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SMW TV 3/19/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Dungannon, VA

1.) Bobby Blaze defeated Larry Santo
2.) Mike Furnas defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Killer Kyle to win the title
3.) Chris Jericho & Lance Storm defeated The Infernos
4.) Tracy Smothers defeated Chris Candido in a ladder match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bob Armstrong is out for an interview saying he has an announcement. Armstrong says that if the Rock N’ Roll Express lose the cage match their alternate team will be the Thrillseekers while the replacement team for the Heavenly Bodies will be Brian Lee and Chris Candido. They will take care of the remaining contracted matches.

2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl are interviewed. White Boy says that everyone is sick and tired of Tammy Fytch going around embarrassing everyone. White Boy has gone a step further and asked for a match on April 1st. He asked for a back alley brawl match with Tammy and Brian Lee. White Boy says that in order to win you have to strip your opponents down to their underwear and pin falls don’t count. White Girl is going to tear Tammy’s clothes and head off!

3.) Mike Furnas is incredibly awful in the ring and yet he manages to pin Killer Kyle with a running shoulder block to win the SMW Beat The Champ Television Championship. Furnas is interviewed and is shocked that he won the match and leaves in shock and out of breath that he won.

4.) After we see footage after a marathon match between the Heavenly Bodies and Rock N’ Roll Express. Pritchard and Del Ray are using oxygen while Cornette proclaims that his team will get rid of the Rock N’ Roll Express on April 2nd in the cage match.

5.) Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed about the steel cage match on April 2nd. Morton says that Jim Cornette can’t interfere in the match. Morton says they are here to stay, not play.

6.) Down & Dirty this week is with Tammy Fytch and Brian Lee. Fytch talks about the mixed tag match against SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl. Tammy says the only way to win is to have their clothing stripped off. Dirty White Girl enters the ring but is stopped by Brian Lee. Tammy runs away when Dirty White Boy enters the ring. Lee doesn’t know he is there. Lee turns around and White Boy gets several shots on Lee. White Boy strips Lee’s pants off to end the segment.

7.) Jim Cornette is interviewed by Bob Caudle. Cornette compares Bob Armstrong to criminals who steal your money or items. Cornette says that their issues will come to end after ten long years. Cornette puts over Bob Armstrong for being tough and doesn’t tell us who Armstrong will have to wrestle in the future. Cornette is also going to get rid of Armstrong along with the Express.

8.) This is the in-ring debut for Chris Jericho and Lance Storm. Just by their entrance they come across as teen heartthrobs with the girls in attendance going insane for them. Their finishing move is a missile dropkick from the top rope by the both of them. Could that possibly cause a feud with the Rock N’ Roll Express down the line?

9.) The Thrillseekers are interviewed and they say they are loving the competition in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Jericho says they can’t believe they are here. They are both very excited to be in the company.

10.) Smothers avoids a clothesline and chops Candido followed by a kick to the head. Smothers grabs the ladder on the floor and rams Candido in the midsection after avoiding an axe handle off the apron. Candido works over Smothers in the corner with a series of overhand chops. Smothers gets several strikes on Candido and soon hits a slingshot kick to knock Candido to the floor. Smothers baseball slides Candido and sets up the ladder but kicks Candido off the apron a second time. Candido gets in the ring and low blows Smothers. Smothers decks Candido with a leaping elbow shot to prevent Candido from climbing the ladder. The ladder is around the head of Candido and Smothers sends the ladder in the ring post to knock Candido down to the mat. Smothers rams Candido head first into the corner several times. Candido recovers to yank Smothers off the ladder and works over Tracy in the corner with stomps. Candido rams Smothers head first into the ladder and rams the ladder into his midsection. Smothers tries to get up but Candido drops the ladder across the back of Smothers and chokes Tracy with the ladder.

Candido takes Smothers over with a snap suplex. Smothers counters a second suplex hitting a belly to belly suplex. Candido gets his knees up to avoid a big splash. Candido scoop slams Smothers onto the ladder before heading to the top rope but misses a splash landing on the ladder. Smothers drops Candido with a leaping shoulder block and hammers away on Candido in the corner. Smothers drops Candido with a leaping kick to the back of Candido’s head. Smothers leaps off the top hitting a double axe handle. Smothers goes to the top again hitting a shoulder block. They both are climbing the ladder to get the money but Smothers drops Candido off the ladder chest first to the canvas and Smothers win the match! After the match, Candido attacks Smothers and grabs the money. Candido slams the ladder onto Smothers a few times. (**1/2. A decent match but there wasn’t any spot here that was great or shocking. They kept a good pace but it seemed like a tease as to what they could pull off on a bigger show.)

11.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed to end the program. Smothers says he isn’t worried about the money but instead wants Chris Candido. Smothers deserves that money because he kicked Candido’s butt. Smothers says the south is going to rise again.

12.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Dirty White Girl are also interviewed. White Boy is taunting Brian Lee over getting his clothing ripped off. White Boy says he has to get Lee one more time by stripping his clothes off one more time. He says that Tammy is going to be wearing nothing but her birthday suit!

Final Thoughts:
The buildup for the Bluegrass Brawl has been pretty good, I’d say. The ladder match was just okay as it has me curious to see if they did anything better on a bigger event. Dirty White Boy continues to be a great face character and Tammy Fytch shines in her role. Lance Storm and Chris Jericho could be a great face act moving forward for SMW, as well.

Thanks for reading.

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