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WWF House Show 11/27/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
Date: 11/27/1992
From: Providence, RI

Opening Contest: Lance Cassidy vs. the Brooklyn Brawler: Brawler attacks Cassidy before he can even get his ring jacket off for the match. Brawler misses an elbow drop and Cassidy takes him down with a hip toss. Cassidy kicks Brawler and dropkicks him to the floor. Cassidy finally gets his jacket off and he’s all kinds of fired up. Brawler takes his time getting back into the ring and gets in Cassidy’s face. Cassidy shoves Brawler down and is backed into a corner. Brawler delivers a few shoulder rams, but Cassidy stops him with a clothesline. Cassidy sends Brawler into the corner and Brawler hits the ring post shoulder first. Cassidy uses the middle rope to low blow Brawler before controlling the arm of Brawler. Cassidy hits a cross body coming off the ropes and keeps Brawler on the mat controlling his arm. Brawler eye rakes Cassidy and slams him down missing an elbow drop. Cassidy goes back to an arm bar. Brawler gets out of the hold and works over Cassidy with strikes. Brawler catches Cassidy on a leapfrog and slams him. Cassidy slams Brawler off the top rope and goes to the top to hit a flying clothesline. Cassidy rolls Brawler up and wins the match. (*1/4. It wasn’t anything all that special and Brawler kind of killed the match with his lack of substance for offense moves. Cassidy doesn’t seem like a good fit for the WWF, and no surprise he didn’t last long.)

Second Contest: The Natural Disasters vs. The Headshrinkers: Earthquake and Typhoon are getting a good crowd reaction, which makes me wonder why they didn’t keep them around longer as a team. Typhoon and Samu start the tag match. Samu puts a full nelson on Typhoon but that isn’t going to work well for him as Typhoon easily breaks the hold. Typhoon gets out of a go-behind by using his backside and sidesteps a kick attempt causing Samu to crash to the canvas. Samu tries for a scoop slam but Typhoon is just too big and not weak enough. Typhoon steps on Samu’s foot before a scoop slam and scoop slams Fatu, too. Typhoon controls Samu with a wrist lock and keeps him on the canvas. Earthquake gets tagged in and works over the left arm with strikes but Samu stops him with an eye rake. Quake avoids a double team in the corner and here comes Fatu to legally try his luck against Quake. They lockup a few times but neither man can get an advantage. Quake comes off the ropes to shoulder block Fatu. Fatu has a headlock on Quake but Quake gets out quickly only to be met with a super kick to knock him down. Quake gets eye raked as Fatu comes out of the corner. Fatu tried a slam but Quake counters with one of his own and knocks Samu to the floor. Fatu bails to the floor as Quake began to stomp on the canvas. Typhoon tags in and splashes Fatu in the corner. Quake charges and splashes Fatu as well. Typhoon gets stopped by Fatu with a kick to the knee and the Headshrinkers hammer away on Typhoon in the corner. Samu eye rakes Typhoon followed by a headbutt and taunts the fans.

Samu keeps a front face lock on Typhoon before eye raking him again. Typhoon drops to the mat after hitting Fatu’s head. Samu works over Typhoon with strikes. Quake gets the tag but Fatu distracted the referee and Typhoon remains in the match. Samu runs into a big boot from Typhoon and Fatu slowly enters the match stomping on Typhoon to prevent the tag. Quake tries to hit Fatu from the apron but misses. Fatu headbutts Typhoon and taunts the fans as he has control of the match. Typhoon gets out of the hold and clotheslines Fatu. Samu gets tagged in and prevents the tag out. Samu decks Typhoon and chokes him before putting a chin lock on. Samu misses a splash in the corner and Typhoon reaches the tag to Quake. Fatu gets tagged in but Quake hammers away on Fatu and clotheslines both men. Quake elbow drops Fatu but now all four men are in the ring brawling. Fatu and Samu are sent into each other and clotheslined. Quake rams them into each other head first but that doesn’t hurt them. Quake is knocked down as is Typhoon. Quake is driven down with a double back suplex and a falling headbutt for the three count. (*1/2. This went about sixteen minutes and it felt like it took forever. The action was rather slow and it didn’t hold my interest, obviously. Putting Samu and Fatu over made since the Disasters are on the way out of the company.)

Third Contest: Repo Man vs. Crush: Repo tells Crush before the match that he isn’t going to get the Kona Vice on him since some fans were making the motion for the move. Repo kicks Crush in the midsection and delivers a few blows. Crush choke slams Repo down to the canvas and delivers a headbutt. Crush clotheslines Repo but misses a knee drop coming off the ropes. Repo attempts a suplex but Crush counters with a backbreaker. Crush puts a body scissors on Repo but can’t get a three count or submission with the hold. Crush attempts a big boot but Repo bails tot eh floor. Crush jumps to the floor and big boots Repo. Crush misses a splash in the corner and Repo spikes Crush with a piledriver. Repo chokes Crush over the middle rope to maintain control of the match. Repo hammers away on Crush before taking him down to the canvas for a near fall. Repo hammers away on Crush after Crush got out of a nerve hold. Crush hammers away on Repo and hits an atomic drop. Crush comes off the ropes with a clothesline and continues with a belly to belly suplex. Crush drives Repo down with a backbreaker and signals for the Kona Vice. Crush gets the hold on Repo and drops him down to the canvas. The referee calls for the bell giving the match to Crush. (*. Repo got a few moments of shine, but the intent here is to get Crush over and in relatively easy fashion. I’m glad it was a short match.)

Fourth Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels vs. Marty Jannetty: Michaels attacks his former partner with right hands before the bell, but Jannetty yanks him down by his hair. Michaels stops Jannetty by sending him to the floor to allow himself some time to regroup. Jannetty pulls Michaels to the floor but gets sent side first into the ring post. Michaels punches Jannetty on the apron and drops him throat first across the top rope. Michaels keeps control of Marty with several strikes and rams him face first into the corner. Michaels knocks Jannetty down with a back elbow shot. Michaels controls Jannetty with a sleeper hold but isn’t going to get a submission out of his former partner. Jannetty fights out of the hold and tosses Michaels onto the apron. Michaels eye rakes Jannetty but gets elbow dropped on a rollup attempt. Michaels comes off the ropes to hit a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Michaels tosses Jannetty chest first into the corner. Michaels drops Jannetty with an elbow strike to the side of his head. Michaels continues to control Marty on the canvas with a sleeper hold. Marty tries for a sunset flip but Shawn avoids it. Marty gets on the apron and slides through Shawn’s legs, but misses an elbow drop. Michaels goes back to controlling Marty on the canvas with a front face lock. Marty doesn’t allow his arm to drop three times and begins to make an effort to get up. Marty rams Michaels back first into the corner to break the hold. Marty boots Michaels in the corner and comes off the middle rope to hit a bulldog! Michaels stops Marty with a scoop slam.

Michaels heads to the middle rope but is met with a big boot in midair. Jannetty face plants Michaels and sends him into the corner causing Shawn to flip over the top to the floor. Marty slams Michaels face first onto the ring steps. Jannetty rubs Shawn’s face on the mat. Jannetty connects with a spinning elbow strike for a near fall. Jannetty plants Michaels with a power slam and heads to the top rope. Jannetty leaps off but Michaels rolls away. Jannetty lands on his feet to still hit an elbow drop for a near fall. Michaels atomic drops Jannetty, but Marty nails Michaels with a super kick for a near fall. Jannetty comes off the ropes with a cross body but Michaels rolls through and is able to pin Jannetty to win the match. (***. There was plenty of energy to this match and the action was really good throughout. The fans were hooked on the action and I could have watched these guys wrestle longer on this show. They seemingly have good matches on house shows during this time. I’m going to assume this is as good as it’s going to get for this show.)

Fifth Contest: Rick Martel vs. Bob Backlund: Martel stalls a bit early on to taunt the fans by showing off his body while Backlund just wanted to shake hands. They trade hammerlocks until Backlund kicks Martel into the ropes and Martel does a cartwheel followed by jumping jacks. Martel arm drags Backlund and goes back to his jumping jacks. Martel scoop slams Backlund and does more jumping jacks and taunts the fans on the middle rope. Martel rams Backlund into the corner and Backlund hip tosses him followed by a couple of scoop slams. Backlund nearly wins with a backslide. Martel bails to the floor and regroups. Backlund trips Martel a few times and nearly pins Martel with a backslide. Martel again goes to the floor to regroup. Backlund controls Martel’s left arm with an arm bar and teases stomping on Martel’s face, which the fans really wanted to see, but he didn’t do it. Backlund keeps control of his arm for several moments. The constant working of the arm is really boring. Martel finally decides to break the hold with a right hand. Martel continues with a knee drop. Martel keeps Backlund on the canvas with a sleeper hold for a few moments. Backlund breaks the hold with a back suplex for a two count. Backlund nearly wins with a cross body off the ropes. Martel works over Backlund with knee lifts in the corner but misses a middle rope cross body attempt. Backlund runs the ropes and they collide knocking each other down. Martel connects with a neck breaker for a two count. Martel taunts the crowd as Backlund is playing possum. Backlund surprises Martel with an inside cradle to win the match. (DUD. The stalling and constant rest holds just ruined this match. Backlund’s style doesn’t connect well with the fans. This felt like it was going to take forever to get through.)

Sixth Contest: Razor Ramon vs. The Undertaker: Ramon bails to the floor to stall but Taker comes out to follow him. Ramon rolls back into the ring and attacks Taker as he rolled back in as well. Ramon hammers away on Taker with right hands to stagger him. Ramon rams Taker head first into the corner but Taker controls Ramon with a choke. Ramon runs into a big boot in the corner and Taker rams Ramon head first into the corner. Ramon knee lifts Taker and clotheslines him over the top to the floor. Ramon knocks Taker to the floor off the apron. Taker drops Ramon throat first across the top rope. Taker continues to control Ramon by choking him over the top rope. Ramon crotches Taker over the top rope and Taker crashes to the floor. Ramon rams Taker face first into the ring steps. Ramon scoop slams Taker in the ring a few times to maintain control of the match. Ramon drops a few elbows on Taker when he sees Taker fail to sit up from his offense. Ramon taunts Paul Bearer and Taker gets back up. Ramon knocks Taker out with the urn. Ramon signals for the end. Taker powers out of the pin and sits up quickly. Taker ducks a clothesline and choke slams Ramon. Ramon rolls to the floor and has decided he has had enough of the match. Ramon walks backstage and is counted out. (1/2* This was hardly even a match, folks. I was surprised it wasn’t the main event, but after seeing what they did, I understand it.)

Main Event: Kamala vs. Big Bossman: Kamala attacks Bossman from behind and controls him in the corner with a choke hold and basic strikes. Kamala knocks Bossman down in the corner and sits on him. Kamala delivers a splash to keep Bossman down. Kamala continues to work over Bossman with basic strikes against the ropes. Kamala runs into boot in the corner and Bossman hammers away on Kamala. Bossman pummels Kamala with ten punches in the corner. Kamala misses a splash in the corner and Bossman gets a two count. Kamala eye rakes Bossman and sends him to the floor. Kamala sends Taker shoulder first into the ring steps and rolls back into the ring. Bossman manages to roll back into the ring but Kamala hammers away on Bossman. Kamala sends Bossman hard into the corner and puts a bear hug on Bossman. Kamala works over Bossman with a few strikes to keep him on the canvas. Kamala locks in another bear hug. Bossman breaks free from the hold and shoulder blocks Kamala a few times. Bossman comes off the ropes and is stopped by a throat thrust. Kamala misses a big splash. Bossman hammers away on Kamala and delivers another back elbow shot. Bossman jumps on Kamala across the middle rope and slides to the floor to punch him. Bossman avoids Kamala from behind and he decks Kimchee. Bossman rolls Kamala up and wins the match. (DUD. This just wasn’t a good match at all. I’m not even entirely sure why this would be the main event. Just an awful way to end the show.)

Final Thoughts:
Aside from the Michaels/Jannetty match this was one of the weakest house shows I’ve watched. The footage ran for an hour and a half, but it felt like it took double the amount of time to get through it. Avoid this show.

Thanks for reading.


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