SMW TV 3/12/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Jellico, TN

1.) Bobby Blaze defeated Larry Santo
2.) Pat Rose defeated SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy by count out
3.) Killer Kyle defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion The Hornet to win the title
4.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated Well Dunn

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed by Bob Caudle about his ladder match upcoming with Chris Candido. Smothers says that the ladder is going to be outside the ring and brought in where they need to climb the ladder to get the money. Smothers says he will give it his best shot next week.

2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl are interviewed. White Boy says they have been looking forward to this for weeks as Golden Week as finally arrived for them to have their mixed tag matches. White Boy says that they are going to show everyone how they got their name by beating people up.

3.) During the White Boy’s match, Tammy and Brian Lee attack Dirty White Girl as she was on commentary. White Boy leaves the ring and saves White Girl leading to White Boy being counted out.

4.) Chris Candido is interviewed regarding his upcoming ladder match. Candido says that the money is his and he will grab it next week.

5.) Down & Dirty this week is with the Rock N’ Roll Express. Dutch mentions how it has been ten years of frustration with Jim Cornette and his tag teams. Morton says they have declined going to other promotions to stay here in SMW. Morton says one day it has to come to an end and that is why it came to a loser leaves town match in a steel cage. Morton says if they don’t beat the Heavenly Bodies there will not be anymore of the Rock N’ Roll Express.

6.) Jim Cornette and the SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies are interviewed. Cornette says that every major wrestling promotion hasn’t contacted the Express to wrestle for them. Cornette notes that his team has beaten every top team in WCW and WWF. Cornette thinks that the Rock N’ Roll Express are jealous of their success. Cornette also hypes their marathon matches coming up during Golden Week before the cage match in Pikeville. The Bodies are confident that they are going to walk out as the tag team champions.

7.) Kyle easily wins the SMW Beat The Champ Television Championship after driving Hornet down to the mat with a spine buster.

8.) Darryl Van Horn is interviewed by Bob Caudle. Van Horn says he has great news after months of being screwed over. Van Horn has finally secured a SMW Heavyweight Championship match for Prince Kharis. He says that Prince Kharis will win the SMW Heavyweight Championship from Dirty White Boy.

9.) Gibson and Timothy Well kick off the main event. Gibson takes Well over with a few arm drags and Dunn enters only to be sent to the floor following an arm drag. Morton tags in to hit a dropkick on Well but doesn’t followup on the offense advantage. Dunn tags in and works over Morton’s arm in the corner. Gibson enters and works over the arm of Dunn. The Express aren’t doing any tagging as Morton enters and works over the arm, but the referee isn’t stopping them. Well actually gets the tag, but the referee was out of position and doesn’t award the tag. Morton is tripped by Cornette on the floor and Dunn works over Morton with elbow drops. Morton comes off the ropes and is met with a double clothesline. Well decks Gibson off the apron to keep Morton in the ring and they deliver several blows to Ricky. Dunn misses a splash in the corner and Morton struggles t his feet. Gibson gets the tag and cleans house on Well Dunn. Dunn misses a tennis racket shot hitting Well on accident. Gibson has the cover and gets the three count. (*1/4. That was rather uninspiring. Well Dunn doesn’t seem to be a team that works well in SMW.)

10.) Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson are interviewed to close the program. Morton says that Cornette cost his team a victory and they are looking forward to saying goodbye to the Heavenly Bodies in Pikeville.

Final Thoughts:
There hasn’t been much aside from some minor angle advancement this week for SMW. Next week has the ladder match and the debut of the Thrillseekers.

Thanks for reading.

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