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WWF Heat 8/9/1998

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: San Diego, CA

1.) Vader defeated Mark Henry by disqualification
2.) The Headbangers fought Southern Justice to a double disqualification
3.) X-Pac defeated WWF Lightweight Champion Taka Michinoku in a non-title match
4.) Bradshaw defeated Dustin Runnels
5.) The Undertaker fought Mankind to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Paul Bearer, Kane and Mankind make their way down to the ring to start the program. On RAW, Kane accidentally hit Mankind with a steel chair and didn’t stop Undertaker from hitting Mankind with a steel chair moments later. Mankind cuts a promo saying that he was fully aware of his life not being the same after King of the Ring. He says he took his family to Santa’s Village. While there his daughter told him he was a good man. The next night at KOTR the Undertaker tried to take all that away from him. Mankind thinks he deserves a standing ovation for that performance at King of the Ring. He will not wrestle again for the acceptance of the fans. His career will not come to an end in a blaze of glory. Rather, he will slowly lose all his bodily functions and nobody will care. Mankind challenges Undertaker to a match later tonight. He will not give Taker the satisfaction of putting the final nail in his career.

2.) This is a rematch from Fully Loaded between Henry and Vader. Holy crap, Henry starts the match with a press slam on Vader! They go to the floor where Henry works over Vader with a few strikes. That doesn’t last long as they return to the ring where Henry drops Vader with a standing axe handle and an elbow drop for a near fall. Vader hits Henry with his chest and connects with a big splash for a near fall. Vader follows up with a short arm clothesline but Henry bails to the floor. Henry sends Vader into the ring steps but they return to the ring quickly where Mark delivers a clothesline and a big splash but doesn’t go for the cover. Henry hits a second splash but doesn’t cover. Henry with a THIRD splash but again no cover. Henry decides to hit a fourth splash and the referee calls for the bell. Henry has been disqualified. (*. The star is for the press slam alone, folks. This match basically shows us that Vader means nothing to the company at this point.)

3.) Michael Cole is backstage waiting to get a word from the Undertaker.

4.) Southern Justice attacks right before the bell with both teams getting offense in. Henry misses a splash in the corner and Phineas gets met with a clothesline from Mosh off the top rope. Phineas gets double teamed briefly and Mosh scoop slams Phineas but is tripped by Henry on the floor. Phineas kicks Mosh in the chest to maintain control of the bout. Henry drops an elbow for a near fall on Mosh. Mosh gets choked by Phineas in the corner with a rope or tie it looked like. Phineas nails Mosh with a vicious looking clothesline. Mosh splashes Phineas in the corner but Henry enters to club Mosh over the head. Jeff Jarrett attacks Droz on the floor and enters the ring to attack the Headbangers. Droz enters and all hell is breaking loose. (*1/2. For the record, Henry and Phineas are going by their real names of Mark and Dennis respectively but they will always be the Godwins to me. Anyway, some decent action during the match, but the crowd had no interest in watching this one.)

5.) Pac gets tripped by Taka’s manager on the floor and Taka hits a spinning heel kick followed by a seated dropkick. Taka hits a top rope missile dropkick and scoop slams Pac. Taka misses a top rope splash and Pac gets up to hammer away on Taka and drops him gut first down to the canvas. Pac drops Taka with a standing roundhouse kick. Pac goes for and hits the Bronco Buster! Taka attacks from behind as Pac gets distracted. Pac recovers and pins Taka after the X-Factor. After the match, Kaientai runs out and attacks Pac but DX runs out to make the save for their buddy. (*1/2. A quick match between two talented guys. Kind of sad that a champion is jobbed out so easily, but the WWF Lightweight Championship isn’t a respectable championship, I guess.)

6.) Bradshaw big boots Runnels before the bell and delivers a big clothesline in the corner. Bradshaw continues his offense with an arm breaker. Bradshaw big boots Runnels to the floor and they begin to brawl briefly. Dustin sends Bradshaw into the corner but his offense doesn’t last long at all. Bradshaw hits a back suplex for a two count. Dustin clotheslines Bradshaw after a backdrop. Bradshaw ducks a clothesline to hit a leaping shoulder block. Runnels is met with the Clothesline From Hell and Bradshaw gets the win. (*. Well, that was another seemingly squash match. Obviously, Dustin is going through a character change as he is looking for God or something. Bradshaw is playing the kick ass heel extremely well and is a believable force in the company.)

7.) Droz hits a side walk slam on Jarrett in the early moments of the contest. Droz follows up with a spinning elbow strike and a big power slam for a near fall. Droz gets distracted by Southern Justice and is sent to the floor where Jarrett delivers a baseball slide. Jeff heads to the top and hits a cross body for a two count. Jarrett plants Droz with a DDT. Jarrett takes Droz down with a side Russian leg sweep and a snap suplex. Jarrett locks in a sleeper hold and Droz begins to fade away. Droz recovers and sends Jeff into the corner but misses a splash. The Headbangers are out as well. Droz clotheslines Jarrett and they both go down following a shoulder block. Jarrett tries to use a cowboy boot but Droz hits Jarrett with it and gets the win! (*1/2. Jarrett was able to carry Droz to a not so completely boring match. A pretty big upset for Droz while it wasn’t exactly clean.) After the match, Jarrett shoves Tennessee Lee and is getting frustrated. Lee wants Southern Justice to attack Jarrett but instead, Lee gets attacked! Dennis Knight hits the Slop Drop on Lee! Jarrett and Southern Justice leave Lee in the ring.

8.) Kane attacks Mankind by shoving him off the apron through a table at ringside. Kane uses the ring steps on Mankind as well. Kane also knocked Paul Bearer off his feet with a right hand. Kane tombstones his partner on the floor! Wait a second, Kane unmasks and it’s actually the Undertaker! That’s it!

Final Thoughts:

Not a horrible show but the action didn’t stand out. The no main event was kind of disappointing but it advances feuds for the main event, I suppose. I’d consider it an average show.

Thanks for reading.


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