proclaims he is no longer part of the Heenan Family! Studd will be in the Royal Rumble and says they will knock the members of the Heenan Family out one by one!

2. Demolition cut a pre-tape promo during the Powers of Pain match. They will put the titles up against anyone. They hype the Royal Rumble saying one man can win.

3. After taking care of his opponent, Bad News Brown got on a microphone to cut a promo on Randy Savage. Brown thinks that Savage is hiding behind Elizabeth’s skirt. Brown thinks that Elizabeth is probably doing favors for Tunney backstage. Randy Savage runs down and attacks Brown from behind! Several wrestlers come running down to the ring to break up the brawl between the two men.

4. This is Ron Garvin’s debut in the WWF. Garvin cut a pre-tape promo saying that he found the toughest competition in the WWF.

Final Thoughts:
A decent episode to close the year. I’m not all too interested in Big John Studd being in the WWF. He doesn’t seem like a top babyface to combat the Heenan Family. Garvin in the WWF doesn’t excite me either. Some good angle progression between Brown and Savage, though.

Thanks for reading.


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