ECW House Show 8/13/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling House Show
: 8/13/1999
From: Cleveland, OH

Opening Contest: CW Anderson & Rod Price vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill: Anderson and Doring start the match with Doring slapping Anderson. Doring accidentally collides with his manager, better known as Lita, and CW has control before Doring hits a head scissors. Roadkill gets tagged in and splashes Anderson in the corner. Danny hits a jaw breaker but CW kicks out at two. Roadkill slams Anderson and hits a middle rope elbow drop for a two count. Roadkill side slams Anderson and tags in Doring to hit a springboard elbow drop but only manages a two count on the cover. Roadkill returns to plant Anderson with a swinging side slam for another near fall. Price knees Roadkill from the apron to allow CW to hit a spine buster and tags in Price. Rod sends Roadkill to the floor where he sends Roadkill into the guard railing. It appears they are on a concert stage as there is significant distance from the crowd to the ring on one side.

Price continues to work over Roadkill with stomps on the floor before they return to the ring. Price drives Roadkill down with an arm breaker but can’t get a three on the cover attempt. Roadkill is double teamed as Price and Anderson hit a double shoulder block for a two count. Roadkill plants Price with a power slam and both men make the tag. Doring cleans house with strikes and dropkicks. Doring hits a front face buster on both opponents. Roadkill splashes both men in the corner. Hart Attack on Anderson but Price breaks up the cover. Price clotheslines Doring and Roadkill followed by a power slam on Doring for a near fall. Anderson attempts a power bomb but Doring counters with a double arm DDT. Roadkill heads to the top and hits a top rope big splash for the win. (**. It felt an extended squash match for Doring and Roadkill, but I’d say that Anderson and Price worked well to make them look stronger. It’s an interesting venue as ECW is usually close to the fans and this is one of the few instances that the fans aren’t right on top of them.)

Second Contest: Simon Diamond vs. Skull Von Krush: Krush decks Diamond with a right hand to start the match and they botch an arm drag. Krush scoop slams Diamond and mocks the People’s Elbow by stomping on Simon’s face instead. Krush drops an elbow onto the groin of Diamond after playing to the crowd. Diamond hits a sit out spine buster on Krush but can’t get a cover. Diamond follows up on the offense with stomps and a series of snap suplexs. Diamond plants Krush with a front suplex but only gets a two count. Diamond takes Krush down to the mat with a knee lift to maintain control. Krush plants Diamond with a power bomb out of the corner. Krush connects with a snap power slam and a leg drop for a two count. Krush continues with a delayed vertical suplex before heading to the top rope to hit an elbow drop. Diamond hits a reverse DDT but Krush kicks out at two. Diamond slams Krush to the canvas and taunts the fans. Simon hits a swinging neck breaker but Krush again kicks out. Krush runs the ropes and spikes Diamond with a jumping DDT for the win. (*1/2. The fans didn’t really care for this and neither did I, really. This felt like filler and not good filler, at that.)

Lance Storm and Dawn Marie come out and he basically talks about not being in the main event and doesn’t want to wrestle and thus a replacement is needed for Super Crazy. Here comes Rhino.

Third Contest: Super Crazy vs. Rhino: Crazy attempts a springboard moonsault but Rhino catches him to hit a sit out power slam. Rhino misses a splash in the corner and Crazy hits a springboard dropkick followed by a springboard spinning heel kick. Rhino battles back with right hands to stagger Crazy. Crazy takes Rhino to the floor with a head scissors and hits a springboard moonsault to the floor. On the floor, Rhino clotheslines Crazy against the guard railing and power slams Crazy on the floor. Rhino gets a two count following a power slam. Rhino sets Crazy up and hits a vertical suplex for a near fall. Crazy plants Rhino with a DDT and wins the match. (*1/2. Okay? Obviously Rhino would have a big impact on ECW, but I don’t know why they chose him to job here.)

Fourth Contest: Little Guido vs. Nova: Guido misses a strike in the corner and Nova works over Guido with strikes. Guido elbow drops Nova on the groin to counter a monkey flip attempt. Nova hits a sit out spine buster for a near fall. Nova splashes Guido before hitting a spine buster sending Guido to the floor. Nova hits a cross body on Sal but Sal clubs Nova to help out Guido. Guido comes from behind to hit a Un-Prettier but Nova kicks out at two. Sal splashes Nova against the railing before sending Nova into the ring. Guido attempts a Boston Crab but Nova gets out of the hold knocking Guido to the canvas, too. They begin to trade overhand chops until Guido takes Nova down with an arm bar. Nova gets out and hits a power bomb and drives an elbow into the midsection of Guido. Nova drives Guido down with a running bulldog out of the corner for a two count. Nova has Guido in the corner but Guido slides down the back of Nova for a near fall with a rollup. Sal clubs Nova on the apron and hits a splash off the middle rope while Guido distracted the referee. Guido covers and wins the match. (*. That didn’t amount to anything good. Nova is capable of putting on some good performances but he wasn’t given the chance to do so.) After the match, Chris Chetti fucks up a springboard on the attempted save but eventually takes the heels out with several kicks. The botch ruined any kind of heat the save would have had.

Fifth Contest: Biles Wiles vs. Tom Marquez: Wiles insulted Marquez for whatever reason and it started a match that nobody was asking for nor did they want to see it. Wiles won and he continued to berate the fans. New Jack comes out and naturally beats the shit out of Wiles with various weapons.

Sixth Contest: ECW World Tag Team Champions Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney vs. Dudley Boys: All four men start going at it with the champs getting the better of the exchange in the opening moments as Mahoney uses a chair on Bubba. Spike knocks Bubba down with a leaping forearm shot. D-Von and Mahoney go into the crowd while Bubba and Spike are brawling at ringside. Bubba tosses Spike over the railing and into the crowd along with dropping a chair over his back. All four men are in the crowd brawling at this point. Spike is sent into the wall by Bubba as they are in the hallway of the venue. Bubba hits Spike with a trash can before tossing Spike onto the bar. Bubba hits a power bomb on the bar! Bubba tosses booze onto the fans before going back to work over Spike, who is busted wide open. Spike and Bubba are on the top level where Spike whacks Bubba with a steel chair over the back. Bubba goes to slam Spike over the balcony but Spike blocks it with knee strikes. Mahoney and D-Von are brawling in the ring.

The cameraman is with Bubba and Spike so I can’t comment on what is happening in the ring at this point. Spike fights back in the hallway sending Bubba into the wall a few times. They are hitting each other with a roll of plastic cups. Spike sends Bubba into a door and they are now going outside the building. They return to the ringside area where Bubba tosses a railing onto Spike. D-Von clotheslines Mahoney in the ring while Spike hits the Acid Drop onto the guard railing on Bubba! Spike has the cover but Bubba kicks out at two. Spike dives off the balcony to hit a cross body on Bubba on the floor! D-Von plants Spike with a sit out spine buster. A bloody Mahoney is being worked over in the corner by Bubba with a cheese grater. Spike is double teamed as the Dudley’s hit the “What’s Up” spot for a near fall. The referee takes the challengers out with a weak looking clothesline and counts a near fall. The champs hit the Nutcracker Suite and a bulldog on the challengers but Lou E. Dangerously hits the referee to stop the count. D-Von hits a reverse DDT on Mahoney and Bubba avoids the Acid Drop by putting Spike through the table at ringside.

Mahoney has a steel chair and whacks the challengers over the head a few times. Balls goes under the ring to get a table which she slides into the ring. Mahoney puts thumbtacks onto the table. Mahoney attempts a power bomb but D-Von whacks Mahoney with a chair and Bubba power bombs Mahoney through the thumbtack table! Spike enters the match but he is met with the 3D which gets the Dudley Boys a three count and win the titles. (***1/4. I enjoyed the brawling and I enjoyed the balcony dive by Spike, which wasn’t ruined by setup or anything. It came across like they seriously hated each other and the crowd was eating it all up. This is what this show needed to pickup the action and hope that the show can finish strong.)

Seventh Contest: Jazz vs. Steve Corino: Jazz slaps Corino after he suggested she be his rat. Corino is mocking her not taking her offense seriously. Jazz works over Corino in the corner with chops followed by a monkey flip out of the corner. Jazz decks Corino with a clothesline sending him to the floor and Corino decides against continuing the match. Tommy Dreamer comes out from the backstage area and prevents Corino from leaving. Jazz decks Corino on the floor before sending Corino into the ring. Jazz nearly wins with a cross body. Corino hits a sit down power bomb and taunts the fans. Jazz works over Corino with kicks and chops but Corino nails her with a heel kick. Corino stands over Jazz taunting her and she grabs his balls. Corino is met with an atomic drop and a DDT but Jack Victory makes the save. Francine low blows Victory and Jazz low blows Corino. The ladies hit bronco busters on the men in the corner. Corino and Jack hug but they are met with double face busters and both men are pinned. (DUD. I didn’t find it all that entertaining and it was predictable as to how it was going to play out.)

Eighth Contest: Sabu vs. Justin Credible in a death match: Credible avoids Sabu early on and stomps away on him in the corner. Sabu dropkicks the leg of Credible and trades strikes with him until Credible bails to the floor. Credible runs into a big boot and Sabu hits a springboard heel kick followed by a split legged moonsault for a near fall. Sabu baseball slides Credible over the railing into the crowd. Sabu hits a triple jump dive over the railing onto Credible in the crowd but appears to hit his chin on the chairs. Sabu hits a springboard heel kick on a seated Credible for a two count before they go back to the floor. Sabu puts Credible on a table on the floor but Judge Jeff Jones comes out and says that Sabu is banned from wrestling. Spanish Angel is with him for protection. Jones tries to reason with Sabu in the ring but that doesn’t appear to be working very well. Sabu decks Jones and takes him out of the ring along with a baseball slide to Spanish Angel. Sabu places both Jones and Angel on the table where he hits a springboard leg drop through the table on both men!

Credible misses a kendo stick shot and Sabu hits a springboard heel kick. Sabu hits a springboard twisting leg drop but Credible kicks out at two. Credible low blows Sabu and stomps away on his rival. Credible comes off the middle rope hitting a forearm drop for a near fall. Credible keeps Sabu on the canvas with a chin lock but is met with knees to the groin. Sabu and Alfonso take out Jason and Credible. Credible eye rakes Sabu and goes for That’s Incredible but settles for a stunner that gets a two count. Sabu tosses a chair at Credible in the corner and hits a springboard splash. Sabu misses a springboard leg drop and goes through the table. Sabu misses a leg drop off the middle rope and goes through the table but quickly recovers to regain control of the match. Sabu hits a triple jump moonsault to win the match. (**. Not really all that competitive and didn’t help Credible look strong or anything. I believe they had a great match at Anarchy Rulz the following month, but this one came across one-sided and just a way to get Sabu over on the show.)

Main Event: ECW World Champion Taz vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri: Taz wastes no time taking Tajiri out with a clothesline and works over the challenger with strikes. Tajiri comes back with a handspring back elbow to knock Taz down and follows up with several kicks. Tajiri lands on his feet on a suplex attempt and dropkicks the left knee of Taz. Tajiri chokes Taz with the Japanese flag. Taz takes Tajiri over with a side suplex before stomping away on Tajiri in the corner. Tajiri stops Taz with a few kicks in the corner. Taz plants Tajiri with a double leg slam. Taz works over Tajiri in the ropes with cross face shots. Tajiri kicks Taz but is met with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Taz taunts Tajiri with insults and blocks a kick attempt with a leg trapped overhead belly to belly suplex. Tajiri low blows Taz and delivers a couple of kicks to the head but only gets a near fall on the cover attempt. The referee has been knocked out at this point. Taz avoids a spin kick and locks in the Tazmission to win the match. (*1/4. That was a really quick main event and didn’t make Tajiri look like a strong challenger even though he challenged Taz on pay per view the previous month. I was disappointed with what we got here.) After the match, Taz warns Corino about meeting him in the ring.

Final Thoughts:
It seems that the live events for ECW are always not so great and it feels that a lot of the wrestlers hold back, which I understand. The tag title match was the best match and I believe was aired on Hardcore TV, which would explain why that was significantly stronger match than anything else on the show. I thought it had a strong lineup, but it didn’t deliver a strong outcome.

Thanks for reading.

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