2CW Unfinished Business Night Two 11/10/2007

Written by: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Unfinished Business Night Two
From: Rochester, NY

Opening Contest: Ajax820 vs. Loca Vida: Loca has primarily been working with JD Love since the inception of 2CW while Ajax is involved in a feud with ZSIII as of late. They have similar styles, which is fast paced and high flying. Early on, Ajax takes Vida over with a hurricanrana but his offense isn’t all that long. Vida gets out of a head scissors with a side slam but is nearly pinned by Ajax with a crucifix pin attempt. Vida battles back with a monkey flip out of the corner but only gets a near fall. Ajax counters a tilt a whirl slam with a reverse DDT, which was a good spot, for a two count. Vida takes Ajax over with a springboard arm drag and a snap suplex for a near fall. Vida sets Ajax up for the 315 and hits it. Vida heads to the top rope but gets met with a dropkick from Ajax in midair! Ajax attempts a tornado DDT but the referee gets knocked down. Ajax hits the move on a second try, but with the referee knocked out, Springate comes out and attacks Ajax allowing Vida to cover and wins the match. (*1/2. There were some good spots in the match, but Ajax is too sloppy of a performer for this to really amount of anything more than just mediocre action.) After the match, Springate continues to attack Ajax. Springate gets a few shots on Vida, too. Kevin Grace comes out and makes the save attacking Springate and Vida hit a double axe handle.

Second Contest: Jason Axe & Gordy Wallace vs. All Money Is Legal in a tables match: All four men are brawling on the floor to start the tables match. Murda hits a snap suplex on Axe on the floor but Gordy quickly comes over to help his partner. Gordy gets tossed over the railing and is met with a chair shot from Pusha a couple of times. Murda has gotten a table from under the ring, which the fans are more than happy about. Murda sends Axe into the railing while Wallace uses a chair on Pusha to prevent the table from being setup. Axe is placed on a table in the ring and Murda heads to the top rope but Axe gets up and stops Murda. Axe attempts a suplex but Murda gains footing and they botch a top rope face buster spot. Pusha sends Wallace over the top and he crashes through a table. Murda is on the top waiting for Axe to be put on a table and he hits a 450 splash to put Axe through the table for the victory. (*1/2. Well, that was a really quick match and made the heel stable look rather foolish, too.)

Third Contest: Portia Perez vs. Alere: Perez gets the win with a rollup from out of the corner. Perez continues to be the only regular female wrestler for 2CW.

Fourth Contest: Kevin Grace vs. Zaquary Springate III: Grace starts off with a head scissors takedown and a slingshot cross body to the floor to take out Springate. Grace misses a top rope leg drop, which stops his momentum. They go to the floor where Springate sends Grace into the hockey glass. Grace gets some revenge by sending Springate into the glass, as well. Grace hits a slingshot leg drop from the apron into the ring for a two count. Springate gets control of the bout following a backdrop, but his offense is rather basic. Grace plants Springate with a DDT. Springate counters a hurricanrana attempt from the middle rope with a power bomb. As expected, Loca Vida comes out to distract Springate and Ajax shoves Springate off the top dropping Springate throat first across the top rope and Grace gets a pin fall on Springate. (*1/4. This was a rather uninspiring match and just used to advance the feud between Ajax and Springate.) After the match, Ajax challenges Springate to a tables, ladders and chairs match in Syracuse in December.

Fifth Contest: Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Edwards: Early on it is a slow start with Edwards taking Danielson down to the mat, but doesn’t take advantage of the control. Danielson gets up and controls a test of strength but Eddie comes back to get the advantage for a near fall on a bridge. Edwards tries to use his legs to drop Danielson to the canvas, but isn’t successful. Danielson controls the arm of Edwards very briefly before they trade some reversals on the canvas. Bryan returns to controlling the arm of Eddie. Danielson is controlled on the mat by Edwards with a head scissors. Edwards gets a two count with a backslide and the fans are appreciating this match thus far. Eddie keeps Danielson on the canvas with a headlock but Danielson gets out of the hold with a head scissors. Edwards gets out of a head scissors and they have a standoff.

They botch a leapfrog spot but they continue and Edwards sends Danielson to the floor with a dropkick followed by a suicide dive. On the floor, Eddie works over Danielson with headutts and Danielson backs off in the corner. Danielson goes heel and uppercuts Edwards into a corner and works over Edwards. Danielson keeps Edwards on the canvas and locks in a surfboard attempting to get a submission, but is unable to get one. Edwards is knocked off the apron with a baseball slide by Danielson. Danielson keeps control with an uppercut and rolls Edwards into the ring for a near fall. Bryan gets out of a sleeper hold quickly with a back suplex for a two count. Danielson traps both arms of Edwards and sits down with a dragon sleeper locked in but Edwards somehow reaches the bottom rope. Danielson eye rakes Edwards into a corner but runs into a big boot. Edwards hits a flying hurricanrana and a leaping leg lariat for a two count.

Danielson drops Edwards with a running kick and heads to the top rope but Edwards cuts him off with a forearm strike. Edwards attempts a superplex but Danielson holds on only for Edwards to hit a knee strike and hits a superplex on the second try! They begin to trade forearm shots with neither man going down. Eddie nearly pins Danielson with a rollup and they begin to trade rollups each time getting a near fall. Danielson avoids a discus punch and locks in Cattle Mutilation right in the middle of the ring, but Edwards gets out of the hold! Eddie elbow strikes Danielson several times in the corner and goes for the backpack stunner but settles for a kick to weakener Bryan and hits the stunner for a near fall. Danielson quickly counters the pin and rolls Edwards up for the win. (***1/2. I’ve seen fellow fans praise this as some kind of classic match, but it’s not that great. It’s an entertaining match and is the best match on the show by far, but in the grand scheme of everything, it’s not an instant classic or overly memorable to me. Again, don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun, solid match, but it didn’t live up to the hype I heard about.)

Sixth Contest: JD Love & Isys Ephex vs. Killer Steves: This one goes about seven minutes and ends with Kruz pinning Love with a rollup. Nothing really to see there, folks.

Seventh Contest: Antonio Thomas vs. Bobby Fish: They start on the canvas with Thomas keeping control of Fish with various holds. Fish nails Thomas with a dropkick and a running power slam for a two count. Fish takes Thomas over with a snap suplex for another two count. Fish avoids a dive on the floor and nails Antonio with a kick on the floor. Thomas takes over Fish with a suplex to maintain control of the match. Thomas takes Fish over with a northern lights but only can keep Fish down for a two. The fans are chanting “this is filler”, which appears to be completely accurate. Thomas takes Fish down with a spinning heel kick. Thomas puts Fish on the top turnbuckle but is knocked off by Fish. Bobby hits a missile dropkick and begins to trade strikes with Thomas. Fish takes Thomas over with a hurricanrana and a neck breaker. Fish continues with a sit out vertical suplex but Thomas kicks out at two.

Fish drives Thomas down to the canvas with a back suplex and heads to the top rope but misses a diving head butt. Thomas hits a t-bone suplex for a near fall but Fish rolls Thomas up and nearly steals a victory. Fish sends Thomas to the floor following a leaping knee strike. Bobby works over Thomas in the corner but misses a shoulder strike in the corner and Thomas rolls Fish up with a handful of tights for the win. (*. Nobody cared about this match and they didn’t do anything that was entertaining. I just wanted this to end so I could get to the main event already.)

Main Event: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Dizzie & Isys Ephex vs. Samoa Joe & Slyck Wagner Brown: Dizzie and Isys attacked Brown before the main event until Samoa Joe ran down and made the save. Originally, this was supposed to be Dizzie defending against Joe and Brown, but it was changed to a tag match. Joe and Dizzie kick off the match with Joe working over the arm of Dizzie. Dizzie backs Joe into a corner and gets a few shots in. Dizzie comes off the top but misses a cross body attempt. Joe drops a knee on Dizzie and tags in Slyck causing Dizzie to tag out to Ephex. Slyck takes Ephex over with a couple of arm drags and a spinning kick. Joe tags back in and jabs Ephex a few times followed by a splash and Brown hits a dropkick to give Joe a near fall on a cover attempt. Joe nails Ephex with a spinning kick to the head in the corner and Brown tags back in. Brown sets Ephex up and hits a delayed vertical suplex.

Ephex dropkicks Brown to the floor and tags in Dizzie to work over his rival. Dizzie scoop slams Brown a couple of times for a two count. Ephex comes back in with a snap suplex on Brown but Joe enters to rake his eyes to help Slyck. Dizzie misses a splash in the corner and Brown hits an overhead suplex. Joe gets tagged in and cleans house with strikes on the heels. Joe nails Dizzie with a leg lariat and a spine buster on Ephex for a two count. Joe atomic drops Ephex but misses a kick as Dizzie shoved Isys out of the way. Joe boots Dizzie and hits a middle rope leg lariat before tagging in Brown. Brown works over Dizzie in the corner with chops. Brown hits a leg lariat on Dizzie for a two count. Joe sends Ephex to the floor and takes him out with a suicide dive. Brown hits the Appreciation Bomb on Dizzie to get the three count as Joe and Ephex wrestled backstage. (*3/4. I would have rather seen the triple threat match, but perhaps they didn’t want Brown to take a pin and Joe wasn’t about to lose, either. It’s a basic main event to close the show.)

Final Thoughts:
The only worthwhile match on the show was the Danielson/Edwards match. Everything else was just not good.

Thanks for reading.

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