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Kayfabe! Earthquake Ends Hulkamania?!

Over six years since Hulk Hogan won his first WWF World Championship in January 1984, dozens of wrestlers had attempted to end the Hulkamania craze and win the WWF World Championship. Over those years, guys like Roddy Piper, King Kong Bundy, and Andre the Giant weren’t able to walk away with the championship.

However, that all changed when the Ultimate Warrior squared off against Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VI in Toronto. Warrior was able to avoid the devastating leg drop and pinned Hogan in the middle of the ring to win his first WWF World Championship. Warrior had dethroned Hogan and ushered in a new era. Hulkamania may be dead.

But, did Warrior accomplish the feat on his own?

“Absolutely not!” screamed Jimmy Hart after a recent WWF live event in Syracuse, New York. “What seems to be conveniently forgotten about baby is that my natural disaster Earthquake crushed the Hulkster’s ribs on WWF Superstars! If it wasn’t for Earthquake attacking Hogan, Warrior wouldn’t be the champion, baby!”

“If anyone should get credit for ending Hulkamania, it’s me.” Earthquake stated. “I’ve wiped out all the WWF competition and Hulk Hogan proved not to be much of a challenge for me. Now, I’m making my way towards the Warrior and that WWF World Championship.”

Earthquake made his quest a very viable one when he viciously attacked Hogan on the May 26th edition of WWF Superstars. The attack left Hogan laid out on the floor and in clear pain. There has been talk that Hogan may never return to the WWF.

Is this the ending scene for Hogan?

“I don’t know, brother. I’ve never seen Hulk get that kind of punishment before. I’ve tried talking to him and he doesn’t even want to discuss it. He’s thinking maybe his time in the world of wrestling has passed him by.” Brutus Beefcake said.

“I’ve heard what Brutus said, and it just proves our point! We have finished off Hogan! He is mentally done and realizes that physically he is no match for Earthquake!” Jimmy Hart excitedly proclaimed.

Since the attack, Earthquake has been competing in singles matches against Jim Duggan, a friend of Hulk Hogan’s. Earthquake has continued to show his dominance as he routinely defeats Duggan in main event bouts all over the country.

“Hogan is a friend of mine, someone that has the same beliefs that I have.” Duggan said. “I may not be getting wins over this dangerous man, but I won’t back down. I’ll fight each night for my friend and for all the fans out there. Earthquake won’t go unpunished for his actions, tough guy!”

The next unstoppable force in pro wrestling?

Could this be the end of Hulk Hogan in professional wrestling? Hogan has had aspirations to move onto Hollywood movies. But, perhaps this isn’t the ideal way to move into that venture. Earthquake doesn’t seem to care.

“I’m taking over the WWF and Hogan was the first step!” Earthquake proclaimed. “Hogan can go make all the movies he wants. Who knows, maybe I’ll show up on set and take him out of the lead role just as I did here in the WWF!”

Without Hogan around in the WWF, this could be one natural disaster that has no end in sight.

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