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WWF Superstars 2/25/1989

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Tucson, AZ

1.) Mr. Perfect defeated the Red Rooster by count-out
2.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Ultimate Warrior defeated Dusty Wolfe
3.) Jacques & Raymond Rougeau defeated Steve Stone & John Doe
4.) Ron Garvin defeated Iron Mike Sharpe
5.) Andre the Giant defeated Tito Santana & Jim Powers in a handicap match
6.) Greg Valentine defeated Omar Atlas
7.) Hercules defeated Lou Fabiano

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Rooster hip tosses Perfect but Perfect quickly comes back with a scoop slam but Rooster hits a series of arm drags and a dropkick. The Brooklyn Brawler shared some comments about the WWF magazine that had an article on Rooster and proceeds to tear up the magazine. Perfect stops Rooster with a boot in the corner and stomps on Rooster. Perfect decks Rooster with a forearm shot as Brawler and Heenan are making their way down to ringside. Rooster plants Perfect with a swinging neck breaker. They trade right hands in the ring with Rooster hitting an atomic drop on Perfect. Perfect dropkicks Rooster and Brawler gets a cheap shot in from the floor. Rooster sends Perfect throat first into the ropes and Rooster goes to the floor where he brawls with Brawler causing Rooster to get counted out. Rooster gets back in the ring and decks Perfect with a right hand but he is still a loser. (NR. These two are obviously capable of a fine match, but this was just an angle advancement between Rooster and Brawler.)

2.) Ted DiBiase is back at his jewelry store and he wants to see his championship. They show DiBiase the championship, which isn’t shown on camera. He is beyond happy about the creation and believes that he found something that is worthy of him. He will be able to show everyone just how truly great he is.

3.) Rick Rude shares some pre-tape comments about the Ultimate Warrior telling him to live it up as champion because at WrestleMania it all comes to an end. Rude will be the new WWF Intercontinental Champion.

4.) Bushwhackers share some comments about the Rougeau Brothers during their squash match. They say that they will wipe their smiles off their faces when they square off at WrestleMania V,

5.) WWF World Champion Randy Savage remembers a time that Hulk Hogan begged him to have Elizabeth in his corner for a match against King Haku. Savage was made a fool when Hogan held the ropes for Elizabeth. Savage says that Elizabeth has a job to hold the ropes open for him. Savage hated that Hogan put Elizabeth on his shoulders. Savage is annoyed that Hogan is trying to continually steal his thunder. Savage knows that Elizabeth will be in his corner and Hogan will not take the WWF World Championship. Savage as complete and utter rage for Hogan.

6.) Brother Love has special guests this week that are the WWF World Tag Team Champions Demolition Ax and Demolition Smash. They will be defending against the Powers of Pain at WrestleMania V. Smash says that Mr. Fuji taught them everything they know. It’s time they take the teacher to school. Ax says that the ring will be the trap and they will choke out Fuji. Brother Love reminds them that the match is a handicap match and if any of them pin Demolition they will win the tag titles. Ax says that any time that Freddy Krueger wants to go home, he gets permission from them. Okay…

7.) Hulk Hogan cuts a promo on WWF World Champion Randy Savage being offended that Savage would call him sick. Hogan did what came naturally to him in regard to Elizabeth and holding the ropes for her. He also defends putting Elizabeth on his shoulder. Hogan saved Elizabeth from Slick and was attacked until Elizabeth helped her and Hogan won the match. Hogan went right over to Savage to make sure he was okay. Hogan is going into WrestleMania V with courage and confidence to defeat Savage and win back the WWF World Championship.

Final Thoughts:

A fine hype week for WrestleMania V with good focus on Savage/Hogan. The hype with WrestleMania has done very well and I can see all the excitement for Hogan/Savage.

Thanks for reading.


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