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WCW Saturday Night 5/15/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Maxx Payne defeated a jobber
2.) Keith & Kent Cole defeated The Blackharts by disqualification
3.) Van Hammer defeated a jobber
4.) Arn Anderson defeated Bobby Eaton

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) As you can probably tell, this is a one hour edition of Saturday Night.

2.) Davey Boy Smith is interviewed by Tony Schiavone regarding his upcoming match with Big Van Vader. Smith talks about his friends being injured by Vader. Smith says he is going to be the next WCW World Heavyweight Champion at Slamboree. That’s all he says.

3.) We see footage from WCW Worldwide where there was controversy between Dustin Rhodes and Rick Rude over the WCW United States Championship. Rhodes hit a back suplex on Rude and both men had their shoulder down but the referee didn’t see Dustin get his shoulder up, thus awarding the match to Rude.

4.) Col. Robert Parker comes to ringside with a stretcher during Van Hammer’s squash victory. Hammer confronts Parker after winning his match and says he doesn’t like what Parker is doing. Van is taking this as Parker poking fun at what happened to Cactus Jack a few weeks ago. Parker tells Hammer he has misunderstood him and tells Hammer that the stretcher is actually for Hammer. Van reminds Parker that if he messes with him then the stretcher will be for Parker. Col. Robert Parker says he went back home to Memphis and found what he was looking for. Parker is going bring this person to WCW and will have the greatest star of all.

5.) Flair For The Gold this week will have the WCW World Tag Team Champions Steve Austin and Brian Pillman as the guests. Arn Anderson is sitting at the bar again with Flair reminding us that Anderson has a title match at Slamboree. Missy Hyatt comes out and screams at Flair for leaving her on the side of the road. Hyatt insults Anderson saying he would never be a sixty minute man. Hyatt throws her shoes at Flair saying this isn’t the last of her he will see. The tag champs are brought out and they shake hands with Flair. Flair puts over Pillman and Austin for being on top. Austin says the set is really great and calls Ric an old man. Austin calls Anderson an antique. They are really insulting Flair and his old age. Austin claims that the Horsemen today wouldn’t stand a chance against them. Flair brings up the steel cage title match against Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas at Slamboree. Anderson gets tired of the Blonds insulting him and he tells the champs they are out of line. Flair gave the champs several chances to stop but ends up taking off his jacket and watch. Flair yells at the Blonds for insulting them on his show. The Blonds leave the segment while Ric says that he demands respect and Fifi calsm him down to end the scene.

6.) Tony Schiavone interviews the WCW World Tag Team Champions Steve Austin and Brian Pillman. Austin asks Schiavone if he is stupid and says that Ric Flair and Arn Anderson are old news. Austin calls the segment “Flair For The Old” and says they brushed with greatness. Pillman says that Steamboat and Douglas made a fiasco out of their tournament. Pillman says there will no longer be a match with Dos Hombres. Schiavone notes that the Blonds will be wrestling Dos Hombres on WCW Main Event.

7.) Former Dangerous Alliance stablemates square off in the main event. Eaton delivered a few kicks but Anderson knocks Eaton off his feet. Eaton knocks Arn off his feet with a back elbow but misses an elbow drop. Anderson punches Bobby while on the floor and delivers a shoulder ram from the apron but Eaton nails Arn with a knee lift. Arn rams Eaton face first into the corner and locks in a sleeper hold briefly. Bobby drops Anderson with a right hand. Eaton slams Anderson’s left leg across the ring apron and focuses his attack on the knee. Anderson backdrops Eaton on the floor to gain control of the contest. Anderson tries a scoop slam on the floor but his left knee gives out on him. Anderson blocks a kick and plants Eaton with a DDT! Arn catapults Eaton throat first across the bottom rope but runs into a back elbow. Bobby comes running out of the corner and Anderson hits the spine buster for the win. (**. A decent main event that didn’t get a lot of time. They put together some fun spots and they both looked good in action.)

8.) NWA World Champion Barry Windham comes out riding a motorcycle to be interviewed about his match with Anderson. Windham decides to finally talk about Ric Flair after two months of saying nothing. Windham says that Ric Flair had his chance to be the NWA World Champion but now it is his time. Windham says that the Horsemen are a thing of the past and says that the only thing he cares about the championship, himself and the motorcycle. Windham says Anderson isn’t going to be the NWA World Champion. “I’m a Lone Wolf. I’m not a Horsemen anymore.”

Final Thoughts:
For an hour program, this was a lot better than last weeks. The segment with the Blonds and the Horsemen was entertaining and I’m quite interested to see how that possible feud develops over the next several weeks and months. We finally got words from Windham who has never been more interesting and great in a role. I really think his Lone Wolf run is greatly underrated. A fun four minute feature match end the show, too. An easy and fun episode to watch for WCW this week.

Thanks for reading.

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