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WCW Saturday Night 5/22/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Davey Boy Smith defeated Pat Rose
2.) Dustin Rhodes & Kensuke Sasaki defeated The Wrecking Crew
3.) Maxx Payne defeated Larry Corey
4.) Shanghai Pierce & Tex Slazenger defeated Erik Watts & Robbie V
5.) 2 Cold Scorpio defeated WCW Television Champion Paul Orndorff by reverse decision
6.) Scott Norton defeated a jobber
7.) Sting defeated Big Sky

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Davey Boy Smith is interviewed by Tony Schiavone regarding his title match tomorrow night against WCW World Heavyweight Champion Vader. Smith says that the public workout that Vader is going to have tonight does not happen. Davey doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt. Smith says we better bank on him winning the championship tomorrow night.

2.) Col. Robert Parker is interviewed regarding his new wrestler that will be coming to WCW tomorrow night at Slamboree. Parker doubts that Van Hammer would show up if he revealed who the mystery guy was. Parker says that Hammer will be introduced to a bigger man tomorrow night and says that when his man walks the ground shakes. The man he is talking about rules the world. Parker guarantees that Hammer will be put on a stretcher.

3.) Orndorff works over the left arm of Scorpio to kick off the title match. Paul takes Scorpio down to the mat and continues to work over the arm. Orndorff elbows Scorpio and works over the challenger with stomps and strikes. Scorpio hip tosses and dropkicks Orndorff sending the champ to the floor. Scorpio hip tosses Orndorff and wrenches on Paul’s arm to gain control of the match. Scorpio backdrops Orndorff and keeps his focus on the arm. Paul gets control by driving his knee into Scorpio’s ribs. Orndorff lifts Scorpio into the air and drops the challenger gut first to the canvas. Scorpio has three more minutes to win the title. Scorpio nearly wins with a leaping cross body. Orndorff stops Scorpio with a back suplex and goes for the piledriver but Scorpio counters with a backdrop. The title is on the line for two more minutes. Scorpio rolls Orndorff up but only gets a near fall. Scorpio tries several pin attempts but only gets a near fall each time. Scorpio hammers away on Orndorff and tosses the referee aside. Orndorff decks Scorpio with a foreign object to get a pin. Ron Simmons comes out and tells the referee that Orndorff used an illegal object. Simmons grabs the foreign object from Orndorff’s tights and the referee reverses the decision. Orndorff bails from the ring. (*. That was mainly stalling and doing limited work in order to go nearly ten minutes in-ring. They didn’t seem to have a lot of chemistry, either.)

4.) There was a segment where Jesse Ventura and Sly Stallone talked about their new movie Demolition Man. Eric Bischoff conducted the interview. That’s all there needs to be said, really.

5.) Flair For The Gold has Rick Rude as the special guest. For some reason the segment has a Japanese theme as both Flair and Anderson are wearing geishas and have two Japanese women with them. Rick Rude comes over and shakes hands with Flair. Rude tells Flair that the producer needs to be smartened up into knowing that he is the WCW United States Champion. Rude wishes he had known about the theme because he would have dressed accordingly. Fifi brings Rude to the backstage area to change his clothing. Flair says that there will be a live Flair For The Gold at Slamboree. The original Four Horsemen will be at Slamboree. Rude returns wearing the proper clothing and sits on the couch. Rude gives Fifi a tip as they talk about the issues with Dustin Rhodes. Rude puts over Flair as a legend and a hero of today. Rude asks about Flair and his future wondering if Flair will get back into the ring. Rude has a present for Flair and Anderson. Rude introduces FuFu to the Horsemen. Rude apparently gives his phone number to Fifi and leaves the segment. FuFu shows off some moves as the segment comes to an end.

6.) The final segment for the show is the workout for WCW World Heavyweight Champion Vader. Of course, Vader just destroys all five opponents. Davey Boy Smith comes down to ringside as Tony Schiavone tries to get a word with him. Smith tells Vader that the workout is over. Harley Race suggests that Smith come into the ring. Davey enters the workout and hits a vertical suplex on Race! Vader pummels Smith in the corner with a series of strikes. Smith catches Vader in the corner and hits a power slam! Smith runs over Vader with a couple of clotheslines and dropkicks Vader over the top to the floor! The locker room empties with all the good guys supporting Smith. Vader grabs a couple of chairs and has a tantrum on the floor.

7.) As the show comes to an end Davey Boy Smith and Vader have a brawl which is only briefly seen until the show fades to black.

Final Thoughts:
The closing segment was effective in making Davey Boy Smith look like a threat to the championship. The show as a whole wasn’t all that good, though. Flair For The Gold didn’t really accomplish much of anything. A lackluster go-home show for Slamboree.

Thanks for reading.

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