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Lucha Underground 11/5/2014

Written by: Matt Peddycord

Lucha Underground
November 5, 2014
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

We get introduced to Ricky Reyes who now goes by the name Cortez Castro, Cisco, and “The Boss” Big Ryck a.k.a. Ezekiel Jackson. Now that he knows who he is cleaning house on, Johnny Mundo runs out and cleans house on them. Cisco and Castro grab some chairs and look to go to town on Mundo, but then Prince Puma gets involved and stands by his new pal Johnny Mundo. Out comes Dario Cueto to become Teddy Long and make a TAG TEAM MATCH, playa.

Johnny Mundo & Prince Puma vs. Cortez Castro & Cisco
Big Ryck sits on the entrance steps and smokes a stogie. Puma and Castro start us out here. Both guys are very careful to make a mistake. Puma shows off his headscissors skills on both Castro and Cisco. Tag to Mundo, there’s DOUBLE ENZIGURI KICKS to Castro! That gets two. Mundo does more of the same with dropkicks and such. Break Dancing Leg Drop on Cisco gets two. Striker says that Cisco described his style of wrestling as “prison shower” style, homes. Yikes. Slingshot elbow drop on Cisco gets another nearfall. Castro interrupts the Flying Chuck to help out his partner, thus making Mundo *your* face in peril. That goes on for a little bit and Mundo does some flips to make the hot tag to Puma. He’s all clotheslines. Puma fights off a double-team and throws Cisco into Castro. As he drops Castro with a reverse neckbreaker, Castro brings Cisco with him for a DDT. Nasty! That was so fast, it felt possible. Mundo comes in to help Puma, but then misses a corkscrew plancha on Castro and eats the concrete. This looks bad for Puma. Castro boots him into a neckbreaker by Cisco for 1-2-NO! Cisco and Castro set up for the flapjack into the codebreaker, but Mundo manages to make it back to ringside and pulls out Castro. Meanwhile, Puma sunset flips Cisco for 1-2-NO! Don’t know what happened to Castro, but Cisco is all alone now. Cutter by Puma leads to Moonlight Drive from Mundo for 1-2-NO! Corkscrew Moonsault Plancha from Puma takes out Castro! In the ring, Cisco yanks Mundo down when he tries Fin del Mundo and pulls the tights for 1-2-NO! Both Puma and Mundo level the other two with enziguri kicks to set up STEREO 450 SPLASHES for the double pin. (8:17) Pretty epic little tag match there. Disappointed with the outcome, Big Ryck takes his stogie and heads home. ***¾

In the locker room, Konnan pumps up Puma telling him he *is* Lucha Underground. He needs to stay away from Johnny Mundo though. His fight isn’t your fight, homes. Konnan says he’s the only friend Puma has in this business.

We take a look at Mil Muertes. A thousand deaths are coming. He debuts tonight!

Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Sexy Star vs. Son of Havoc & Ivelisse
Headlocks and shoulderblocks to start between Havoc and Chavo. DID YOU NOTICE THAT YOU CAN’T SPELL HAVOC WITHOUT CHAVO? Whoa, and I don’t even smoke weed. Anyways, Chavo gets cornered on the wrong side of town to work a little face in peril situation. Ivelisse gets her licks in as well. Striker describes her as a fiery Puerto Rican chick. Skip ahead to the hot tag to Sexy Star, she goes right after Son of Havoc for payback from last week. She levels Havoc with a headscissors and matrixes away from a clothesline, but then comes off the ropes and gets leveled. Tag to Ivelisse, she kicks Sexy Star down and tags Havoc again. He looks for a standing moonsault, but hits knees. Tag to Chavo, he hits Havoc with a Rolling Liger Kick for two. Match breaks down and we’ve got a catfight on our hands. The ladies head to the floor where Sexy Star takes out Ivelisse with a seated senton from the apron. In the ring, Chavo lands Eddie’s FROG SPLASH and tags in Sexy Star to put Havoc in a victory roll for the pinfall. (5:36) One of the better mixed tags I’ve seen. Havoc is such a putz. **

Backstage, Blue Demon Jr. is getting warmed up for tonight’s match against Mil Muertes. A chick who introduces herself as Catrina sneaks up on him and tries to be sexy by licking his mask. Can’t imagine what that thing must taste like. Bleh. Blue Demon wipes away her spit and gives her a stern look.

We take another look at Prince Puma. Konnan tell us his origin story about being a direct descendant of the toughest Aztec tribe. His past may be dark, but his future is very bright.

Mil Muertes (w/Catrina) vs. Blue Demon Jr.
Well, Catrina is freaking hot. NXT fans should remember her as Maxine. Muertes BUM RUSHES THE SHOW on Blue Demon and stomps him out to the floor for further beatings. Back in, Demon fires off an armdrag and ducks a couple swing to knock Muertes on his backside with a dropkick. Since things are looking up for Demon, Catrina provides some necessary distraction. Muertes nails him from behind. Catrina kicks him in the head wearing her stilettos. That doesn’t seem to bother Demon though as he catches Muertes charging him in the corner and delivers a running bulldog for two. Demon calls for the end and heads up, but Muertes pulls him down and delivers a lungblower for 1-2-NO! Muertes comes off the second rope, but Demon brings up a boot to block. DDT by Demon gets two. Demon fires off a series of chops, but Muertes comes back with a spear. FLATLINER by Muertes gets the pinfall. (4:23) Match was as good as last week. Blue Demon is just too stiff and old fashioned for this show in my opinion. He doesn’t seem to want to sell enough for the other guy either. *½

After the bell rings, Muertes and Catrina continue their assault on Blue Demon until Chavo Guerrero Jr. heads down armed with a chair and makes the save. When Demon tries to thank him, Chavo levels him with the chair! YES! Refs are knocked away, jobbers are taken out with the chair. Chavo continues to nail Demon with the chair when he’s not too busy. Sexy Star comes out to talk some sense into him, but she gets laid out with the chair. Hey, it’s 2014, ladies! You want equality? You got it. Everybody who cares is down and out. Out comes the EMTs to put Demon on a stretcher. Chavo sits in his chair and laughs it up. Now he gets up to beat on Demon some more while he’s on the board. Pretty awesome heel turn that you can either totally blame on Chavo or give some of the credit to that evil man Dario Cueto making him feel bad about letting his family down. To close the show, we see Blue Demon’s ambulance riding away into the night while Chavo does his thing in the ring.

NEXT WEEK: Nothing announced.


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