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SMW House Show 10/9/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

SMW House Show
: 10/9/1993
From: Barbourville, KY

The show had six matches on the card, but only the main event and semi main event were recorded for the event. The four matches not recorded were the following…
Dirty White Boy defeating Tim Horner
Chris Candido defeating Bobby Blaze
The Bullet defeating Killer Kyle
SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express fought Scott & Steve Armstrong to a no contest

SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee w/Tammy Fytch vs. Tracy Smothers w/Sherri Martel: Lee has seemed to change his attire at this point wearing jeans instead of his usual trunks for the match. Smothers runs the ropes but gets tripped by Fytch at ringside and it look like Martel chased after her for a brief time unable to catch her. Sherri does the same and trips Lee as he was running ropes. The fans are enjoying this match very much by the sounds of it. Lee knocks Smothers off his feet with a shoulder block but doesn’t followup with the advantage. Smothers hip tosses Lee and dropkicks the champ. Martel rakes the eyes of Lee and the champ goes to the floor to recover with Fytch by his side. Lee works over Smothers in the corner with several right hands but Smothers quickly fights back with a leaping forearm smash for a two count.

Smothers comes off the top to drop Lee with a double axe handle for a two count. Lee catches Smothers on a leapfrog attempt and plants Tracy with a power slam. Lee plants Smothers with a vertical suplex for a near fall. Tracy hammers away on Lee but misses a leaping shoulder strike in the corner hitting the top turnbuckle. Lee takes advantage of the opening and works over the injured shoulder for a near fall. Smothers gets a second wind while in a sleeper hold and battles back hammering away on Lee. Lee catches Smothers in the corner and hits a power slam for a near fall. Lee chokes Smothers over the middle rope but misses a splash and crotches himself over the ropes before dropping to the canvas.

Tracy decks Lee with a leaping uppercut and works over Lee in the corner. Smothers drops Lee with a kick to the back of Lee’s head. Tracy leaps off the top rope to hit a spinning uppercut but Lee kicks out at two. Smothers and Lee collide shoulders while Martel is chasing after Fytch on the floor. Fytch gives Lee his glove but misses several right hand strikes. Smothers attempts a back suplex but Lee punches Smothers with the loaded glove while Martel was choking Fytch on the apron. Lee has the cover and pins Smothers. After the match, Smothers backdrops Lee and Martel decks Lee to the floor to end the match. (**1/2. A decent match that seemed to be carried more by the involvement of Sherri. They didn’t light the house on fire, but the crowd was enjoying everything that they were doing. Sometimes it only has to be simple to be effective.)

The Heavenly Bodies vs. The Steiner Brothers: The Steiner Brothers do have their dog with them and it is kind of amusing to see the dog chasing after the Heavenly Bodies and just how excited the dog is to be in the arena.

Scott and Pritchard kick off the match with Pritchard hammering away on Scott in the corner. Scott press slams Pritchard and scoop slams Del Ray when he entered the ring. Tom gets control briefly until Scott hits a backdrop on both Pritchard and Del Ray. Scott sends Del Ray butt first into a seated Pritchard in the corner. Rick Steiner enters and helps Scott clean house with a clothesline. Pritchard is nearly bitten by the dog in the corner and bails to the floor holding his foot to apparently sell being bitten by the dog after all. Scott points to his corner and tags in Rick, who is greeted by the fans with barking. Pritchard and Rick run the ropes until Tom stops and Rick keeps running the ropes but still clotheslines Pritchard. Del Ray gets the tag and tries his luck with Rick. Del Ray gets on his knees to act like a dog but Rick lifts his leg like he is going to pee on Del Ray to add comedy to the match.

Rick works over Del Ray and tags in Scott who controls Del Ray with a sleeper hold. Del Ray scoop slams Scott and drops an elbow before tagging in Pritchard. Scott and Pritchard run the rope with Pritchard soon holding Cornette by his racket and Scott shakes Jim over the ropes. Cornette runs away from the dog in the ring. Tom plants Scott with a DDT after a cheap shot from Del Ray on the apron. Del Ray hammers away on Scott hitting a spinning back elbow strike. Del Ray sends Scott face first into Tom’s boot in the corner and Pritchard tags back in to work over Scott hitting a scoop slam. Pritchard assists Del Ray with a standing moonsault to get a near fall on Scott. Del Ray plants Scott with a float over DDT and sends Scott to the floor. Rick is distracting the referee while Scott gets attacked by Cornette and Pritchard who used a round table on him, it looked like.

Scott continues to be double teamed in the corner by the Bodies. Pritchard keeps control of Scott on the mat with a headlock. Scott gets out of the hold with a jaw breaker but can’t break free from the grip of Pritchard. Del Ray hits a double axe handle to the lower back of Scott and hits a top rope moonsault for a near fall. Del Ray attempts another float over DDT but Scott hits a fisherman suplex! Scott tags in Rick and Rick clotheslines the Bodies along with scoop slams. Scott recovers and hits a couple of dropkicks. Scott attempts a clothesline but accidentally hits the referee. Scott hits the Frankensteiner on Del Ray but Cornette enters to whack Scott over the head with his tennis racket. Cornette puts Del Ray on top of Scott and tries to wake the referee up. The referee makes the count but notices the tennis racket in the ring and doesn’t make the count. Rick enters and grabs the racket to attack both Bodies. Corentte throws powder into Rick’s eyes and they are beaten down. Scott gets his dog and runs the heels out from the ring. The Heavenly Bodies won the match by disqualification. (**1/2. Similar to the title match, it was rather basic, but I thought it was worked pretty well and the involvement of the dog got the crowd more into the match than they otherwise would have been. I enjoyed the action as the teams work very well together.)

Final Thoughts:
For the two matches recorded, it was a fine viewing experience. Neither match finished cleanly, but that needed to happen to keep the top heel acts strong moving forward.

Thanks for reading.

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