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ECW Hardcore TV 10/31/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Mikey Whipwreck defeated ECW World Champion the Sandman in a ladder match to win the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Steve Austin is acting like Eric Bischoff mocking Bischoff for firing everyone by phone. He’s not a very brave man, according to Austin. He mocks Bischoff for not knowing any of the holds and kept calling Nitro Monday night NyQuil.

2.) Jason Knight comes out after the Pitbulls won a match. Francine is in the ring with them as Jason puts over his former tag team saying that match was unbelievable. He says he knew that the Pitbulls would win the ECW World Tag Team Champions and he made a mistake selling their contracts to Stevie Richards. He knows that the Pitbulls would still be champions with him. Jason tells them to ditch the prostitute that is Francine. She tries to get her hands on Jason, but she is held back and Jason kicks her! The Eliminators run into the ring and attack the Pitbulls. Rick Steiner and Taz enter the ring to make the save with Rick hitting the Eliminators with clotheslines. Rick plants Kronus with a DDT over his knee, but Kronus doesn’t sell it.

3.) Dudley Dudley cuts a promo saying that they are going to have a special ring announcer at November to Remember. The ring announcer is going to be Bubba Ray Dudley. He has a bad stutter. Bubba shows off his dance moves and the group laughs. He loses his stutter when he get scared by Big Dick.

4.) Public Enemy is with Mikey Whipwreck in New York getting him ready for his match against the Sandman. It’s basically a training video for the ladder match. Mikey climbs the ladder to grab beers from a six pack and gives the beer to Grunge who drinks them. Grunge must be a lightweight since he is hammered after three beers.

5.) Steve Austin challenges the winner of the ladder match to a title match and carried Woman to the backstage area.

6.) Sandman whacks Whipwreck from behind with a kendo stick. Mikey uses the ladder to smash Sandman in the face. Sandman slams Mikey onto a ladder. Sandman slingshots off the apron to somersault splash the ladder onto Whipwreck. Sandman tosses a ladder onto Whipwreck from the ring to the floor. Sandman lays the ladder across the railing and apron. Sandman comes off the apron to leg drop Whipwreck across the ladder to the floor. Mikey sends Sandman into the guard railing and uses a chair on the champ. Mikey takes Sandman down with a head scissors. Sandman backdrops Whipwreck over the railing into the crowd to gain control of the match. Sandman leaps over the top to send the ladder into Mikey’s face in the crowd. Sandman misses a slingshot elbow drop hitting he ladder instead. Whipwreck sends the ladder into Sandman’s face and the champ is busted open. Mikey comes off the top and big splashes the ladder onto Sandman getting the three count! After the match, Cactus Jack enters the ring and celebrates the victory with Mikey. The locker room empties to celebrate and Cactus leaves the ring. (**1/2. It’s a fine little match and it’s a great moment for Mikey to win the big one. It felt like nobody was anticipating that finish, so it was initially kind of flat. However, they did enough hardcore stuff to get the match over.)

Final Thoughts:
I don’t see Whipwreck as champion as being a long-term deal since the main appeal was his chase for the gold. A fine episode this week and I’m quite interested to see Austin challenging for the heavyweight title.

Thanks for reading.

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