SMW TV 3/5/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Jellico, TN

1.) Chris Candido defeated Pat Rose
2.) Well Dunn defeated Robbie Eagle & Larry Santo
3.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion The Horney by disqualification
4.) Tracy Smothers defeated SMW Tag Team Champion Tom Pritchard

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Chris Candido is interviewed following his squash victory. Candido says he has proven he isn’t a joke when he gave Smothers a concussion and beat him for the Television Championship. Candido has gotten his money back from Smothers. Candido talks about a ladder match with Smothers in two weeks with $2,500 hanging above the ring.

2.) Jim Cornette and the SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies are out to cut a promo. Cornette is pissed about a match being signed where the loser between the Express and Bodies will have to leave Smoky Mountain Wrestling. The match will be taking place inside a steel cage. Pritchard claims there is a conspiracy going on. Cornette says that Armstrong got rid of Stan Lane and is trying to get rid of them as well.

3.) Well Dunn is interviewed following their victory. They are here for one reason because the top tag team competition is here in SMW. They are going to take care of the top tag teams.

4.) Dick Murdoch cut a pre-tape promo on Bob Armstrong saying he is the nastiest man in wrestling. Murdoch is on the way and assures Jim Cornette that he will protect him.

5.) Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch are interviewed by Bob Caudle. Tammy is in a much happier mood this week compared to recent weeks. Tammy is excited because there is a training video of her getting ready for her matches. The video is set to Rocky music. They are running stairs and bouncing a basketball which sees Tammy break a nail. Chris Candido is helping with the training, as well. Caudle shows the training video for Dirty White Girl. She is beating down Dirty White Boy in the training video. Tammy doesn’t like the look of that and she is back to being worried. Brian tries to calm down Tammy and tells her to stop whining. He promises to think of something to take care of them. He is sick and tired of the whining.

6.) Brian Lee comes out and attacks Dirty White Boy during his match with Hornet. Tammy is cheering on Lee from the apron but here comes White Girl to knock Hornet out with a slap. Tracy Smothers runs into the ring and chases off Lee. Smothers and White Boy give each other a hug cementing their newfound friendship it would appear.

7.) Bob Caudle interviews SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl. White Boy says that Tammy Fytch just got a small sample of what White Girl is capable of doing. They are both fired up to get their hands on Lee and Fytch.

8.) A video promoting the debut of Lance Storm and Chris Jericho, the Thrillseekers is shown. This time they are in the gym working out.

9.) Smothers takes Pritchard down to the mat with a head scissors but Tom reaches the ropes quickly. Pritchard takes Smothers down with a drop toe hold but Tom continues to reach the ropes quickly to prevent any further offense. Pritchard drops Smothers with a high knee lift. Pritchard works over Smothers in the corner with chops and right hands. Cornette cheap shots Smothers with a tennis rack show to the throat while the referee is distracted. Pritchard continues with a super kick. Smothers kicks Pritchard out of the corner and attempts a backdrop but Pritchard drops him with a kick. Smothers fights back with strikes in the corner. Smothers misses a top rope twisting cross body and Pritchard nearly wins the match. Rock N’ Roll Express and Jimmy Del Ray are out as Smothers hits a vertical suplex on Pritchard. Smothers hits a leaping elbow strike before going to the top but is shoved off by Del Ray. The Express clothesline Pritchard while the referee was distracted and Smothers gets the win. (**. There was some fun action here but I don’t understand the interference being needed.)

Final Thoughts:
SMW continues to have some good television as the angles get the right amount of attention and the main event was a good bout with the crowd interested in the action. I’m interested to see the ladder match between Candido and Smothers in two weeks.

Thanks for reading.

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