SMW TV 10/17/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Sneedville, TN

1.) Dixie Dynamite defeated Joe Cazana
2.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies defeated Ben Jordan & Robbie Eagle
3.) Danny Davis defeated Mike Sampson by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bob Caudle is with the Rock N’ Roll Express to find out what the big surprise is for Jim Cornette. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson have never seen Jim Cornette’s mother and apparently her photo has been taken and they are going to show a picture of Cornette’s mother! We will be seeing that later in the episode.

2.) Bob Caudle is with Bob Armstrong for an interview. Armstrong says he doesn’t know anything about the Master. Bob is going to offer a deal to the Master. Armstrong wants Master to call off the bounties and the stalkers in return to give Master television time to air his issues.

3.) Down & Dirty this week has Jim Cornette, Killer Kyle and the SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies as his guests. Cornette tells the fans to keep the noise down because of Stan Lane’s injured eardrum. Cornette says that the Rock N’ Roll Express doesn’t have a picture of his mother. Jim says his mother wouldn’t allow the Express to have a picture of her. Tom Pritchard chimes in and says he is sick and tired of the Rock N’ Roll Express and what they did in the past. Stan would have said something but his ear hurts too much because of the damn fans making noise.

4.) Bob Caudle is with Ron Garvin who is wearing the robe that was previously owned by Paul Orndorff. Garvin says for now on he is going to make Orndorff angry every day to the point that Mr. Wonderful leaves Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

5.) Paul Orndorff came out during the main event and attacked Danny Davis and Mike Sampson. Orndorff spikes Davis with a piledriver! Ron Garvin runs into the ring and Orndorff casually walks out of the ring.

6.) Bob Armstrong comes out and reminds us that no piledrivers are allowed and isn’t pleased with Paul Orndorff.

7.) The Rock N’ Roll Express come out and have a picture of Jim Cornette’s mother. The picture is a mock photo of a dog dressed as a lady. The Heavenly Bodies run over with Jim Cornette and they are pissed at being embarrassed. Bob Armstrong comes over and says that if they want a match then it needs to be a title match. Cornette gives them the title match but the Heavenly Bodies are pissed. Cornette is angry beyond belief and signs the contract for the titles.

8.) Bob Caudle is with the SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright. Wright is going to be blind and cripple because of Tim Horner and his recent “attacks” on him. Wright says the fans should be ashamed and pray for his well being. White Boy asks what kind of man is Tim Horner for jumping on a crippled man. White Boy is only trying to make enough money to get Ron Wright out of the wheelchair. White Boy wants Horner to come after him instead of his manager. He asks to leave Ron Wright alone and if he wants a piece of him then that perfectly fine. Wright claims that production took out the part that Tim Horner was going to kill him. White Boy has an announcement and is going to do it in the ring. White Boy says if Tim Horner was in the building he would give Horner a title shot but he doesn’t think Horner has enough guts. Tim Horner makes his way to ringside but officials try to stop him. Dirty White Boy tells Ron Wright that he thought Horner wasn’t going to be here. Bob Armstrong is trying to prevent Horner from entering the ring. Horner breaks away from officials and attacks White Boy! Horner mounts White Boy and pummels the champion with right hands. Horner sends White Boy into a piano and whacks him across the back with a steel chair. White Boy is trying to get away but is sent into the ring post and guard railing. Horner is trying to rip White Boy’s eye out of his socket as the show comes to an end!

Final Thoughts:
There was nothing happening in terms of wrestling but the final segment was a good way to end the program. Next week should be a strong show with Express taking on the Bodies for the titles.

Thanks for reading.

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