SMW TV 1/16/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Morristown, TN

1.) Tracy Smothers defeated SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy, Killer Kyle and Jimmy Golden in an elimination match to become the first ever SMW Beat the TV Champion
2.) The Mongolian Stomper defeated Kevin Sullivan by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:

1.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright are interviewed about the Beat The Champ TV title match. White Boy doesn’t care about the new title but rather the $1,000 the winner gets each week for five weeks. Reno Riggins comes over and Wright reminds us that he offered Reno a shot to be associated with them. Reno again asks for more time to think about the offer.

2.) Down & Dirty has Paul Orndorff as the special guest. Orndorff insults the rednecks saying that Dutch is smarter than them. Paul doesn’t understand all the hype around Tim Horner since he came from the ghetto. Paul says nobody has heard of someone from East Tennessee. Orndorff talks about just being on WCW television and he beat Ron Simmons. Orndorff claims to be everything and thinks everyone wishes to be like him. Orndorff grabs a young fan and he says his favorite wrestler is Tim Horner because he should be the champion. Orndorff suggests he have a talk with the kid because his drunk father sure can’t. Orndorff tells the kid that Horner is no champion. Orndorff rips of the young fans lightning bolt and the kid is legit pissed off about it. Tim Horner comes out of nowhere and attacks Orndorff! Orndorff rakes his eyes and tries to get away. They are in the ring with Horner not being impacted by the head rams in the corner. Orndorff bails from the ring and escapes through the crowd as the fans are behind Horner.

3.) Smothers eliminates Killer Kyle with an inside cradle six-seconds into the match. Smothers and Golden kick off the match and Smothers nearly pins Golden with a school boy. It’s a rather slow start with Smothers hip tossing Golden and Jimmy complains of grabbing the tights. Golden works over Tracy in the corner with a few strikes but Smothers hits a springboard cross body off the middle rope for a near fall. Smothers drops a leg across Jimmy’s arm to maintain control of the bout. White Boy holds Smothers on the apron but gets decked by Golden on accident as Smothers moved out of the way. Golden gets the advantage with a test of strength and kicks Smothers down to his knees. Smothers dropkicks Golden and works over his arm.

Smothers rams White Boy and Golden into each other head first. Golden cheap shots Smothers with a left hand and continues to work over Smothers. Smothers fights back with right hands in the corner and rolls Golden up in the corner to eliminate Golden! White Boy enters the match and plants Smothers with a DDT! White Boy takes Smothers over with a snap suplex. Ron Wright distracts the referee as White Boy clotheslines Smothers over the top to the floor. White Boy knocks Tracy off the apron with a strike to the chest. Tracy attempts a sunset flip from the apron but gets punched by the champion. White Boy misses a running shoulder ram and goes through the middle rope to the floor. White Boy heads to the top and hits a cross body but Smothers rolls through and pins White Boy! (**1/2. An enjoyable encounter as the final elimination was fun. Smothers and White Boy seem to have some decent chemistry already. The victory is really good for Tracy and it makes him a top star already with a pin over the champion. It also helps that Smothers is one of the best workers in SMW.)

4.) Tracy Smothers puts over the three guys he just defeated and is glad to be the first ever SMW Beat The Champ holder. Smothers is excited about getting a $5,000 bonus if he defends it five weeks in a row. Bob Caudle hinted at Smothers going for the SMW Heavyweight Championship already.

5.) We see behind the scene footage of Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies talking before an interview where they are not going to do an interview with the Stud Stable. Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden come over and they have a confrontation. Golden thinks they are afraid to get in the ring with them. They shove each other but there isn’t physical altercation.

6.) Bob Caudle talks with Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies. Cornette says he doesn’t appreciate someone messing with their business. He says they were never friends with the Stud Stable and just said they were friends to make them feel good. Cornette is sick of the Stud Stable getting involved in their matches. They just want the SMW Tag Team Championships. Bob Armstrong says there will be a SMW Tag Team Championship match in two weeks. Armstrong will make a decision in two weeks. Armstrong tells Tom Pritchard that he will be keeping an eye on Tom’s boot and if he finds any wrongdoing then he will be in big trouble. Tom says they are the number one contenders and true champions of SMW. Stan Lane calls the Stud Stable hound dogs and suggests they get out of their way as they are getting their belts back.

7.) Stomper and Sullivan are on the floor brawling as soon as the match starts as they go into the crowd briefly. Actually, they just go to the other side of the crowd to continue their brawling. They get into the ring where Sullivan continues to strike Stomper several times. They quickly go back to the floor to continue brawling. You can see a trend here. Back in the ring, Stomper begins to stomp Sullivan in the corner. Stomper takes his boot off and knocks Sullivan to the floor where Nightstalker is now and gets hit with the boot as well. Sullivan tosses a fireball at Stomper and that causes a disqualification. Brian Lee runs into the ring and attacks Sullivan and Nightstalker. Nightstalker drives Lee down with a running power slam and rips off Lee’s shirt. Sullivan double stomps the taped up midsection of Lee as several officials rundown to make the save. Dixie Dynamite and Tracy Smothers enter to eventually run the heels off. (1/2*. This was literally just a brawl with zero actual wrestling taking place.)

8.) Bob Caudle is with Nightstalker and Kevin Sullivan for an interview. Sullivan tells Bob Armstrong that Mongolian Stomper and Brian Lee haven’t gotten the job done. Sullivan believes that Lee and Stomper just want to take them out and not win. Sullivan talks about not being shackled up and swears that Brian Lee and the Stomper will be destroyed once and for all. Brian Lee runs over with an iron bar but is double teamed by the heels. Nightstalker scoop slams Lee onto the floor. The Mongolian Stomper comes over with his boot off and runs the heels off to end the program.

Final Thoughts:
A better episode than the last few weeks as Smothers being presented as a top tier talent is something I can totally buy into. The Stomper isn’t a good addition to the Lee/Sullivan feud because he is so limited as to what he can do. They need to stay focused on Kevin/Lee moving forward. I have a hard time seeing the Stud Stable as a baby face team, but they aren’t even being presented as such anyway.

Thanks for reading.

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