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SMW TV 10/10/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Sneedville, TN

1.) Killer Kyle defeated Robbie Eagle
2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy defeated Ben Jordan
3.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies defeated Danny Davis & Dixie Dynamite to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bob Caudle is with the SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright for an interview. Tim Horner suffered a concussion due to the beer bottle attack last week. Wright claims that Horner hit him with the bottle and is going to be a blind and cripple manager. White Boy says he will finish the job the next time they step foot in the ring.

2.) We see footage of Paul Orndorff and Ron Garvin’s feud. Orndorff is pissed about Garvin wearing his robe and mocking Orndorff. Garvin cut Orndorff’s favorite robe that cost him $15,000. The fans chant Paula during a promo but Orndorff is going to try and break Garvin’s neck when they square off again.

3.) Down & Dirty this week had Bob Armstrong and Brian Lee as the special guests. Mantel says that a new letter has been received and the mystery man has a name. Armstrong reads the letter and says that anyone person that helps Lee will be a target. The mystery man says that we can call him “The Master.” Brian Lee is tired of the so-called master and calls the Master a coward. He is tired of the hired help and wants the Master. Lee is confident he will beat the Master just as he has beaten the hired help.

4.) After a commercial we come back and Lee is fighting the mystery guy that came out last week. The guy looks to be Samoan and is rather large. The mystery guy bites Lee’s forehead and delivers basic strikes. The bell continues to ring as this isn’t an official match. Lee backdrops the guy over the top to the floor. Another guy enters and Lee hits a power slam on him. Lee is double teamed by both mystery men. Lee is driven down to the canvas with a power bomb and the other guy comes off the top with a splash, I think, but the camera cut away, so he might have messed up or something. Anyway, the Rock N’ Roll Express run into the ring and make the save causing the other two to leave the ring.

5.) Bob Caudle is with Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden. Fuller says the crowd isn’t use to handsome guys like themselves. They talk about the Rock N’ Roll Express and how they have to prove themselves against the Fantastics now. They have been training to learn how to wrestle dwarfs.

6.) Dynamite and Lane kick off the main event with Dynamite taking Lane over with an arm drag. The Rock N’ Roll Express are on commentary for the contest. Stan sends Dixie to the floor but is met with several right hands. Dynamite dropkicks the champs and they go to the floor to regroup. Pritchard is worked over by Dixie and Davis for a moment. Davis takes over the champs with arm drags and the challengers hit an atomic drop on the champs to send them to the floor. Davis is knocked to the floor and Cornette nails Davis in the throat with his tennis racket. Wow, a few people in the front row are really emotionally invested into this match with a young boy crying due to Cornette interfering. Lane enters and continues to work over Davis with an elbow strike to the throat. Danny fights back with a chop on Pritchard but can’t make the tag. Behind the referee’s back, Lane hits a middle rope chop to knock Danny down to the canvas.

Davis backdrops Pritchard to avoid a piledriver and Dynamite gets the tag. Dynamite hammers away on the champs and kicks Tom to the canvas for a near fall. Dixie gets sent to the floor and Davis is worked over by the champs in the ring. Dynamite leaps off the top to hit a cross body on the champs for a two count. Dixie has a rollup on Lane but the referee is out of position. Pritchard puts something on his boot and kicks Dixie to allow Lane to get the victory. (*1/2. A rather basic match that saw some decent action but otherwise forgettable. The team of Dixie and Davis just doesn’t really excite me.)

7.) To close the program, Bob Caudle chats with the Rock N’ Roll Express. Ricky Morton says they found out something and they have a surprise for Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies next week. It’s a really big surprise, apparently. Morton nearly calls the Heavenly Bodies the Midnight Express but corrects himself.

Final Thoughts:
A lackluster episode this week with nothing really going on aside from getting the name of the leader who is going after Brian Lee. The main event was rather poor to end a forgettable episode.

Thanks for reading.

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