ECW Hardcore TV 5/31/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-05-31 (Matches taped 1994-05-13 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

Heavyweight: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Mikey Whipwreck
Tag: Public Enemy

Quick promo from Paul E Dangerously saying that on June 24th Sabu is going to take on Atsushi Onita. Someone yells from off camera saying it’s not him and Paul E wants to know who it is.

Opening video.

Eariler this evening “Ironman” Tommy Cairo beat Rockin’ Rebel. After the match Sandman hit the ring and attacked Cairo with the cane. Cairo gets busted open as Rebel and Sandman double team him.

“Wildman” Sal Bellomo vs. Don E Allen ref John Finnegan
Back to live action and this match has just begun. Bellomo picks up the easy victory with a splash in 3.22.

Sandman and Woman are in the locker room. Sandman again says Cairo has to pay and then he gets a page on his beeper. It’s one of his better customers so Cairo is costing him even more money. They hype the match for the 24th. Also signed for the 24th is the Funk Brothers against Tag Team Champions Public Enemy. Pitbull takes on Tazmaniac in a Dog Collar Match and Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas tags with Mr. Hughes to take on the Bruise Brothers.

Tazmaniac vs. Kyle Sheara ref Jim Molineaux
Kyle tries to get the early jump but it doesn’t work. Tazmaniac destroys Sheara on the floor using the guardrail and time keeper’s bell. Half nelson suplex for the win in 1.33.

Highlights of JT Smith from last week. Smith talks about his knee injury and how people have started to feel sorry for him. We get a retrospective on Smith’s ECW career so far with lots of clips. Smith says he’s not going to take it anymore and it’s time for him to start standing up for himself. This would have been decent if Smith wasn’t so awful on the mic.

Paul E is freaking out because he wants to know who Sabu’s opponent is on the 24th. He guesses Stan Hansen, Arn Anderson or Abdullah the Butcher but is told no to all three.

Pitbull (w/ Jason) vs. Damion Stone ref John Finnegan
Fans chant “Where’s your belt” at Pitbull. Pitbull hits a power bomb but gets distracted by the chant giving Stone about 5 seconds of offense. Pitbull with a belly to belly but he doesn’t go for the cover as he just wants to beat on Stone. Stone gives up to a full nelson at 4.53.

TV Champion Mikey Whipwreck is with Jay Sulli and he is all beat up with black eyes and bruises all over. He asks Sulli if he thinks Tod Gordon will take the belt back. Sulli says next week he has to fight Mr. Hughes for the title. Mikey whimpers and says that he’s going to die and walks off. Video package for both Mikey and Hughes.

Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas vs. Chad Austin ref John Finnegan
Willie “Scoops” Watts of course makes note of the similarity between Mikey and Chad. Austin works the arm and hits an inverted atomic drop. Chad stays on the arm but Shane reverses a corner whip and hits a belly to belly for the win in 3.22. Good showing by Austin but not enough. “Simply the Best” video package for Douglas. This song is pretty great.

Public Enemy are outside by the train tracks because their lawyer told them that just like Terry Funk can’t go near them they have to stay away from him too. Johnny Grunge is very upset because it means he can’t go through anyones bags to try and take their stuff. HAHA

Terry Funk vs. Hack Myers ref John Finnegan
Funk beats up Hack and piledrivers him on the floor. Funk gets up limping and holding the knee that PE hurt at When Worlds Collide. Back in the ring Hack gets in a few shots. Watts says that Funk is fighting even though the olds are against him. Dude Hack just got dropped on his head on concrete. Hack goes to the floor and gets a chair but Funk gets it back nails Hack with and locks on the spinning toe hold for the win in 5.24.

PE are back at the tracks oh they are all the way in South Central LA. Rocco Roc says they are going to the Double Cross Ranch to get the Funks before the 24th. I really hate Johnny Grunge cutting a promo.

Paul E is back and he wants the fans to boycott the Arena on the 24th. He just found out who Sabu is fighting and he is worried. He says if no one shows up they will cancel the show. If they show up and the match goes on it could be the end of Paul E. They cut to the WCW Saturday Night set and out from the behind the doors comes CACTUS JACK!!!! Jack gives the old “Bang Bang” and we fade to black.

My thoughts on the show
Well a bunch of squash matches. Pretty enjoyable segment from Mikey Whipwreck and a good story to follow with Paul E through out the show with a great surprise ending.

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