WCW Saturday Night 5/8/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) WCW United States Champion Dustin Rhodes defeated Tex Slazenger
2.) Keith & Kent Cole defeated Mustafa Saed & Tony Vincent
3.) Van Hammer defeated Rage
4.) Davey Boy Smith defeated Fury
5.) The Blackharts defeated Joey Maggs & Scott Allen
6.) Jim Neidhart defeated Shanghai Pierce
7.) WCW World Tag Team Champions Hollywood Blonds defeated Joe Cruz & Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker
8.) Maxx Payne defeated Brad Armstrong by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) A WCW announcer is at the airport where six fans are chanting for Davey Boy Smith. Smith doesn’t really comment on his match with Vader at Slamboree coming up soon. The fans were all women to make Smith look like a desirable guy, I guess.

2.) Tony Schiavone interviews the Masked Assassin. He is proud to be part of WCW. Ron Simmons comes over to be interviewed as well. Simmons talks about coming really close to winning the WCW Television Champion. Ron calls Orndorff a coward and suggests that his name was Paula before. Orndorff is at ringside flipping out over the fans calling him Paula. Orndorff rips up a Paula shirt in the ring while Simmons is taunting Orndorff on the outside.

3.) Tony Schiavone conducts an interview with Col. Robert Parker. Parker comes over to give Schiavone a cigar and puts over Schiavone and his announcing. Parker is very interested in watching Van Hammer compete in singles action.

4.) Col. Robert Parker chats with Van Hammer at ringside and begins to insult Hammer saying he is not a master. Hammer grabs Parker by his jacket but lets go. Parker thinks that Hammer has ran out of ideas to put his hands on him. Parker leaves warning that Hammer made a mistake. Hammer tells Parker he is going to put his hands on Parker as many times as it takes.

5.) Tony Schiavone conducts an interview with Davey Boy Smith in the ring after his victory. Smith talks about Sting and Simmons getting injured thanks to Vader and his power bomb. Davey mentions that Cactus Jack may never wrestle again thanks to Vader’s attack two weeks ago. Smith says the list stops right now with him because he is sick and tired of seeing Vader attack his friends. Smith wants the cameraman to zoom into his eyes, which doesn’t happen. He feels no pain and fears no man. Smith is confident that he is the next WCW World Heavyweight Champion. It is time for Vader to feel the pain he has issued to others.

6.) Tony Schiavone is with Brooklyn Murphy who is a interpreter for two masked wrestlers. Apparently, they came to the US with $19 and they want a shot at the Hollywood Blonds. Schiavone says they will try to make that happen. Ricky Steamboat comes over and shake hands with Dos Hombres. Ricky says that the Blonds can’t be trusted inside the squared circle. Schiavone wants the match to happen even though we’ve never seen the guys wrestle. Seems logical right?

7.) Flair For The Gold this week NWA World Champion Barry Windham as the special guest. Arn Anderson is sitting at the bar on the set for this edition. Flair introduces Fifi for the fans to whistle at. Anderson comes over and cuts a promo about his match with Windham at Slamboree. Arn mentions he has never had a shot at the NWA World Championship and Windham no longer acknowledges he was once a Horsemen. Arn plans to take full advantage of his shot at Slamboree. Fifi answers a phone call and hands it over to Flair. It’s apparently Windham and tells Flair he isn’t coming on the show. Flair isn’t happy about Windham hanging up on him and Arn tells Ric that he told him this would happen. Anderson reminds Flair of the ladies and he is cheered up rather quickly.

8.) WCW World Tag Team Champions The Hollywood Blonds cut a promo about a brush with greatness tournament. They have scouted all the major companies to bring in tag teams to compete against them. They introduce two enhancement talents who are not world class talents. After their match, the Blonds decide to give Dos Hombres a title shot sometime in the future.

9.) Payne attacks Badd from behind and knocks Johnny off the middle rope over the top to the floor. Maxx locks in his arm bar submission on the floor until Brad Armstrong comes out to pull Payne off of his friend. Johnny is helped to the backstage area as Armstrong enters the ring and looks to want a piece of Payne after being stomped a couple of times.

10.) Armstrong gets a near fall with a cross body and sends Payne to the floor following two dropkicks. Brad puts a sleeper hold on Payne but gets rammed back first into the corner and Payne hits a snap suplex. Payne scoop slams Armstrong and sends Brad back first into the corner. Armstrong nearly wins with a sunset flip but is met with a clothesline. Payne misses a couple of elbow drop attempts. Brad hammers away on Payne before hitting a dropkick to send Maxx into the corner. Maxx gets Brad onto the mat with his Payne Killer submission but Johnny B. Badd runs down and hammers away on Payne to cause a disqualification. Payne grabs the Badd Blaster to smack Johnny in the face and walks out of the ring. (*. That was rather basic and involved two guys that aren’t doing much entertainment wise in WCW. A rather weak featured bout this week.)

11.) Harley Race comes over to close the show and is interviewed by Schiavone. Race tells us that Vader is putting on workouts against young wrestlers trying to be wrestlers. Davey Boy Smith comes over and confronts Race. Harley says on May 22nd Vader will have his last public workout before Slamboree. Smith suggests that Race not get overly confident before the match happens. Smith is going to be there on May 22nd because he is sick of Vader and Race. Smith tells Race he isn’t going to be another Cactus Jack because he doesn’t make mistakes. He is going to be the WCW World Heavyweight Champion!

Final Thoughts:
A boring show this week with not much taking place. The feature match was nothing special and didn’t seem to be worthwhile on the top program for WCW. Harley Race seemed a little lost in his promo with Smith, which hurt the delivery and didn’t help build interest for the match. A skippable show this week.

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