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WWF Superstars 3/25/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Augusta, GA

1.) Tatanka defeated Davey Boy Smith by count-out
2.) WWF World Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns defeated Rip Rogers & Chic Donovan
3.) Hakushi defeated Aldo Montoya
4.) Henry Godwinn defeated Mark Starr

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. A competitive start to the Smith/Tatanka match as they trade offense with Smith getting the better of the exchange. Smith nearly won after catching Tatanka in midair to hit a power slam and followed with a charging clothesline. Smith nearly won after a delayed vertical suplex, which seemed to have some struggle with it. Tatanka cheap shots Smith and tosses him to the floor. On the floor, Smith is sent into the ring steps shoulder first as the show goes to commercial. Tatanka is able to keep control of the bout for a few moments. Tatanka hits a top rope overhand chop but can’t put Smith away. Smith nearly rolled Tatanka up but couldn’t keep him down long enough for a three count. Smith clotheslines Tatanka to the floor, and Tatanka tries to leave but is brought back into the ring. Tatanka runs around the ring and Smith chases but is tripped by DiBiase. Tatanka rolls in and Smith has been counted out. (*. An awful finish to the match, though I did chuckle at DiBiase tripping Tatanka so casually. A basic bout between these two.)

2. We see footage of Oscar apologizing for what Men on a Mission did two weeks ago on Action Zone. Oscar promised to not do it again, and Vince lets us know that the Smoking Gunns accepted apology.

3. Hakushi nails Montoya with a nice super kick in the early moments of the contest. Aldo tries for a series of rollups but can’t win the bout. Aldo gets distracted by Hakushi’s manager, and that allows Hakushi to get the advantage once again. Hakushi hits a handspring elbow strike in the corner. Aldo managed to fight back with a spine buster and gets the crowd behind him. Aldo nails Hakushi with a missile dropkick but is stopped after coming off the middle rope. Hakushi hits a top rope moonsault and wins the match. (*. An obvious outcome with Hakushi getting established in the WWF. Aldo isn’t offering much to the company at this point. Montoya had a few decent moments of offense, but for the most part this was underwhelming.)

4. To close the show, Jim Ross is with a few Japanese press members to give Bret Hart an award for Wrestler of the Year. After getting the award, Hart was attacked by Hakushi who managed to hit a moonsault off the stage onto the floor.

Final Thoughts:
A good start to the Hart/Hakushi feud. They are both very good workers and their eventual matches in 1995 will be highlights for the company. Oscar did a good job of coming across sincere with his apology, which is a difficult task to do. Not a bad show this week.

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