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WCW Saturday Night 5/29/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) WCW Television Champion Paul Orndorff defeated Dave Hart
2.) WCW World Tag Team Champion Steve Austin & Brian Pillman defeated TA McCoy & Pez Whatley
3.) Ricky Steamboat defeated Chris Sullivan
4.) Sting & Davey Boy Smith defeated Big Sky & Vinnie Vegas

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Greg Gagne talks about the future of the WCW United States Championship due to a recent finish between Dustin Rhodes and Rick Rude. He announces that the championship has been held up. They will announce a time and place for when Dustin and Rude will compete to crown a new WCW United States Champion.

2.) For the past several weeks Col. Robert Parker had promised a new wrestler at Slamboree. Well, that new wrestler just so happened to be Sid Vicious who defeated Van Hammer at the event. We see footage of Sid returning to the company. They show the whole match that lasted less than forty-five seconds with Sid squashing Hammer. This effectively legitimizes Col. Robert Parker as a manager, too.

3.) This is the debut of Ricky Steamboat’s fire spitting entrance in WCW.

4.) Tony Schiavone conducted an interview with Ricky Steamboat. Ricky has collected his thoughts and reviewed films of himself. Steamboat announces that he will be returning to singles action.

5.) Flair For The Gold this week has Sting as the special guest. But first, Flair and Anderson are dressed in workout clothes as one girl is working out on stage. Sting makes his way out to be interviewed by Flair. Sting reminds Flair about the whole Horsemen deal and how it didn’t work out for him but Flair assures him that is in the past. Flair talks about seeing Sting compete in the strap match against Vader at Superbrawl III. Sting says he will get the WCW World Heavyweight Championship back from Vader. Flair asks why does Sting wear the face paint. Sting tells a story about a kid who would get picked on and Sting stuck up for him. Sting ran into the kid who is a successful businessman nowadays. So, apparently he wears it so that others can feel comfortable if they don’t feel like they are the same as others. A handful of kids come into the scene to get an autograph and hangout with Sting. There are a couple of women there as well. They begin to workout to end the scene. Another segment that accomplishes basically nothing.

6.) Tony Schiavone interviews Arn Anderson. Anderson talks about Steve Austin and Brian Pillman thinking they are too old. Arn announces that Ric Flair will be putting tights back on for the Clash of the Champions as they will wrestle the Hollywood Blonds on June 17th.

7.) Tony Schiavone conducted an interview with Sting and Davey Boy Smith to close the show. Sting puts over Davey Boy Smith and is quite happy with how they performed. Smith puts over Sting as being a great tag partner. Harley Race comes over and warns Smith that Vader has just gotten started with him. Col. Robert Parker comes over to escort Race away. Parker appears to want a working relationship with Race as they walk away. Smith believes they will ge the job done. Sting says Smith speaks the truth.

Final Thoughts:
Well, it’s good that Ricky Steamboat is returning to singles action and there will be a match between the Horsemen and the Hollywood Blonds. Aside from that, this week did nothing for me.

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