SMW TV 10/3/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Sneedville, TN

1.) Ron Garvin defeated Mike Sampson
2.) Danny Davis defeated Paul Orndorff
3.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated Joe Cazana & Paul Lee
4.) Brian Lee defeated Killer Kyle in a $10,000 bounty match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dutch Mantel is wearing a ridiculous hat as Bob Caudle went over what we would be seeing tonight. Mantel will have SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy on Down & Dirty.

2.) Bob Caudle chats with Ron Garvin after his easy victory. Garvin is still pissed at Paul Orndorff about destroying his trademark towel. Garvin gives Orndorff credit for beating his butt a few weeks ago. Garvin hasn’t forgotten and is going to take care of Orndorff real soon.

3.) Danny Davis is wearing a Paula t-shirt as he trades right hands with Orndorff until Mr. Wonderful drops Davis with a knee lift and rips off the shirt. We see Ron Garvin at ringside and has Orndorff’s robe and puts it on! Orndorff is oblivious to what is going on outside the ring. Orndorff takes Davis down to the canvas with a snap suplex for a one count. Orndorff continues to be oblivious as he takes Davis down with a side suplex. Orndorff goes for the piledriver but sees Garvin and is flipping out in the ring. Davis recovers from the beating and rolls Orndorff up for the win. After the match, Orndorff punches Davis to the floor but Garvin helps Davis to the backstage area. (*. They went a little long with Orndorff not noticing Garvin and the crowd was not into the match. Garvin tried to get some heat but it just wasn’t there for him.)

4.) Rock N’ Roll Express meet up with Bob Caudle for an interview. Gibson puts over the double dropkick that he thinks Jim Cornette is afraid of. Apparently, Cornette has a big surprise for them. Morton says they are in Smoky Mountain Wrestling to become the tag team champions.

5.) Down & Dirty this week has SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright as his guests. Ron says that he thought he was going to die due to the way that Tim Horner was talking to him last week. Dirty White Boy issues an apology because he snapped when he saw Horner getting on Ron Wright. White Boy is on a mission to get Wright out of the wheelchair and hopes that Wright could possibly get back into the ring. DWB thinks that Horner is afraid of him since he isn’t in the arena. Tim Horner comes out of nowhere and attacks White Boy with right hands. Horner shoves Wright away in his wheelchair and gets a beer bottle broken over his head thanks to Dirty White Boy! Horner is busted wide open as the champion leaves the scene. Tim’s wife comes over and checks on her husband to end the segment.

6.) Bob Armstrong fines Dirty White Boy $2,500 for the bottle shot, though Horner attacked him first. Jim Cornette comes over and confronts Armstrong. Cornette has a little surprise for Bob Armstrong. Jim says that his attorneys have been hard at work and thinks that other teams deserve a shot at the tag titles. Cornette has an injunction to prevent Armstrong from booking a tag team title match. Cornette is happy with himself and Armstrong says he is going to do some research on the matter.

7.) Lee and Kyle trade shoves to start the match. Neither man budges following a collision but Kyle drops Lee with a scoop slam and taunts the fans. Kyle drives Lee down to the canvas with another scoop slam. Brian drops Kyle with a scoop slam and Kyle goes to the floor to regroup. Lee continues to hammer away on Kyle in the corner. Lee misses a spear in the corner and hits the violin case and the chain that is attached to the ring post. Cornette hits Lee with the tennis racket while the referee was out of position. Kyle drives Lee down to the canvas with shoulder breaker. Lee gets a second wind and begins to trade right hands with Kyle. The Heavenly Bodies are at ringside and enter the ring to attack Lee to cause the disqualification. After the match, Lee is attacked by Kyle and the Heavenly Bodies. Here come the Rock N’ Roll Express to make the save and brawl with the Bodies to the backstage area. Lee hits a leaping clothesline on Kyle as Jim Cornette enters the ring. Lee grabs Cornette but another stalker enters and attacks Lee with a clothesline. Danny Davis and Dixie Dynamite run in to make the save. I have no idea who the stalker was this week. (*. The match was as good as you could probably get out of them.)

8.) To close the show, Bob Caudle interviews Brian Lee, Rock N’ Roll Express, Dixie Dynamite and Danny Davis. Davis is quite happy with his victory today and says he will be behind Brian Lee any day of the week. Ricky Morton says sooner rather than later they will get a tag title shot. Brian Lee is sick and tired of messing with the henchman and wants a piece of the leader.

Final Thoughts:
Not as strong of a show that they have been producing, but that’s not a big deal, really. Horner/DWB feud continues to be entertaining after a slow start to it. The Garvin/Orndorff feud probably needs to end already.

Thanks for reading.

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