2CW All Or Nothing 8/3/2012

Written by: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents All Or Nothing
From: Syracuse, NY

A lengthy video highlighting the existence of 2CW at the Pastime Athletic Club the home of 2CW for their Syracuse shows. It’s a nicely done video package as they thank Spike and Pastime at the end.

Opening Contest: Muscle Marcos vs. Cheech vs. Loca Vida: Vida starts the match with a springboard cross body onto Marcos and Cheech. Vida follows up with an arm drag and head scissors on the heels to maintain momentum. Vida monkey flips Marcos out of the corner and hits a spinning head scissors to send Cheech to the floor. Vida gets double teamed as Cheech catapults Vida into the corner chest first. Marcos drives Vida to the canvas with a delayed vertical suplex. Vida blocks a double suplex from the top and crotches Cheech on the top rope. Marcos counters a tornado DDT with a northern lights suplex for a two count. Vida drop toe holds Marcos onto Cheech and nearly pins both men.

Marcos hits a slice bread on Vida but Cheech breaks up the cover and now they aren’t getting along. Vida backdrops Marcos to the floor and Vida soon comes off the apron to take Marcos out with a dive. Cheech misses a slingshot dive to the floor and Vida heads to the top to hit a somersault dive onto both heels. Cheech locks Vida in a Gory Special and a surfboard on Marcos, which is pretty impressive! Marcos drops Cheech with a stunner but Vida comes from behind to hit the 315 and nearly pins Marcos. Marcos takes Cheech down to the floor with a head scissors. Vida comes off the top but is caught in midair with an ace crusher and Marcos gets the win. (**1/2. I enjoyed this one as it had some quality action. Marcos winning is perfectly fine due to his interaction with DDP scheduled to take place the following night in Rome. Cheech was impressive and Vida did well with his high spots.)

It’s one of the most annoying feuds in the history of the company. Bin Hamin and Matt Milan attack Springate until Kevin Graham and Big Pun made the save. So, we don’t get a match and I’m not going to com pain about that. Springate wants a piece of Bin Hamin. Springate challenges Hamin to a street fight in Rome. Keith Harris, the general manager, books a handicap match street fight for Rome.

Second Contest: Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Isys Ephex: Slyck sends Ephex to the floor early on after some mat based exchanges. Slyck drops Ephex gut first across the guard railing and delivers a running boot. Slyck waits in the ring as if he is fine with a count-out. Isys gets back in the ring and Brown continues to work over him. Slyck hits a nice standing dropkick and plays to the crowd. Ephex comes back with a clotheslines a head scissors to send Brown to the floor. Ephex takes Slyck out with a somersault dive over the top to the floor. Isys hits a top rope cross body but can’t get a three count. Brown gets a near fall following a leaping leg lariat. Slyck goes to the floor and grabs the ring bell. The referee takes the referee away and Brown fakes that Isys hit him with a low blow. Slyck places Isys on the top rope and chops his back. Ephex counters the Appreciation Bomb and hits a full nelson suplex for the win. (*1/2. Not one of their better matches, which they had plenty of four years ago. A couple of decent spots but this one was largely uninspiring.)

Third Contest: 2CW Tag Team Champions Super Smash Brothers vs. All Money Is Legal: AMIL are looking to be in a lot better condition in comparison to 2006-2008. They’ve been hitting the gym and it shows. The once top tag team in 2CW taking on the current champs should make for an interesting bout.

Uno and Pusha kick off the match with Pusha confident that he can take care of business with Uno. That doesn’t happen as Uno drops Pusha with a shoulder block but is tripped to the canvas. They block each others kick attempt and they have a standoff. Dos tags in as does Murda. Murda goes with some comedy by having Dos wave his arms around before hitting a hurricanrana and atomic drop for a two count. Dos is driven down to the mat with a double bulldog. Dos comes off the middle rope to hit a moonsault but doesn’t get a three count. Uno comes back in and double teams Murda briefly. The champs pose for the fans after Uno delivered a scoop slam.

Dos drives Murda to the canvas with a vertical suplex for a near fall. Murda comes back with a swinging neck breaker and crawls towards his corner. Uno enters to prevent the tag but is met with a tornado DDT. Pusha gets the tag and cleans house with strikes a suicide dive to the floor on Uno on the floor. Pusha drops Dos across his knee neck first. Pusha nails Dos with a seated lariat but can’t keep him down for a three count. Murda enters again and works over Dos before getting a reverse neck breaker by Uno. Pusha hits a top rope face buster on Dos while Murda and Pusha deliver dropkicks to Uno in the corner. Pusha plants Uno with a northern lights brain buster. AMIl drop Dos with a super kick/leaping punch combo and all four men are on the mat.

Dos sends Pusha over his head into Murda in the corner! Dos follows up with a back cracker but Pusha kicks out at two. AMIL block top rope moves as Murda hits a top rope moonsault and Pusha hit a swanton bomb on Dos but only get a near fall. Dos nails AMIL with a double pele kick and the champs hit a Gory Special/top rope flipping ace crusher for the win. (**1/2. This match goes to the champs for providing the entertainment with their great moves. AMIL were basically in there just to take the moves as their offense wasn’t anywhere near as fun as the champs. It’s a decent match that the live audience enjoyed.)

Fourth Contest: Colin Delaney vs. Masada: Early on, Masada works over the left arm of Delaney. They run the ropes with Colin stopping and being met with a forearm shot. Colin wants a test of strength but Masada drops him with an uppercut. Delaney goes to the floor where they start to brawl. Delaney dropkicks Masada off the apron and hits a suicide dive on the floor! Colin hits another one and plants Masada with a tornado DDT on the floor! Back in the ring, Delaney gets a two count. Masada nails Colin with a clothesline to turn him inside out. Masada sends Colin hard into the corner a few times to maintain control of the match.

Colin avoids an elbow in the corner and kicks Masada from the apron. Colin hits a tornado DDT for a two count. Masada plants Colin with a power bomb but can’t get a three count. Masada scoop slams Delaney and delivers several forearm shots. Delaney hits a knee strike and a swinging neck breaker. Colin heads to the top rope but is met with an uppercut in midair and Masada gets the win. (**. An average match at best between these two. I didn’t like the announcer focusing on Colin and his drinking habits. It just came across weird. An important win for Masada to be seen as a threat in 2CW moving forward.)

Jason Axe cuts a promo about everyone who has been to the 2CW shows watch him grow up in the ring throughout the years. Axe pokes fun at his look early on his career, and rightfully so. He thinks he deserves better than an “opponent to be determined.” His opponent is the surprise debut of Mikey Whipwreck!

Fifth Contest: Mikey Whipwreck vs. Jason Axe: Whipwreck works over Axe to start he match and hits a dropkick early on. Axe plants Mikey with a spine buster and mounts Mikey with a few right hands before sending Mikey to the floor. Axe sends Mikey into the guard railing back first and sends Mikey’s arm into the ring post. Axe wraps a chair around Whipwreck’s head and sends him into the ring post! Jason grabs a ladder but Mikey hits him with a chair. They fight on the apron with Axe knocking Whipwreck onto a ladder on the floor. Axe flips off the apron and lands on the ladder as Mikey moved out of the way! Axe misses a splash in the corner and Mikey hits a springboard leg drop. Jason runs into a boot in the corner and Mikey hits a side Russian leg sweep onto a chair. Mikey nails Axe with a super kick for another near fall. Axe counters the Whippersnapper and hits the fisherman buster to get the win. (**. A couple of good spots as Whipwreck was still showing his ability and worked a good pace. For what it was, it wasn’t too bad.)

Sixth Contest: Punisher Van Slyke & Kevin Graham vs. Dick Justice & Peter D. Order vs. The Killer Steves vs. CK in a battle royal: Well, this match features six local talents. Pun and Graham are the top heel tag team in the company while the closest tag team to them in the match is CK. Steves and the team of Justice and Order are mainly used as comedy acts. The final two guys are Sean Carr and Kevin Graham. Slyck Wagner Brown comes out to ringside to distract Sean Carr and that allowed Graham to toss Carr over the top to the floor. Thus, Graham and Pun will get a tag team title shot at the next show tomorrow night.

Seventh Contest: Rich Swann vs. Jay Freddie: They shake hands before going at it to show mutual respect. The match starts off with a mat wrestling based approach with Swann getting the better of the exchange. Freddie comes back to take Swann down but his offense is quickly reversed. Swann begs off on a clear seated dropkick attempt and Freddie doesn’t go for it. Rich kicks the upper back of Jay but doesn’t follow up on his momentum. Freddie soon returns the favor but doesn’t follow up either. Rich nails Freddie with a dropkick to send Jay to the floor and fakes a dive. Jay returns to dropkick Swann as well. Rich avoids a German suplex by hanging onto the ropes but Freddie continues to work over Rich with strikes. Rich dropkicks Freddie off the apron onto the guard railing. Freddie slides back in to deliver a tilt a whirl back breaker. Freddie controls Rich with a basic rear chin lock and chops. Swann kicks Freddie on the top and hits a snap hurricanrana! Swann takes Freddie out with a somersault dive to the floor!

On the floor, Swann continues with a few strikes before rolling Freddie back into the ring. Freddie hits Rich with a kneeling lariat for a two count. Freddie drops Rich with a power slam but can’t put him away on the cover attempt. Rich kicks Jay in the midsection and hits a scissors kick. Freddie counters a suplex attempt to hit a reverse DDT. Freddie nails Rich with a yakuza kick and takes Swann out with a suicide dive on the floor. Jay climbs to the top but gets cut off by Swann. Rich misses a snap hurricanrana attempt and Freddie hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Jay plants Rich with a back suplex but only gets a near fall. Rich super kicks Freddie and hits a backhand spring ace crusher but Jay kicks out at two! Freddie dangerously hits a reverse power bomb into the corner and a release German but Rich kicks out at two. Freddie looks for a diving head butt, but Swann gets his boots up.

Swann heads to the top and hits a frog splash but Freddie kicks out before three. Rich blocks a t-bone suplex into the corner and barely hits a super kick, which Jay sells anyway. Freddie locks in the Sharpshooter and Swann taps out. (**1/2. I was enjoying the match, but the finish felt really weird to me. They botched a few moves towards the end and that killed the finish. They worked well together, but a poor finish left a bad feeling for this match.)

Main Event: Sami Callihan vs. John Morrison: John nearly wins with a rollup after avoiding a running kick. Morrison works over Sami to start with a few strikes and a spinning leg drop for a near fall. Sami comes out of the corner with a running clothesline but Morrison comes back with a spinning heel kick. Sami avoids a kick and nearly wins with a rollup. Sami clotheslines Morrison over the top to the floor and plays to the crowd. Sami drops Morrison throat first across the top rope and hits a springboard clotheslines followed by a suicide dive under the middle rope. On the floor, Sami sends Morrison into the guard railing. Morrison clotheslines Sami on the floor and drops Callihan throat first across the railing. John viciously into the railing shoulder first. Morrison leapfrogs Sami and hits a moonsault while standing on the apron and railing! John hits an STO back breaker and side Russian leg sweep for a near fall.

Morrison puts Sami on the top rope and delivers a strike as the fans are cheering for both men. Sami blocks a superplex and goes for a sunset flip power bomb but Morrison blocks only to have the back of knee super kicked and John crashes to the canvas. Sami continues to work over the left knee of Morrison. John gets out of a leg lock and delivers several strikes before rolling to the floor. Sami avoids a shoulder ram from the apron and hits Morrison with a big boot. Sami hip tosses Morrison into the ropes to add extra punishment to the left knee. Sami locks in a half Boston Crab. John plants Sami with a DDT and both men are laying on the canvas. John pummels Sami in the corner with several strikes and plays to the crowd. John hits a standing Spanish Fly but Callihan kicks out at two on the cover! John goes for Starship Pain but Sami gets his knees up! Sami delivers a couple of running clotheslines for a two count. Sami gets out of a rollup and locks in a leg lock. Morrison rolls over and reaches the ropes rather quickly. Morrison hits a springboard kick but Sami still manages to kick out at two. Sami hits a delayed back suplex but John kicks out again. Sami locks in the Stretch Muffler but Morrison reverses and nearly rolls Sami up for a three count. Morrison kicks Sami and hits the Starship Pain to win the match. (***1/2. A really good main event that the crowd was completely into. The moonsault on the floor was a nice spot and they kept a great pace to finish off the last show at the PAC for 2CW. A great end to the era of PAC. Well done, guys.)

Final Thoughts:
A few average matches and a really good main event for the final show at Pastime Athletic Club for 2CW. A surprise debut for Mikey Whipwreck was neat to see. It’s not a bad show but probably not a must-see event, either. I’d give this one an average rating as it’s not a bad way to spend a couple of hours. Morrison and Callihan is worth a view.

Thanks for reading.

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