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ECW Hardcore TV 4/16/1996

Written by: Heels Inc.

TV 1996-04-16 (matches taped 1996-04-13)

World: Raven
TV: 2 Cold Scorpio
Tag Team: The Eliminators

The following show is a highlight show of ECW’s “Massacre on Queens Blvd.” event. For a detailed review of the full event, please check out this link, complete with images from the event!

We open with Joey Styles telling us that todays TV show will be the post show wrap up to Massacre on Queens Blvd and a preshow to Hostile City Showdown which is coming up next Saturday. We go via satellite to Kenny Albert who is with the “Franchise” Shane Douglas in MSG. Douglas hypes the ECW Arena, runs down WWF and talks about his upcoming match at Hostile City Showdown versus Raven. Back to Joey and he hypes the upcoming supershow some more.

Opening Theme.

We go to an opening video package showing highlights of D-Von Dudley’s debut and Hack Myers vs. Billy Black, Sabu vs. Mikey Whipwreck and finally Taz vs. Chris Jericho.

We go to a short interview with the Dudley Boys D-Von gives us the Dudley Commandments.

Next up with get the Tag Team Title match between the Eliminators vs. El Puerto Ricano & Joel Hartgood. Followed by the brawl with the Gangstas.

Next we get brief highlights of the Three Way Dance match ending when the Eliminators come in and attack the Gangstas.

Back from commercial and the World Tag Team Champions The Eliminators have some words for the Gangstas. Theyll give up the belts for the Gangstas necks.

To Joey who hypes Massacre on Queens Blvd on home video and throws it to the pre match antics that took place before the World Title match. We go to the video of Kimona Wanalaya getting smacked by World Champion Raven and stomped by “Dancin” Stevie Richards.

Back to Joey who tells us Kimona has promised revenge and at Hostile City Showdown she has a story to tell that will shock the wrestling world. She promises to cost Raven the World Title against Shane Douglas.

Next up we get about 7 minutes from the six man tag match between ”Primetime” Brian Lee & The Bruise Brothers vs. Tommy Dreamer & The Pitbulls.

Back from commercial and Joey hypes the Massacre home video a little more. We go to Hype Central with Lance Wright to run down some upcoming shows

We end the show with the Misirlou interview package. Shane Douglas tells us he’s taking the belt back and will do anything to keep it. Raven sulks. Bill Alfonso is pissed that people call him Fonzie and tells us that Paul Heymen, ECW and ECW fans all suck. Damien Kane hypes Hostile City Showdown and JT Smith sings some Sinatra. Taz and Brian Lee both want fights. Tommy Dreamer headbutts a locker until he bleeds. The Eliminators also want a fight. We go back to Shane Douglas telling us he is taking the belt because he can do everything better then Raven. Douglas walks off camera and we see Kimona was standing behind him. She tells us she is going to help take his title. Raven finishes it off by laughing hysterical in the corner.

My thoughts on the show

Well, we only get one full match today and it was a squash the rest is just highlights and hype. We are four days away from the next big show and the only match that has been announced is Raven versus Shane Douglas for the world title. For a more detailed review of the matches from tonight’s show check out my Massacre on Queens Blvd review, complete with screen caps of the show. Other than that, keep it movin from this show.

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