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WWF Superstars 4/15/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Glenn Falls, NY

1.) The Allied Powers defeated Tony DeVito & Bert Centeno
2.) Bob Holly defeated the Black Phantom
3.) The Smoking Gunns defeated Hakushi & Kwang
4.) Adam Bomb defeated Mike Bell
5.) Henry Godwinn defeated Nick Barberri

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Kwang and Hakushi attacked the former tag champions prior to the bell to get a cheap advantage. That didn’t last long as Billy hit a slingshot clothesline from the apron to take care of the heels. Billy and Kwang legally start the bout. Kwang is controlled for the most part by the Gunns. Billy and Bart hit their version of the Hart Attack on Kwang but don’t go for the cover. Kwang manages to get some offense by hitting a superkick on Bart. Hakushi splashes Bart from the middle rope for a two count as the show goes to commercial. Bart is getting worked over by Kwang and Hakushi after the break. Bart and Hakushi collide following double cross body. Billy gets the hot tag and cleans house on the heels. Kwang accidentally spin kicks Hakushi and Billy pins Kwang with a roll up. (**. Some decent throughout the match, but never any kind of doubt that the Gunns were winning this one.) After the match, Kwang is trying to express that he is sorry but Hakushi shoves him away. They standoff looking to attack each other but they don’t. As they head to the back they see the replay and proceed to brawl.

2. A vignette promoting the debut of Hunter Hearst Helmsley is aired. Hunter is a heel who talks about disgusting babyfaces in the WWF such as the Bushwhackers, Headshrinkers and Smoking Gunns. The WWF is going to be getting a lesson in class. Hunter says being a champion comes to him naturally.

Final Thoughts:
An average show this week. There wasn’t any reason to care about Hakushi/Kwang splitting up as it was their first time teaming up together. The arrival of Hunter Hearst Helmsley is good to see as he is really the only person to debut during this time that would have a lengthy successful run with the company.

Thanks for reading.


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