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OVW TV 4/23/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Louisville, KY

1.) Blaster Lashley defeated Steve Lewington
2.) Aaron Stevens defeated Robbie Dawber
3.) OVW Television Champion Brent Albright defeated Flash to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) OVW Heavyweight Champion Matt Morgan makes his way down to the ring to be interviewed by Jim Cornette since winning the title last week from Elijah Burke. Morgan tells the fans to shut their mouths and wants Cornette to repeat that he won the championship last week. Cornette puts over Burke for kicking out of Morgan’s moves, including the choke slam. Morgan says he is going to have possession of the championship for a long time this time around. Morgan says that Cornette tried to sabotage his title reign last year, but it didn’t work. Morgan says when he says he is the best, it is prove in what he has around his waist. Cornette reminds Morgan than top WWE stars are coming starting June 3rd and hopes that Morgan is ready for the challenge.

2.) Aaron Stevens and Beth Phoenix come out to cut a promo on Danny Inferno. Stevens insults Inferno for being scum who tried to attack them last week. Stevens says Inferno had his house broken into and his dog had been stolen. Thus, Inferno isn’t in the building explaining why Stevens is in the arena. Stevens says if Inferno was here he would make Inferno swallow that toothpick. As Stevens describes what he was going to do to Inferno, Phoenix is acting like it turns her on a lot moaning as Stevens tells more what he would do. That was a very sexual driven segment. Anyway, Danny Inferno does appear after the match that Stevens had and clotheslines Stevens to the floor where Inferno continues to hammer away on Stevens until Phoenix makes the save.

3.) Flash was an OVW mainstay in the early days of OVW and had some notable street fights during his original run. He is interviewed by Jim Cornette who notes that Flash is a former OVW Heavyweight Champion and has been doing well in Puerto Rico. Flash says he isn’t happy about being back here in OVW. He has heard that someone has been saying they are the best and he is pissed about not being in the WWE, where he belongs. Flash calls out OVW Television Champion Brent Albright for a match. Brent Albright comes out and confronts Flash. Flash eventually slaps Albright and that makes the match between them official as they begin to brawl in the ring for a few moments.

4.) Albright is able to win the match by submission and gets $1,000. Albright gets a microphone and reminds Flash that he just submitted to him. OVW Heavyweight Champion Matt Morgan comes out and confronts Albright. Morgan heard that Albright claimed to be the best. Morgan says that he runs OVW because he is the champion. Morgan believes he is the best. Matt sees Albright as being the second best and suggests that Albright keep working. Morgan goes to leave but Albright stops him. Albright doesn’t mean any disrespect towards Morgan and says that he can take his TV belt and money and shove it up his ass. Albright takes Morgan down to the ground and puts the Crowbar submission on Morgan, which makes the champion tap!

Final Thoughts:
The Morgan/Albright segment was done well and it appears that they don’t have any other suitable challengers so they are throwing Albright in there. This week had seemingly filler material and I wasn’t all that interested in seeing Flash from the old days competing.

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