2CW Unfinished Business Night One 11/9/2007

Written by: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Unfinished Business Night One
From: Binghamton, NY

Opening Contest: Loca Vida vs. JD Love: Early on, Vida has control of Love with basic offense causing Love to bail to the floor to recover. Loca slingshots Love from the apron back into the ring. Love gets control of the match working over Vida with chops and strikes followed by a dropkick. Vida battles back with strikes in the corner but Love gets a near gal after a monkey flip out of the corner. Vida hits a springboard back elbow and a forearm smash for a near fall. Vida takes Love down with a side Russian leg sweep and hits a sit down splash for a two count. Loca hammers away on Love in the corner for a two count. Vida hits a flip sunset flip and nearly wins the match. Loca hits a springboard forearm strike but Love gets his shoulder up at two. Vida dropkicks Love across the middle rope and hits the 315 but can’t get a three count. Love counters a head scissors attempt and spikes Vida with a tombstone but Vida gets his boot on the bottom rope. Love hits a seated full nelson slam and that is good enough for the win. (**1/4. That wasn’t a bad opener between these two. I previously hadn’t been interested in their matches, for the most part, but this was a fine match to kick off the show.)

Second Contest: Brodie Lee vs. Dan Dynasty: For those unfamiliar, Lee is better known as Luke Harper in the WWE, but he looks rather different here. Lee has tassels on his boots and doesn’t have a big beard that he has now. They have a comedy start with Dynasty shaking Lee’s hand despite Lee not wanting to do that. Dynasty takes Lee and the Olsen Twins out with a suicide dive to the floor. Lee got control of the bout with a back suplex thanks to the Olsen Twins causing a distraction. Lee hits a slingshot senton splash from the apron for a near fall. Lee avoids a cross body attempt and Dynasty crashes to the canvas. Dynasty hits a top rope cross body but Lee kicks out at two. Dynasty plants Lee with a wheelbarrow bulldog but Lee kicks out at two. Lee plants Dynasty with a sit out spine buster for a near fall. Brodie misses a big boot in the corner and Dynasty hits a top rope double stomp to the back of Lee’s head but can’t get a three count due to taking too long to take advantage. Lee recovers and nails Dynasty with a leaping big boot. Dynasty counters a power bomb and pins Lee with a rollup. After the match, Dynasty is attacked by Jimmy and Colin Olsen. Dynasty is sent over the top to the floor by Boride as the Wyld Stallions enter the ring to start their match with Colin and Jimmy. (**. There was some decent action here and I actually enjoyed Dynasty wrestling here. Lee is an excellent big man who can take bumps very well considering his size.)

Third Contest: The Olsen Twins vs. The Wyld Stallions: The Wyld Stallions are almost on the level of the Bushwhackers in the WWF for me. I can’t stand this team. I’ve seen them live and they are/were dreadful. The Stallions attempted their finishing wheelbarrow/face buster from the middle rope but Jimmy nailed one of them with a super kick and Colin got the victory. Lets move on from this…

Fourth Contest: John Walters vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Antonio Thomas vs. Isys Ephex: Thomas and Walters kick off the contest with a mat based beginning. Ephex gets tagged in and he wants Danielson and Danielson gets tagged in. Ephex controls Danielson with an arm wrench but avoids a dropkick attempt by Danielson. Danielson takes Ephex over with a backdrop and keeps control of Ephex’s arm. Walters tags in and comes off the middle rope to work over Ephex’s arm. Thomas and Ephex are working over Danielson in the corner. Danielson dropkicks Thomas and takes Thomas over with a suplex. Walters works over Thomas with chops but is stopped by an elbow strike. Thomas nails Walters with a seated dropkick for a near fall. Thomas hits a fisherman suplex but only gets a near fall. Ephex enters and continues to work over Walters hitting a clothesline. Walters and Ephex begin to trade strikes with Walters getting the better of the exchange. Danielson tags in and works over Ephex locking in a surfboard with a dragon sleeper but can’t get a submission.

Thomas and Ephex back Danielson into a corner and work over Danielson to weaken him. Thomas hits a gut wrench suplex but only gets a near fall. Thomas has a body scissors on Danielson looking to get a submission but isn’t able to get a submission. Ephex enters and nails Bryan with several strikes but runs into a big boot in the corner but drops a charging Danielson with a spine buster. Thomas tags back in and keeps control working over Danielson with basic strikes. Thomas comes off the ropes and delivers a knee drop for a two count on Danielson. Antonio heads to the top rope but Danielson slams Thomas off the top rope. Walters gets the tag and cleans house on Thomas hitting a backdrop. Ephex enters but Walters hits a sit out spine buster before going back to Thomas. Thomas avoids Walters in the corner to hit a top rope cross body but Walters rolls through and pins Thomas for the first elimination!

Walters hits a German suplex on Ephex. and goes for the Sharpshooter but can’t turn Ephex over. Danielson and Walters work over Isys until Ephex fights them both off. Ephex hits a double under hook suplex and nearly pins Danielson. Ephex hits a side suplex for a near fall on Danielson to get out of a sleeper hold. Walters drives Danielson down with a quick back breaker for a two count. Ephex gets tagged in and goes after Walters with strikes. Ephex sends Walters to the apron and soon hits a face buster for a three count to eliminate Walters.

Danielson attempts a German suplex but Ephex elbows his way out of that. Danielson hits a German suplex after a forearm shot for a near fall. Danielson locks in Cattle Mutilation and that gets the submission to win the match. (***. The eliminations were really quick after the first one, but the action was pretty good. The match didn’t go overly long, which I was thinking may happen, but it went a suitable time and it was an entertaining bout.)

Fifth Contest: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Dizzie vs. Eddie Edwards: Dizzie bails to the floor to avoid Edwards and stalls on the floor. Dizzie works over Edwards in the corner until Eddie comes fighting back with forearm strikes and chops. Dizzie avoids a chop by once again going to the floor. Dizzie tries to run backstage but Edwards grabs Dizzie before he can escape and begins to chop the champion on the floor several times. They return to the ring where Edwards gets a near fall following a chop. Edwards hits a standing dropkick on Dizzie but isn’t able to keep him down long enough on the cover. Eddie drops Dizzie with a yakuza kick but only gets a two count on the cover attempt. Edwards attempts a tornado DDT but Dizzie counters with a fisherman buster for a near fall. Dizzie keeps control with several basic strikes and a scoop slam.

Dizzie hits two more scoop slams and gets a near fall on a pin attempt. They begin to trade strikes with Edwards delivering knee strikes until Dizzie drops Eddie across his knee neck first for a near fall. Dizzie charges but runs into a super kick from Edwards. Eddie gets a flurry of offense dropping Dizzie with clotheslines and a series of snap suplexs for a two count. Dizzie misses a splash in the corner and Edwards hits a top rope missile dropkick to send the champ to the floor. Edwards hits a suicide dive to the floor. Edwards goes to the top and hits a cross body off the top but Dizzie rolls through and nearly pins Eddie. Dizzie drops Edwards chest first across his knees but Edwards kicks out at two. Dizzie goes to the top rope but gets crotched by Eddie. Edwards attempts a superplex but is shoved off. Eddie kicks Dizzie and hits a backpack stunner but only gets a near fall. Isys Ephex comes out with a chair and is knocked for the apron. Dizzie kicks out of a rollup and Ephex whacks Edwards with the chair to allow Dizzie to retain the title with a rollup. (***. It’s actually a fine match, though the finish could be seen from a mile away. Dizzie usually works well with competition that can carry him to a good outing, and that’s what Edwards accomplished here.)

Sixth Contest: Zaquary Springate III vs. Ajax820: The match is mainly Springate dominating Ajax until Ajax gets a flurry of offense on Springate. The fans make it clear that they found the match to be very boring, and to be honest, I don’t blame them. Ajax has never entertained me and Springate isn’t all that much better when it comes to providing entertainment. The match comes to an end when Springate chokes Ajax out with a rope or something of that nature, maybe even wrist tape. Anyway, Ajax wins by disqualification and I saved myself eleven minutes.

Seventh Contest: All Money Is Legal & Steve McKenzie vs. Jason Axe, Gordy Wallace & Spike Dudley: At one point the match turns into a brawl with the baby faces having control of Dudley sending him into a steel chair in the corner. The fans are chanting that they want a table brought into the mix. Instead of a table, fans begin to throw their chairs into the ring and the ring is full of chairs, which has happened a few times in 2CW history. AMIL hit a middle rope power bomb driving Spike onto over two dozen chairs in the middle of the ring. That’s all there was for that.

Eighth Contest: Nikki Roxx vs. Portia Perez: Roxx plants Perez with a power bomb and got the victory with a rollup. That’s all you really need to know about that one.

Main Event: Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Samoa Joe: The Binghamton fans throw sloppy joes at Samoa Joe during his entrance and chant the food at him. Joe appreciates the good joke and laughs off the situation.

Early on, Joe keeps control of Brown on the canvas for a short period of time. Brown kicks Joe away and attempts a hip toss but Joe comes back with one of his own only for Slyck to hit a dropkick to knock Joe off his feet. Joe fights out of the corner with chops. Brown quickly comes back with a leaping forearm shot in the corner. Slyck kicks Joe in the corner and hits a hip toss/neck breaker combo for a two count. Joe drops Brown gut first to the canvas and continues to have the advantage with strikes. Joe kicks Brown in the corner and plays to the crowd as he delivers boot scrapes in the corner followed by a running boot scrape. Joe nails Brown with a forearm shot and gets a near fall.

Joe chops and kicks Brown followed by a knee drop. The fans are chanting “same old shit” at Joe who is encouraging the chant. They begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring with Joe getting the better of the exchange. Brown nails Joe with a dropkick to get control of the bout. Brown pummels Joe with forearm shots but is met with a kick from Joe. Brown plants Joe with a leaping leg lariat for a two count. Joe works over Brown with knee lifts but Slyck counters and locks in the Boston Crab! Joe is in pain but doesn’t give up and reaches the ropes to break the hold. Brown works over Joe in the corner with chops but is met with an atomic drop, yakuza kick and senton splash by Joe for a two count.

Brown fights back with strikes but Joe hits a snap power slam before locking in an arm bar but doesn’t get the submission as Brown reached the ropes. Joe sets Brown up in the corner and attempts the Muscle Buster but Brown counters and kicks Joe followed by the Appreciation Bomb but Joe kicks out at two! Slyck attempts another one, but Joe gets out and slams Brown out of the corner. Joe quickly places Brown on the top turnbuckle and hits the Muscle Buster to win the match. (***1/4. The best match on the show, but there is one thing that bugs me. This is a prime example of when the local talent should go over the top name talent coming in. The fans wanted Brown to win here and having him beat a guy like Joe, who was one of the top acts in wrestling at the time, would have only benefited Brown. That’s how you make your own guys into draws for a company. Of course, by the end of the match, the fans were chanting for Joe, too, but still, this is a match that Brown should have won. The action was very good and it showed that these two guys knew what they were doing and the fans appreciated it.) After the match, Samoa Joe puts over Slyck, which usually happens when the local talent loses.

Final Thoughts:
I thought the show was solid all around with the bad stuff being kept short, I thought. Dizzie/Edwards, the four way and Joe/Brown were all entertaining matches. A fine start to the double shot weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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