WCW Worldwide 6/13/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Chattanooga, TN

1.) Ron Simmons defeated Jerry Faith
2.) The Super Invader defeated Chris Sullivan
3.) Steve Austin defeated WCW Television Champion Barry Windham to win the title
4.) Dustin Rhodes defeated Mr. Hughes

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Austin runs away from Windham on the floor but when they enter the ring Windham decks Austin with a right hand and brings Austin to the canvas to control with a hammerlock and knee drops follow. Windham nails Austin with a short arm clothesline. Windham drives Austin down to the canvas with a back suplex. Austin stops Barry with a shoulder ram on the apron but Windham brings Austin back into the ring with a suplex. Austin trips Windham to the mat with a drop toe hold but that offense is short lived. Austin works over Windham in the corner but Barry fights back with strikes. Austin avoids an atomic drop and clotheslines Barry over the top to the floor. Austin keeps control with strikes on Barry as he is on the apron. Windham slingshots Austin over the top to the floor but misses a lariat and hits the floor hard. Austin comes off the apron to deliver an axe handle on the champ.

Windham drops Austin with a few strikes in the ring and heads to the top but Austin stops him with a press slam for a two count. Austin attempts a back breaker but doesn’t hit the move all that well it looked like. Austin catches Windham in a bear hug but Windham bits his way out of the hold. Austin puts the move on Windham a second time. Windham gets out of the hold with a belly to belly suplex. Austin misses an elbow drop but begins to trade strikes with Windham. Windham attempts a piledriver but Austin backdrops out of it. Austin misses a rolling shoulder ram hitting the ring post instead. Windham backdrops Austin and drops him with a big boot for a two count. Windham knocks Austin down with a forearm shot and waits in the corner before hitting a leg drop for a three count, but the referee sees Austin’s boot on the bottom rope. Barry places Austin on the top turnbuckle but gets distracted by Dangerously. Austin goes to the floor and gets the WCW Television Championship. Austin nails Windham with the belt and covers Windham to win the title. (**. The action wasn’t all that great, but the title change got a good reaction.)

2.) Jesse Ventura interviews Paul E. Dangerously for the title win. Dangerously says that Austin is the best athlete in sports. Larry Zbyszko is out of the Dangerous Alliance and now Dangerously is looking for a replacement for the group. Dangerously says it is no longer business but is now personal. Dangerously says that he hates Larry Zbyszko’s guts!

Final Thoughts:
Yeah, we got a title change but the match wasn’t all that great. I’m interested to see who the new member of the Dangerous Alliance may be in the future. It could be the Diamond Studd considering his recent involvements with the group.

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