WWF RAW 11/1/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Recap of some stuff I missed on SD. Rock getting beaten in the parking garage and driven off.

Rock comes out. He is talking about Know Your Role Boulevard and checking in to the SD Hotel. He starts singing about the end of Jabroni Drive. HHH is not the Game. He is going to take Austin’s snakes and shove them up his candy ass. Now to the Road Dogg and he is a blemish on his ass. Here comes the Road Dogg.

Match 1: Rock v. Road Dogg

Rock flies up the ramp and smacks away. Inside the ring the Rock is dismantling him. Rock clotheslines him to the floor. Rock knocks him back up the ramp and into the back but he is flung out by the rest of DX and obilterated. Vince has come out and he and HHH are screaming at each other.

Show is with Cole talking about what he is capable of and he is not really sure but he will find out as will Bossman and Albert. PA and Bossman toss a gas bomb into the locker room and they put on a gas mask and lay waste to Show.

After the break EMT’s are working on a downed Show.

Match 2: Edge and Christian v. Hardy Boyz v. Too Cool v. Hollys (c) for WWF Tag Titles

Everyone is going at it in the ring and outside of it. Back in the ring Hardcore runs over Matt and tags in Brian Christopher who bulldogs him and gets two. After some more battling Edge gets the hot tag and goes off on Crash. Too Cool rushes in and now the match has broken down. Edge spears Crash and gets the win. Not for the titles….

** Okay.

Pac is facing Kane tonight and Tori is bitter about how Pac has treated him. Pac is making fun of her. She calls him a bastard.

Mankind is having Al sign his books for him….He is writing “jokes” and I use that term lightly!

Bossman and Albert are in the ring with a cart full of goodies. Bossman recaps what happened to them on SD. Bossman says some stuff and challenges Al to a Hardcore match. Al would like to face him and calls him fat and makes fun of PA and he has a partner and it is Mankind and the fight is on!

Match 3: Prince Albert and Big Bossman v. Al Snow and Mankind

Sorry….This has been a pretty long match. They have been tearing into each other inside and outside the ring. In the back Val took Mick’s book. Bossman uses the nightstick but is tossed to the floor and then PA is thrust into a table set up in the corner of the ring.

**1/2 For being of decent length and non-stop.

Val took all the books and put them in a garbage can and is lighting them on fire. Mankind is running to the back with an extinguisher! Too late.

Chyna is in the ring and her top says Master and Kitty’s says Slave. Chyna is bitching about Jericho. She does not like his attitude. She claims she is bigger than he is and that she is taller. She says some more things and then cue Jericho….Well, it is Stevie Richards dressed as Jericho.

Match 4: Chyna v. Stevie Richards

Chyna is utterly annihilating him. Pedigree and match.

* Squash.

Jericho runs in and demolishes Chyna and puts her in the Walls.

DX is conferring with each other.

Austin is chilling in his locker room.

Austin is walking now.

Now he is coming to the ring. Well, his music has hit but no Austin. He finally comes out. He goes off on Mr. Ass and wants ot kick his ass.

Match 5: Austin v. Ass

Mr. Ass charges down and unloads on Austin. But Austin fires back and clotheslines him to the floor and then knocks him over the barrier. Austin gets his head bounced off the barrier and Ass heads back over but is dropped and catapulted into the announce table. Ass thumbs the eye and hammers Austin against the announce table. Austin blocks going into the barrier and they are slugging it out, and Austin gets flung into the steps and rolled back into the ring. Ass continues to punish him and chokes him out. He has him in a chinlock and finally Austin is up and elbows. Thesz press time but Ass counters with a thumb to the eye. They battle and Austin gets bounces his throat off the top rope and goes for a Stunner but is shoved off. Now he hits it but here comes the rest of DX and he keeps them at bay with a chair.

**1/2 Another decent brawl.

Match 6: Test v. Val Venis

Test is with Steph….She is at the announce table. Val talks about how she would have never forgotten a night with him! Test assaults Val and thrusts him into the barrier. Val fights back and takes him down. In the ring Test counters by running Val into the corner and he hammers him. Val turns the tables and tears into him. He has him in a sleeper. Test fights free but is raked in the eyes and Val works him over. Here comes Mankind and he chases Val off….

** Okay.

Stephanie has the mic and is getting in the ring. If you love someone then set them free and they will comeback or some shit. She asks Test to marry him and he growls: Of course and they kiss.

Vince and HHH are still bickering.

Match 7: Kane v. X Pac

X Pac has the the mic and calls Tori a slut and Kane has had enough and he chokeslams Pac but DX runs down and mauls him. Pac Bronco Busts him.


Kurt Angle!! I love his hair. He is talking about his Olympic gold medal and the WWF is the next level.

More bickering in the back with HHH and Vince. Kane runs in and assaults them and he is pulled off and taken out of the room. Vince has had it and tells HHH he is defending the title tonight. HHH says something and Shane tackles him and there is a scrum that is finally broken up.

Rock is in the back and icing his elbow.

Match 8: Dudley Boyz v. Headbangers

Bubba Ray is taking it to Mosh. Devon flies off the middle rope and nails Mosh with a headbutt to the nads. Devon hammers him and now Bubba is in and smacks him around. Bubba sideslams him and gets two. Devon is in and is stomping on Mosh. Here comes Thrasher after Mosh managed to fight back and knock Bubba into the corner and splash him there. Thrasher gets in some offense and Devon comes in and helps out Bubba. Mosh pulls out Devon and Bubba is faceplanted and pinned.

** My bias is showing. Why the fuck would the Headbangers ever pin the Dudleys?

Austin is drinking beer in the back.

Vince is the guest ring announcer and calls out the champ first. HHH is all up in his grill! Austin is on commentary. Kane is the special enforcer. The timekeeper is the Rock.

Match 9: HHH (c) v. Shane McMahon for WWF Title

More McMahon air time….Shane charges down and sticks him and then pummels the beJesus out of HHH. He runs him over and drops him with a running back elbow. HHH counters with a spinebuster as Shane ran at him. HHH pounds himin the corner and spikes him getting two. Shane counters and decks him and goes for a Bronco Buster but Pac pulls him to the floor and kicks him over the barrier. Kane clotheslines X Pac over the barrier and beats him up in the crowd. HHH goes after Shane. HHH goes up to Austin and taunts him and gets blasted from Shane who flies from the barrier striking with a lariat. He gets two after a Pedigree. HHH is up and knocks him to the floor and Road Dogg pump-handle slams him. Rock runs over and takes out Dogg and beats him into the crowd. HHH heads out and shoves him into the steps and pulls him up to the apron where he tries to suplex him into the ring but Shane blocks and counters by hotshotting him off the top rope. HHH flies back into the ref and both are down. Shane goes up top and is crotched by Ass. Austin is involved now and tears into Gunn. HHH Pedigrees Shane but Austin comes back and Stuns HHH. Everyone is down and Austin and Gunn fight towards the back. Vince has the title belt and swings wildly, HHH ducks and Shane eats it. Vince is nutted and Shane is pinned.

**1/2 Decent. Nice angle advancement.

*** Nothing special but at the same time nothing offensive. It did the job by advancing angles and worked towards the PPV. SS has a lot of potential and while RAW has not been great it has been good enough to build towards a potentially great PPV. Hopefully Show and Bossman will end soon and Jericho will regain some air time as he has done nothing the past month.

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