SMW TV 1/9/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Morristown, TN

1.) Chris Comet defeated Jeff Daniels
2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy & Paul Orndorff defeated Ron Garvin & Tim Horner

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bob Armstrong announces that next week we will crown the first ever Beat the TV Champion. Four men will compete for the championship. They Jimmy Golden, Killer Kyle, Tracy Smothers and SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy.

2.) Brian Lee and The Mongolian Stomper are interviewed by Bob Caudle. Lee says his ribs aren’t 100% but Kevin Sullivan didn’t get the job done because he is still here. Lee says that Nightstalker has what it takes to be a great wrestler but doesn’t have a mind of his own. Lee tells Sullivan that he is good but he isn’t ready for Primetime.

3.) Bob Caudle interviews Kevin Sullivan and the Nightstalker. Nightstalker says that Brian Lee made a mistake by coming out of the hospital earlier than scheduled. Nightstalker says there isn’t anyone who can defeat them. He says the family is not only in SMW, but all over the world. Sullivan says that Bob Armstrong has made him a sick person because he doesn’t like using a spike on people. Sullivan hated his father and says that Armstrong is like his father figure. Nightstalker tells Kevin what happened to his father wasn’t his fault. Sullivan says that Lee is going to have nightmares when he lays down at night.

4.) Bob Armstrong is interviewed about a problem they have involving the SMW Heavyweight Championship. Armstrong says that Tim Horner needs to return the championship. Horner comes over with his kid friend JT from last week with the SMW Heavyweight Championship. He is here to return the championship and says next time they meet Horner will be the new champion.

5.) Down & Dirty this week is with Ron Wright. They are using a different camera fro the segment with neither man looking at it. Wright is happy to be the manager of Dirty White Boy. Wright says he has been watching Reno Riggins and is impressed by him. Reno comes over to meet with Wright. Ron says that Riggins has raw ability and is pitching to be his manager. Riggins says that Wright is a legend and the fans don’t want him to do it. Reno asks if he can think about it for a little while. Wright tells Reno he better do his thinking short and fast. Reno will get some time to think about it, apparently.

6.) Bob Caudle talks with Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden. Golden has a question for Dutch and wants a tag title match. Dutch tells them he doesn’t have the title shot setup yet. Fuller suggests that Dutch get a lesson from Jim Cornette when it gets contracts for title matches. Fuller says the first time they wrestle the Heavenly Bodies we will know who the greatest tag team is. They go over their family history and says they are born champions and deserve a tag title shot.

7.) Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies are interviewed regarding what has been going on. Cornette doesn’t think much of the Stud Stable. Cornette insults their family saying they will have a reunion once the probation officers meet. They want their belts back. Stan Lane chimes in and says they have nothing against semi-pro athletes. Lane suggests that The Stud Stable let the hard work to them. Pritchard says they have dominated the tag team scene since the very beginning in SMW. Tom says they will know who they really are at the end of the day. Cornette warns Dutch to stick to being a commentator.

8.) Horner and White Boy kick off the main event. Horner hip tosses White Boy and dropkicks the champ to the floor. Orndorff enters but is taken care of as well. Horner drops White Boy following a right hand. Orndorff gets tagged in and so does Garvin. Orndorff works over Garvin but gets stopped by a clothesline and Garvin works over Paul. Garvin gets a near fall with an inside cradle. Orndorff works over Garvin in the corner with right hands and White Boy tags in to continue control of the contest as we go to commercial.

Orndorff continues to work over Garvin in the corner before tagging in White Boy. White Boy drives his knee into Ron and Orndorff gets a few cheap shots in while the referee is distracted by Horner. Orndorff prevents Garvin from tagging in Horner as White Boy had a sleeper hold on Garvin. Paul drops Garvin with a clothesline and puts a front face lock on Garvin but White Boy enters to distract the referee as Garvin tried to get the tag. Garvin continues to be double teamed. Garvin low blows White Boy to break free but still can’t make the tag as Orndorff enters to clothesline Ron in the corner. Orndorff attempts a piledriver on Garvin but Ron counters with a backdrop. White Boy tags in to work over Garvin and prevent the tag. They collide following a shoulder block and they crash to the canvas. Orndorff misses an elbow drop and Horner is tagged in. Tim hammers away on the heels to clean house. All four men are brawling with Garvin going after White Boy on the floor. Garvin grabs Ron Wright and White Boy distracts Horner to allow Orndorff to hit Horner with a chain and gets the cheap victory. (*1/2. Nothing great of a match as the offense on Garvin wasn’t all that entertaining. It’s good to see the heels get a big victory, though.)

Final Thoughts:
The recruitment of Reno Riggins seems rather random to me. The episode wasn’t all that great this week.

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