WWF House Show 11/26/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: San Jose, CA

Opening Contest: The Godfather vs. Steve Blackman: Blackman attacks Godfather from behind as Godfather was escorting his ladies to the outside. Godfather avoids a dropkick and works over Blackman in the corner with several stomps. Blackman backdrops Godfather over the top to the floor and they trade some strikes on the outside. Blackman sends Godfather hard chest first into the ring post. Back in the ring, Blackman has a half Boston Crab locked in but can’t get a submission despite using the ropes for leverage. Blackman comes off the middle rope with a head butt to only get a two count. Godfather drops Steve with a flurry of clotheslines and a scoop slam followed by a leg drop. Godfather hits the Ho Train splash in the corner and rolls Blackman up for the victory. (*. A quick opener to the show and a rather basic match. The stuff on the floor seemed to get the crowd interested in the match. However, Blackman isn’t nearly good enough to carry the match with limited offense.) After the match, the Hoes dance with an elderly referee.

Second Contest: WWF Women’s Champion Ivory vs. Jacqueline: The match is literally less than three minutes as Ivory gets the three count following a Un-Prettier.

Third Contest: Chris Jericho, Scotty 2 Hotty & Grandmaster Sexay vs. Edge & Christian in a handicap match: Chyna was supposed to be the partner for Edge and Christian, but Jericho took her out with a wrench on television prior to the show, the it is a handicap match. Edge and Jericho start the match. They trade a series of pin fall attempts and have a standoff when neither man is able to get a three count. Jericho works over Edge in the corner with a series of stomps and strikes in the corner. Edge avoids a splash in the corner and pummels Jericho with boots. Christian tags in and double teams Jericho briefly. Jericho gets control and tags in Scotty to work over Christian for a little while. Scotty dances for the fans and is met with a dropkick from Christian. Sexay enters but is sent to the corner and Hotty is sent butt first into him as well. All three heels are planted down to the mat by Edge and Christian. Edge drops Sexay and Hotty with a reverse neck breaker before tagging in Christian.

Sexay drops Christian throat first across the top rope and Jericho gets a few cheap shots in. The referee is distracted as Christian is attacked on the floor. Jericho drives Christian to the mat with a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Sexay plants Christian with a sit down power bomb and plays to the crowd. Christian is backdropped over the top to the floor. Scotty hits the WORM on Christian but doesn’t cover. Christian is sent to the floor again but sends Sexay into the ring post and guard railing. Jericho cheap shots Christian to give Scotty a chance in the ring, but Christian gets his boots up. Edge gets the hot tag and cleans house. Edge hits a poor spear on Scotty and Sexay gets sent to the floor. Jericho has the ring bell and decks Edge, but Scotty can’t get a three count!

Chyna comes walking down with a neck brace and low blows Jericho on the apron! Christian with the Un-Prettier and pins Scotty to win the match. (**. Some decent action by the five guys and people really went nuts for Chyna coming out to attack Jericho.)

Fourth Contest: Prince Albert vs. Test: Albert attacks before the bell and drops Test with a side slam for a two count in the opening minute of the match. Test comes back with swinging neck breaker and hammers away on Albert. Albert runs into a big boot and Test delivers a clothesline out of the corner. Albert gets a near fall following a double under hook suplex. They actually do a sleeper hold spot where Test acts like he is out of it. That would work if this was a 10+ minute match but it’s barely been two minutes of action. The crowd didn’t believe in it at all, more so than they usually do. They do the spot AGAIN. Test hits a big boot and a couple of clotheslines. Test avoids a splash in the corner but misses a splash as well. It looks like Albert was going for a rollup but mistimed it and just pinned Test normally to end the match. (DUD. Am I missing something here? Wasn’t Test just involved in a huge angle with HHH and Stephanie? He was almost married to Stephanie but got screwed over? What the hell was Albert up to at this point? This is a rather shocking decision, in my opinion.)

Fifth Contest: WWF Hardcore Champion Big Bossman vs. WWF World Champion Big Show: Bossman stalls for quite sometime but is sent into the ropes and met with a kick to the chest before bailing to the floor. Show goes up the aisle way and brawls with Bossman into the crowd! Of course, the lighting is horrible so all I can see is Show punching Bossman as they head back to the ring. Bossman sends Show shoulder first into the ring steps to get control of the match. Bossman appears to have hit the champ with a nightstick while the referee was out of position and is trying to get a count-out victory. Show gets back into the ring and Bossman chokes him out. Show rams Bossman into the corner back first and no sells some head butts. Show delivers a dropkick and a standing sidekick before signaling for the end. Prince Alberts runs out but is met with a choke slam. Show does the same for Bossman and wins the match. (1/2*. Obviously, these two aren’t going to click and provide a great match. They hid that weakness with brawling and finished the bout quickly once it got into the ring. I don’t think anyone bought into Bossman as a threat, either.)

Sixth Contest: Al Snow vs. Val Venis: They go with a mat wrestling start to the match. Snow hip tosses Venis and takes him down with a side headlock to get the early advantage. Val works over Al in the corner, but fans are not interested in the match. Venis hits a running bulldog out of the corner. Snow avoids being sent into the corner and hits a clothesline before delivering several head butts and a backdrop. Al scoop slams Val before heading to the top rope where Snow connects with a moonsault for a near fall. Venis almost rolls Snow up for a victory. Snow nearly wins with a hurricanrana and a crucifix but Venis powers out. Al almost surprises Venis with an inside cradle. They bridge out of a backslide with Snow grabbing Val’s junk and getting a two count. Snow hits a wheelbarrow suplex for a near fall. Val hits a fisherman suplex but Al pops his shoulder up at two. Val drops Snow with a spine buster and heads to the top only to miss the Money Shot. Snow spikes Venis with a DDT for a near fall. Venis rolls Al up and has a handful of tights for the win. (*1/4. The crowd kind of got into it when Snow hit a few good moves, but for the most part they didn’t care and the action didn’t really give them a reason to get invested into what was going on.) After the match, Al pulls his hair and grabs Head. He plays to the crowd before leaving.

Seventh Contest: The Dudley Boys vs. The Holly’s vs. The Hardy Boys vs. The Acolytes in an elimination match: Hardcore and Matt kick off the match. I’m usually annoyed by these four way matches, but lets see if this is any different.

Matt atomic drops Hardcore and follows up with a clothesline to start the match. Jeff gets tagged in and they hit a senton/fist drop combo on Hardcore. Hardcore counters a backdrop attempt and hits a delayed vertical suplex on Jeff for a two count. Hardcore continues his offense with a snap power slam but Jeff kicks out at two. Crash tags in and comes off the top to strike Jeff. Crash thinks Jeff was sent to the floor, but Jeff wasn’t and ends up dropkicking Crash from the ring on the floor. Jeff takes Crash out with a slingshot cross body to the floor, as well. Jeff slams Crash and casually delivers a stomp, which kind of hurts the momentum of the match. Jeff dropkicks Hardcore off the apron and the Hardy’s double team Crash. Matt suplexs Crash and Jeff comes off the top with the Swanton for a near fall. The Hardy’s and Holly’s are on the floor brawling and that leads to a double count-out.

Simmons goes after D-Von in the corner with a series of strikes. D-Von battles back with some strikes and Bubba enters to deliver a snap suplex for a near fall. Simmons drives Bubba face first into the mat and Bradshaw enters to get some offense in. Bradshaw nails Bubba with a big boot but Bubba stops Bradshaw with a scoop slam and a middle rope splash. Bubba heads to the middle rope but Bradshaw stops Bubba and hits a superplex for a two count. D-Von enters but gets caught and is tossed down by Bradshaw with a fallaway slam. D-Von low blows Bradshaw and hits a DDT while the referee was distracted. Dudley’s double team Bradshaw by hitting a back suplex/neck breaker combo. Bubba and Bradshaw are on the floor when Faarooq hits D-Von with a spine buster to win the match. (*. They did a poor job of getting any momentum going and the finish was really flat. These four ways on house shows are almost always bad.)

Eighth Contest: Viscera vs. Kane: I don’t see this one lasting too long. Mideon provides a distraction so that Viscera could hit a Samoan Drop and clothesline Kane to the floor. Mideon attacks Kane and sends him into the ring steps! Viscera hits a belly to belly suplex back in the ring for a near fall. Viscera follows up with a spinning wheel kick and a big splash but doesn’t go for a cover. Viscera gets distracted by Tori and Mideon on the floor. Kane makes his comeback and decks Mideon off the apron. Kane heads to the top and hits a flying clothesline. Kane puts Viscera away with the choke slam and wins the match. (*1/4. Honestly, not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Viscera hit a few moves that seemed to surprise fans. A short match, but that’s exactly what it needed to be.)

Main Event: Triple H vs. The Rock: Early on, Rock drops HHH with several right hands and a back elbow. Rock knocks HHH over the top to the floor and they brawl around ringside. Rock hammers away on HHH who falls over the railing and into the front row. They brawl up the aisle way where HHH sends Rock into the railing back first. HHH tosses Rock over the hockey barrier and into the crowd. Rock runs over HHH with a clothesline in the ring, but HHH comes back with a neck breaker and stomps away on Rock. HHH continues his offense with a vertical suplex and follows up with a knee drop. HHH uses the ropes for leverage while having a sleeper hold on Rock. Rock doesn’t stay down for too long and begins to make his comeback. HHH cuts him off with a high knee lift for a near fall. Rock fights out of a headlock and counters the Pedigree by catapulting HHH into a corner. Rock follows up with a side Russian leg sweep and they are both down on the mat. Rock comes off the ropes to hit a swinging neck breaker and plants HHH with a DDT for a two count.

Rock ducks a clothesline and HHH hits the referee in a painfully obvious spot. HHH is able to hit the Pedigree and a second referee slides in but only gets a near fall. HHH punches the referee to the floor and grabs a chair. Rock avoids a chair shot and hammers away on HHH. Rock hits the Rock Bottom and goes for the cover but HHH manages to just get his shoulder up before three! HHH delivers a face buster but Rock recovers to hit a spine buster and the People’s Elbow for the win right in the middle of the ring. (***. Easily the best match of the night as they worked a good match and the crowd ate everything up. It doesn’t save the show, but at least it ends up on a good note.)

Final Thoughts:
Aside from the main event, nothing is worth the time on this one. It is safe to say that the WWF during this time was so popular because of the edgy characters and stories rather than the wrestling action, for the most part. A big thumbs down for this live event.

Thanks for reading.

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