WWF RAW 12/2/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: New Haven, CT

1.) Flash Funk defeated The Goon
2.) Diesel defeated Phineas Godwinn
3.) Justin Bradshaw defeated Jesse James
4.) Marc Mero & Jake Roberts defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley & Billy Gunn

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Shawn Michaels joined us from the WWF Studio and he is here to issue an apology. Michaels apologizes for not being defensive enough last week. Michaels had no problem with Sid using the camera on him but he did have a problem with Sid using the camera on Jose Lothario. Shawn says that the MSG fans know that when he is on the show that he will be the best match on the card. Shawn is confident that he will come through and regain the WWF World Championship at the Royal Rumble no matter who the champion is. Michaels is not ashamed of who he is today and will rub it in anyone’s face.

2.) Justin Bradshaw brands Jesse James after their match.

3.) Roberts and Gunn kick off the tag team main event. Jake hip tosses Gunn and follows up with a knee lift before going for the DDT but Billy bails to the floor. Hunter enters the match to try his luck with Roberts. Mero gets tagged in but Hunter bails to the corner and tags in Gunn. Mero drop toe holds Gunn and maintains control of the match. Mero drops Gunn with a high knee lift and gets a two count. Jake tags back in and Gunn briefly gets control before Hunter tags in but Jake quickly tags in Mero. Mero pummels Hunter with a series of strikes in the corner before Hunter rolls to the floor. Gunn tags back in as Hunter is not interested in facing Mero. Roberts keeps control of Billy on the canvas. Mero enters and jabs Gunn before hitting a backdrop. Roberts drops Gunn with a short arm clothesline and goes for the DDT but Billy counters with a backdrop. Hunter gets the tag and works over Roberts with a few stomps. Hunter sends Roberts hard into the corner and tags in Gunn. Roberts runs into a high knee in the corner. Helmsley controls Jake with a front face lock. Jake is getting double teamed while Mero can only stand on the apron. Roberts and Gunn are on the canvas with Mero trying to get behind Roberts. Mero and Hunter get the hot tags with Mero hammering away on Gunn and Hunter. Mero gets attacked by Gunn from behind. Hunter nearly hits Gunn but is dropkicked into Billy and sends Billy to the floor as result. Billy gets on the apron and yells at Hunter. Hunter gets distracted and Billy walks out on Hunter. Mero hits a Samoan Drop and heads to the top where Marc hits the shooting star press for the win. (DUD. This was a bad, bad main event as the crowd literally didn’t care about anyone in the match. I don’t blame them either, really. I guess the best thing about the match was the finish as it was at least a high spot to get one pop from the crowd.) After the match, Jake puts his snake onto Hunter to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
A boring episode of RAW this week as the main event lacked any interest from fans and it came across like they were going through the motions. Jake Roberts is really out of shape and doesn’t look like he belongs in the WWF ring anymore.

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