ECW Hardcore TV 6/20/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Vampire Warrior defeated Hack Myers
2.) Beulah defeated Luna
3.) Taz & 2 Cold Scorpio defeated The Pitbulls & ECW Tag Team Champion Raven in a handicap match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Vampire Warrior would go on to be known better as Gangrel in the WWF. Warrior’s finisher appears to be a DDT, a common theme in ECW it appears.

2.) Tommy Dreamer was interviewed at ringside with Luna by his side when Stevie Richards and Vampire Warrior came down to cut Dreamer off. Richards says he got the man in the Vampire Warrior. Richards puts over Warrior as being great and Joey Styles puts over Vampire Warrior. Dreamer tells Warrior that he is hanging out with the wrong crowd. Warrior wants Dreamer to take his hands off his woman and decks Dreamer! That leads to a brawl between Warrior and Dreamer.

3.) Raven is backstage with Stevie Richards and Beulah. Raven wants the Pitbulls brought to him and Richards goes after celebrating. Raven says that he and the Pitbulls will destroy both Taz and 2 Cold Scorpio tonight. Raven also says he will end the career of Tommy Dreamer because there is nowhere for Dreamer to hide. Raven also says that Luna will be defeated by Beulah tonight.

4.) Joey Styles lets us know that the barbed wire match between the Sandman and Cactus Jack can’t be shown on television, but you can order it on home video!

5.) ECW World Tag Team Champions Public Enemy are in the ring with the fans doing their arm taunt while their theme plays. Axl Rotten is the challenger for the titles and can choose any partner to come after the titles. Well, he just so happens to choose a man that he split with earlier in the year, Ian Rotten. They were known as Bad Breed, in case you forgot. They had some seriously violent matches a few months ago with plenty of blood shed. Bill Alfonso runs into the ring and says that they signed a contract which stated they would never team in ECW ever again. Alfonso says that if Bad Breed teams that he will shut down ECW tonight. Axl asks the fans if they wanna see them fight, and they say they do, but Alfonso prevents that from happening. Well, Axl decides to turn on Ian and he brawls with Ian into the crowd since they can’t team together. Well, alright then. Public Enemy go back to playing to the crowd. Wait a minute, here come New Jack and Mustafa, better known as the Gangsta’s and they attack the Public Enemy! They had previously been competing in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. The show comes to an end with the champions getting destroyed.

6.) The review of the matches on the show can be seen at the Barbed Wire, Hoodies and Chokeslams review that is already provided on the blog.

Final Thoughts:
There seems to be quite a few relationship orientated with Raven/Dreamer/Beulah and now apparently Dreamer/Warrior/Luna. I like the real-life kind of angles, but having multiple of the same thing usually makes them both suffer.

Thanks for reading.

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