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WWF RAW 12/18/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Newark, DE

1.) Jeff Jarrett defeated Fatu by disqualification
2.) Buddy Landell defeated Bob Holly
3.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon defeated Yokozuna by count-out

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This is Jarrett’s return to the WWF after five months. He was last seen at the July In Your House where he lost the WWF Intercontinental Championship to Shawn Michaels. Jarrett attacked Ahmed Johnson last night at In Your House with a gold record.

2.) Jarrett ducks a super kick and taunts the fans only to be met with a series of strikes from Fatu. Fatu delivers a head butt to the lower midsection of Jarrett. Jarrett plants Fatu with a jumping DDT but Fatu no sells it and hammers away on Jeff. Fatu misses a shoulder attack in the corner and Jarrett hits a swinging neck breaker to get some momentum. Jarrett jumps onto Fatu, who is across the middle rope. Jarrett leaps for the middle rope to deliver a double axe handle to drop Fatu to the canvas. Fatu punches Jarrett as he came off the middle rope and hit a power slam! Fatu backdrops Jarrett and hits a running clothesline in the corner followed by a back breaker for a near fall. Fatu plants Jarrett with a running ace crusher but Fatu is holding his shoulder in pain. Jarrett recovers and rams Fatu shoulder first into the corner and locks in the figure four. Wait, here comes Ahmed Johnson to attack Jarrett and cause the DQ. (*1/4. Some decent action as Fatu worked well in there. The finish just advances the feud between Johnson and Jarrett.)

3.) Gorilla Monsoon reveals that Jeff Jarrett will not be in the Royal Rumble match but will wrestle Ahmed Johnson at the pay per view. Names to be announced for the Royal Rumble match will be revealed on Superstars.

4.) Goldust cuts a promo on WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon. Goldust says he is watching Razor’s every move and says they have chemistry. Goldust wants to ooze machismo with Ramon.

5.) Holly starts the match taking Buddy down with an arm drag. Buddy looks very similar to Ric Flair, who competes in WCW. Buddy works over Holly in the corner with strikes and chops but Holly counters with a few strikes himself. Holly big boots Landell in the corner to get momentum in his favor. Buddy clotheslines Holly and taunts the fans before continuing his offense. Buddy blocks a backdrop attempt with a boot to the midsection and chops Holly. Landell backdrops Holly but can’t get a three on the cover attempt. Holly drops Buddy with a swinging neck breaker. Holly pops right back up after a series of right hands and Buddy backs off. Holly hits a standing hurricanrana but doesn’t go for the cover. Buddy avoids a dropkick by hanging onto the ropes and gets the win following an elbow drop. Buddy’s theme music is even Flair’s old WWF music. (*. This was the debut for Buddy and he picks up a victory over Holly. I don’t believe Buddy lasted long in the company making this pretty much pointless.)

6.) Brother Love is back to interview Ted DiBiase. Ted makes a confession saying that last night was not actually Santa Claus. Instead, his name is Xanta Claus. DiBiase says his Claus takes whatever he can get his hands on. This is real life, a heel Santa. DiBiase believes that 1996 is going to be the year of the Million Dollar Corporation. Ted says that the Million Dollar Championship will be returning in 1996.

7.) Instead of fireworks, Ramon was met with gold glitter. That allowed Yokozuna to get some early offense but Ramon sends Yoko to the floor following several right hands. Goldust is watching the match from the aisle way. Yoko scoop slams Razor but misses an elbow drop. Yoko sends Razor to the floor, but Razor comes back into the ring and goes for a sunset flip but avoids a sit down splash. Yoko works over Razor in the corner and puts a nerve hold on Ramon. Razor gets out of the hold and knocks Yoko off his feet with a right hand. Yoko has another nerve hold on Razor when RAW comes back from commercial but Ramon fights back with right hands. Yoko pummels Ramon in the corner with several more strikes. Razor fights out of the corner with right hands and a leaping clothesline to drop Yokozuna. Ramon comes off the middle rope to bulldog Yokozuna as the lights begin to flicker. The Undertaker makes his way down to ringside and wants Yokozuna, who runs out of the ring and runs to the backstage area to cause a count-out. This is similar to their feud two years ago. (*1/4. Well, the ending sequence was starting to get something going so naturally they end the match at that point. Yokozuna was a tough guy to get good matches with if your name wasn’t Bret Hart.)

8.) Razor Ramon is interviewed by Dox Hendrix. Dox wants to know how Ramon feels about Goldust. Razor talks about the letter he received and says he is right about how hot he is. Ramon doesn’t play the same game as he likes women. Ramon says Goldust can do his thing, but not with him. Ramon doesn’t say what the letter contained as it is a family show.

Final Thoughts:
Jeff Jarrett is back in the WWF which is a good thing. Buddy Landell wins his debut match for the WWF as a ripoff of Ric Flair, literally. The main event wasn’t so great, but that’s been the trend as of late. At least I’m down with RAW 1995 now!

Thanks for reading.

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