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SMW TV 10/24/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Haysi, VA

1.) The Fantastics defeated Paul Lee & Mike Sampson
2.) Killer Kyle defeated Robbie Eagle
3.) Dixie Dynamite defeated Paul Orndorff by count-out
4.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies defeated Rock N’ Roll Express by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Ricky Morton heads over to kick off the program to hype up the SMW Tag Team Championship match against the Heavenly Bodies. Morton can’t wait for the title match and looks forward to being the tag champions with Robert Gibson.

2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright are interviewed by Bob Caudle. Ron Wright is annoyed with Tim Horner for coming out and always attacking him. White Boy says that if Horner had any guts he would confront him face to face but his old lady must not allow him to. Tim Horner comes out and tries to get his hands on White Boy but comically slips and falls as the champion manages to get away. Tim Horner is interviewed and talks about how he will get his hands on White Boy for hanging him and busting him over the head with a bottle.

3.) We get a video introducing us to Tracy Smothers. Smothers is on a swing on his porch and begins to cut a promo about how he has wrestled for World Championship Wrestling for a year and half. Smothers talks about making more money than he had ever seen. Smothers says that the non-wrestling people started to talk down to him and wanted Tracy and his partner to change their appearance. Smothers talks about being a cowboy and wasn’t well liked when he wrestled in the North. Tracy forgot where he came from and became someone he wasn’t. He got a call from Bob Armstrong who told him that he was headed down the wrong road despite his success. Smothers doesn’t have any titles now and wasn’t true to himself or his family. So, he left WCW and is now in Smoky Mountain Wrestling! Smothers is going to do the best he can to show himself to the million people watch the program. Smothers is embracing his southern roots again!

4.) Ricky Morton is with Bob Caudle again for another promo. Morton says that Robert Gibson his plane has landed and that he and Gibson will be winning the tag titles tonight.

5.) Down & Dirty with Bob Armstrong is next for more information on The Master. Armstrong hasn’t heard anything from the Master, but one of the mystery guys names the Nightstalker comes over and hands Armstrong a letter. Armstrong has a gift and an offer. Brian Lee needs to beat The Nightstalker next week and the Master will appear the following week as long as he gets a singles match with Brian Lee. Armstrong doesn’t confirm the match to take place as he needs to talk to the board. Brian Lee comes over and reveals the gift which is a tombstone. Lee says this is sick but this isn’t wrestling. Brian Lee is confident that he will be going through the Nightstalker next week and the Nightstalker the following week!

6.) Bob Caudle is with Ricky Morton and Bob Armstrong. Ricky is now saying that he isn’t sure if Robert Gibson is going to be able to make it. Morton wants to postpone the match for next week and Armstrong agrees to that. Jim Cornette comes over and he is pissed about that ruling. Cornette has the original contract and says it has todays date on it not for next week. Morton is going to need to find a partner tonight.

7.) We see footage of Ron Garvin checking on Danny Davis after a recent attack by Paul Orndorff, which saw Davis complaining that his neck was in serious pain.

8.) Bob Caudle is with Dixie Dynamite and Ron Garvin. Garvin says that he was right when it came to the extent that Paul Orndorff went to hurt someone. Garvin says that Davis was watching his back and calls Danny a true friend. Garvin is going to make Orndorff pay for what he did. Dixie Dynamite chimes in and says that Orndorff is going to be seeing stars.

9.) Prior to the next match, Paul Orndorff says he is going to spike everyone with a piledriver until he gets his robe back. The fans are chanting Paula big time at Orndorff which gets under his skin. Dynamite kicks off the match with right hands and sends Orndorff into the corner face first. Dixie continues with a series of dropkicks and hits a top rope cross body for a near fall. Orndorff avoids Dixie in the corner and hits a back suplex to get the advantage of the match. Orndorff drops Dynamite with a forearm drop and stomps onto Dixie’s face. Orndroff blocks a sunset flip attempt with a left hand. Dixie nearly wins with a rollup but Paul quickly recovers with a clothesline. Ron Garvin comes down to ringside and distracts Orndorff as Dixie was in a piledriver. Garvin runs around ringside as Orndorff gives chase. Paul can’t catch Ron and gets counted out. (*1/2. The finish was lame but the action wasn’t half bad. Garvin is quite annoying as I’ve never been much of a fan of his. I’m interested to see Dynamite in a longer match to see what he can do.)

10.) Bob Caudle is with Ricky Morton for another interview and Morton says that Gibson hasn’t arrived and looks like he needs to forfeit the match they worked so hard for. Jim Cornette and the SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies come over with Cornette claiming they are chickens. Cornette says that Gibson has left Morton looking like an idiot just like Morton did to Gibson a few years earlier. Cornette says that Morton has lost everything in his life and now has lost his partner. Morton is nothing but a loser! Ricky decides he will take on the champs by himself!

11.) Morton knocks the champs down with right hands and sends them into each other as the champs bail to the floor. Pritchard enters as a legal man but gets hip tossed and tags in Lane. Stan covers his ears as the fans make some noise for Morton. Ricky takes Lane over with a hip toss and Tom gets sent to the floor. Ricky atomic drops Lane into Pritchard and continues to have control of the match. Tom works over Morton’s arm but gets yanked down to the canvas. Morton monkey flips Pritchard but Lane tags back into the match. Lane knee lifts Morton from behind and Ricky is sent face first into the ring post by Pritchard. Morton has been busted wide open as Pritchard works over Morton with right hands. Lane drops Ricky with a kick to the midsection and continues to be worked over by the champs. Pritchard power slams Morton and gets a near fall. Lane hits a middle rope axe handle as the fans try to get behind Ricku. Pritchard heads to the top and the champs hit the Rocket Launcher on Morton! Tom scoop slams Morton and heads to the top to hit a knee drop. Robert Gibson runs into the ring and cleans house to a huge ovation. The referee is calling for the bell, I think. Gibson cleans house and knocks Cornette off his feet. Gibson hammers away on Cornette but is now being triple teamed. Morton has the tennis racket and hits Pritchard with it! Morton gets knocked down with a super kick. Lane comes in and drops Morton with a kick but here comes Killer Kyle to attack Gibson with right hands. Gibson gets his arm stomped on as the Heavenly Bodies are trying to break his arm. The heels leave the ring proud of their work as Gibson is checked on. (**. It was a fine match as it mainly progressed the feud between the two teams. It made sense to do it that way as it saves the blowoff for the super card event in November. The crowd was hot for the entire segment.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s neat to see that Tracy Smothers is coming to SMW and should fit in well with the company and the area. The feud between Lee/Master seems to be leading to the blowoff soon for that. The main event was fine and effective for advancing the storyline between the two teams. A fine episode for SMW, while nothing earth shattering happened.

Thanks for reading.

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