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WWF Heat 8/16/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: Omaha, NE

1.) WWF World Tag Team Champions Kane & Mankind defeated Road Warrior Animal & Droz
2.) Edge defeated Brian Christopher
3.) Vader fought Bart Gunn to a no contest
4.) Gangrel defeated Scott Taylor
5.) Triple H & X-Pac defeated Southern Justice by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Animal and Droz go to work on the champions managing to clothesline Kane over the top to the floor and double clothesline Mankind. Droz and Mankind start the match with Droz delivering a spinning elbow strike. Mankind plants Droz with a double arm DDT and tags in Kane. Kane slams Droz but misses an elbow drop. Kane delivers a short arm clothesline and double teams Droz in the corner. Droz fights back with a clothesline on Mankind and appears to be bleeding a little bit. Animal tags in and hammers away on Kane. Animal avoids a chair shot from Mankind and slams Mankind onto the chair. Animal drops Kane with a leaping shoulder block but Mankind haas the Mandible Claw on Animal. Droz brawls with Mankind and Kane spikes Animal with the tombstone to win the match. (*1/2. I was actually shocked that the tag champs were taking so much offense from Animal and Droz of all people. Some solid action from these two teams, shockingly.)

2.) Jacqueline calls out Sable alongside Marc Mero because she has something to say to her. Sure enough, here comes Sable to the ramp. Sable says that Jacqueline wears cheap perfume and says she has a cheap day rate, too. Jacqueline wants her trophy back and wants Sable in the ring. Sable believes she would beat Jacqueline at anything she wants to compete in. Sable will drop the bomb on Jacqueline.

3.) Edge avoids a charging Christopher as soon as the bell rings and hammers away on Christopher until Brian delivers a quick clothesline to gain control. That lasts not so long as Edge drops Christopher down to the mat face first from his shoulders. Dustin Rhodes is walking through the crowd with a sign. Edge clotheslines Christopher over the top to the floor. On the floor, Edge rams Christopher groin first into the ring post. Scott Taylor holds Edge’s foot on the apron and Christopher hits a sunset flip from the ring to the floor to power bomb Edge on the outside! Dustin’s sign says “He’s Coming Back.” Christopher hits a middle rope bulldog and taunts the fans. Edge plants Brian with a spine buster to avoid an attack from the top. Edge delivers a spear, but that’s not the finish. Christopher drives Edge to the canvas with a full nelson face buster. Christopher heads to the top rope but misses a leg drop! Edge hits the Downward Spiral and wins the match. (**1/2. I enjoyed these two in the ring together. Christopher had some really good offense and got some very good crowd reaction. Edge is a good talent as well at this point.)

4.) Godfather is on commentary for the Bart/Vader match. Bart and Vader trade a few strikes in the corner. Bart runs into a body strike and Vader hits a big splash but only gets a near fall. Vader pummels Gunn on the canvas. Bart punches Vader in the midsection and hits a vertical suplex. Vader clotheslines Bart and has an arm bar locked in but Bart isn’t giving in. Bart ducks a clothesline and clotheslines Vader to the floor where Bart sends Vader into the ring steps. Godfather leaves the announcer table and attacks Gunn. Vader gets back into the ring and splashes Bart from the middle rope. (NR. Just a brawl and a way to set up some heat for the Godfather/Bart showdown on RAW.)

5.) This is the debut of Gangrel. Gangrel is a vampire gimmick who makes his entrance by rising up through the ramp with a circle of fire surrounding him. It’s one of the best entrances in wrestling history. He spits out blood prior to the match and acts as if it’s the best thing ever. Since he is a vampire, it probably is. Gangrel wins the match following a jumping DDT.

6.) Tiger Ali Singh is in the ring and cuts a promo. He believes that Americans have no class, morals or ethics. He doesn’t believe that Americans are prideful, unlike people from his country. Singh will pay any American to come into the ring and eat a worm. Several fans are wanting to be picked. A fan gets picked and he enters the ring. The fan puts the worm in his mouth and chews it up and gets the $500. Singh says that proves his point about Americans.

7.) Dennis and Pac kick off the main event with Dennis sending Pac hard into the corner. Pac nails Dennis with a nice spinning heel kick for a near fall. HHH tags into the bout and works over Dennis with several strikes in the corner. Hunter gets a two count following a high knee lift. HHH gets stopped with an atomic drop. Mark gets tagged into the bout and works over HHH with strikes in the corner. Hunter hits neck breaker and Pac gets tagged in to clean house. Pac hits the Bronco Buster and knocks Mark down on the apron but Dennis delivers a clothesline. HHH gets knocked into the announcer table by Southern Justice and worked over with strikes. Jeff Jarrett comes out and low blows Pac from behind in the ring. That causes the disqualification but Jarrett leaves before Billy Gunn can get his hands on him for the save. (*. A rather boring bout between these guys.)

8.) The Undertaker makes his way to the ring to close the show to talk about the recent happenings. WWF World Champion Steve Austin is watching on a monitor in the back. Taker said that he vowed that Austin would be the safest SOB in the world. He is protecting his investment, which is the WWF World Championship. The one person he couldn’t protect Austin from was from himself. Well, Austin leaves his locker room and makes his way towards the ring it appears. Taker says that Austin has one foot already in the grave. Taker is going to take the WWF World Championship. Here comes Austin to confront Taker. Kane appears at the top of the ramp to close the program.

Final Thoughts:
I really enjoyed the show this week as we got a couple of good matches and the angle advancements of several top feuds, especially Austin/Taker to close the show. HEAT was actually treated fairly well in the early stages of its existence.

Thanks for reading.


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