WCW Saturday Night 8/15/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Dustin Rhodes defeated Joe Cazana
2.) Johnny B. Badd defeated Mike Thor
3.) Bobby Eaton defeated Big Josh
4.) Vinnie Vegas & Diamond Dallas Page defeated Chad Byrd & Italian Stallion
5.) Jake Roberts defeated Randy Stallings
6.) Brian Pillman defeated Tracy Smothers
7.) Dick Slater defeated Tom Zenk
8.) WCW World Champion Ron Simmons defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker
9.) Vader defeated Rex Cooper & Danny Dees in a handicap match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) A press conference for WCW World Champion Ron Simmons is aired to kick off the program. Simmons will do everything in his power to represent the championship and the people.

2.) Ricky Steamboat is interviewed by Jim Ross. Steamboat has his ribs taped up and is chasing after WCW TV Champion Steve Austin. Steamboat believes that time for Austin as champion is running out and has hurt ribs that he is suffering from. Ricky is still going to be hot on Austin’s trail and he wonders what Paul Dangerously is going to do when he is 100% healthy on Austin’s trail.

3.) Dustin Rhodes is interviewed following his match about Greg Valentine and Dick Slater. Rhodes says that he and Barry Windham will teach them about pain. Dustin says he also wants to be WCW World Champion, essentially challenging Ron Simmons for a match in the future.

4.) Nikita Koloff is interviewed by Jim Ross and they go back to Baltimore, Maryland. Koloff had his way with WCW US Champion during their match in Baltimore. Koloff hit a running clothesline but the referee was knocked down preventing Koloff from winning the title. They will be meeting again at the Omni. Koloff has wanted just Rude the entire time. It’s only going to take one sickle for Koloff to win the WCW United States Championship.

5.) Larry Zbyszko is interviewed by Jim Ross claiming that he has a broken arm and we are shown how that happened from last week. Zbyszko says that pain and broken arms are all part of the game. Zbyszko says that he is no longer going to be a nice guy and is going to take out what was the Dangerous Alliance.

6.) Cactus Jack is interviewed by Jim Ross. Jack will get a shot at the WCW World Championship at the next Clash of the Champions. Cactus Jack gives Ron Simmons credit for having the guts to defend the championship against him. The show is live and Cactus says he can’t be censored or edited. Cactus is confident that something bad is going to happen to Ron Simmons on September 2nd.

7.) This is the in-ring debut of Jake Roberts in WCW. I can barely here his theme music, but it sounds quite creepy and fits his character very well. Roberts won the match following his trademark DDT.

8.) Jake Roberts is interviewed by Jim Ross. Roberts says when you go fishing or hunting you use bait or you use a dog, if you are smart. Sting fell for the trap. Roberts punished Sting because he deserved to be punished. Roberts says that Sting has no idea. Roberts is going to teach Sting a lesson that you don’t play with snakes unless you expect to be bitten. Roberts suggests that Sting quit the business. Roberts asks if Sting would use drugs or would Sting use a gun to play Russian roulette. Of course, he wouldn’t. Roberts thinks it is sick that people, especially kids, are going to witness the end of a man’s career in the Omni.

9.) Sting is interviewed by Jim Ross to comment on Jake Roberts. Sting knows that Roberts is the guy who hit him with a chair and a couple of DDTs. Sting wonders if Roberts expects him to lay down or be a puppet for Roberts. Sting isn’t going to backdown from Roberts because he isn’t scared. Sting has always been told he couldn’t wrestle or he wouldn’t come back from a knee injury, but he did. Sting finishes off saying that Jake Roberts doesn’t know who he is!

10.) WCW World Champion Ron Simmons is interviewed by Jim Ross following his squash match. Simmons says that the championship is for all the people in the crowd. He isn’t going to let down the people and he appreciates the support he has gotten since winning the championship. Simmons is going to prove at the Omni that he didn’t beat Vader on a fluke and he is going prove he is a real deal.

11.) Big Van Vader and Harley Race are interviewed to end the program. Vader says there is no pain and no excuses. He trained for Sting and instead he had to wrestle Ron Simmons. Vader blames WCW for tricking him and now Vader is really mad. Vader is coming after Simmons at the Omni. Harley Race says that Simmons won’t hold the belt for seven weeks, which Race had accomplished during one of his reigns.

Final Thoughts:
Well, this is largely a hype show for a house show at the Omni. That just seems kind of weird to do that, but whatever. If I was in the area I’d probably be inclined to check it out knowing that Vader/Simmons, Rude/Koloff and Sting/Roberts were the matches for the card. There wasn’t a big match, which kind of sucked, but there was plenty of advancements for the feuds that are important to the show.

Thanks for reading.

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