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Rebooking The WWF: Week 12, 1994

What’s going on this week in the WWF?

WWF RAW 3/21/1994
1. The Smoking Gunns defeated Mark Starr & Tom Jenkins in 3:09 when Bart pinned Starr. During the bout, pre-tape comments by the Gunns were shown. They are looking to get a tag team title shot!
2. Kings Court w/ The Undertaker: Lawler opens the segment laughing about his attack on Roddy Piper to allow him to stay on as the host of Kings Court. Lawler taunts Piper by saying that he put the Hot Rod in his place and Lawler proved that he is a man of his word. Lawler proceeds to say that he has the perfect guest for the newest edition of Kings Court and that is the NEW WWF World Champion the Undertaker and Paul Bearer! Bearer and Taker slowly make their way down to the ring as the crowd makes it clear they are happy to see a new champion. Lawler isn’t all that impressed as Taker steps into the ring. Lawler sarcastically gives Taker props for winning the championship and asks what he will do now as champion. Bearer tells Lawler that the Undertaker put Luger’s reign to rest and they are open to any man to step forth and challenge for the gold. However, for any man who dares to challenge the Undertaker, they will need to be assured they will meet their maker. Undertaker steps forward and says “If you wish to be a champion, be warned that it may be your very last wish.” Lawler slowly takes the microphone away and is clearly nervous to hear that news.
3. Jeff Jarrett defeated Barry Horowitz in 2:35 following a double arm DDT.
4. Ron Simmons defeated Frank Martin in 2:58 following a spine buster. After the match. Ron Simmons gets close to the camera and makes it clear that he is coming for Rick Martel and the gold.
5. Sparky Plugg Vignette: A video promoting a racecar driver is shown. Plugg is at the race track where he says he has been an accomplish driver and is looking to take his fighting spirit to the WWF! He is going to arriving in the WWF very soon!
6. Bam-Bam Bigelow Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Bam-Bam Bigelow who proved he was a tougher man against Razor Ramon last night at WrestleMania X. Bigelow starts off by telling Ross that he showed the WWF that Ramon is nothing more than a fraud. He believes Ramon will never show his face in the WWF again out of embarrassment that he was beaten so easily. Ross doubts that will be the case, but he also asks Bigelow what he has in store now. Bigelow tells Ross that while he was the victor last night, he is upset over what happened at the end of the night. You see, the Undertaker won the WWF World Championship and Bigelow is none to pleased to see a man he dominated for six months hold a championship that belongs around his waist. Bigelow finishes off by saying “Hey Dead Man… you’re a deadman walking. The Beast is coming for that gold!”
7. Ludvig Borga defeated Jason Corkran in 2:33 following a shoulder breaker.
8. The Kamikaze Kid & Marty Jannetty defeated The Quebecers in 7:05 when Kid pinned Pierre following a moonsault.
9. Hulk Hogan Interview: Vince McMahon introduces former WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan for an interview. Hogan comes down but doesn’t play to the crowd and instead enters the ring to yank the microphone away from McMahon. Hogan wants to apologize to all the WWF fans for letting them all down and losing to the snake Ric Flair and his mysterious masked man. Hogan tells us that he isn’t going to rest into he gets Flair in the ring and beats him like the punk that he is and finding out who the mysterious masked man. Hogan knows that Flair isn’t in the building because he is celebrating the victory, which is fine by him. Hogan finishes off saying that once the celebration ends, Hogan will bring Flair back down to reality and truly prove who the better man really is!

Next week on RAW: WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel will defend the championship against Mr. Perfect!

WWF Superstars 3/26/1994

1. Chris Benoit defeated Tim Crocker in 2:17 with the Crossface.
2. Lex Luger Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with the former WWF World Champion Lex Luger. Luger is visibly upset about his loss and is confused as to what he can do. Luger knows that he has a rematch clause but he says that the Undertaker is a freak of nature and feels no pain. Luger believes the only way he can beat the Undertaker and reclaim his championship is by putting him six feet under. Ross appears to be confused and asks what Luger is meaning. Luger looks at Ross after thinking for a moment. Luger responds that the only way he can beat the Undertaker is by beating him at his own game. “Ross, I mean I’d have to beat the Undertaker so badly I could put him in a casket and be done with him. That’s how I would be able to get my belt back.” Ross asks if Luger is issuing a challenge to the new champion to a casket match, but Luger thinks in the ring before leaving shaking his head confused as to what he is thinking about.
3. IRS defeated PJ Walker in 2:06 following a lariat.
4. Carlos Vega Vignette: A video promoting a new talent named Carlos Vega is shown. Vega is sitting in a leather chair, smoking a cigar as the video begins. Vega tells us that he was the man that brought Razor Ramon into the Cuban thug life, but Razor put them to shame at WrestleMania. Vega warns us that he is coming to show the WWF and Razor Ramon that he is what Razor Ramon should have been. Carlos Vega is ruthless and do whatever he needs to do to get the job done.
5. Mr. Perfect defeated Bill Anderson in 2:44 following the Perfect Plex. During the bout, Mr. Perfect shared some comments regarding his championship match next Monday on RAW. Perfect is looking forward to regaining the championship he brought prestige to.
6. Bret Hart Interview: Vince McMahon introduces Bret Hart for an interview. Bret is in a good mood after beating Ted DiBiase at WrestleMania X to reclaim the Hart Family house and free his family from being under control of the evil DiBiase. Bret admits that beating DiBiase and having him locked in the Sharpshooter was one of the best feelings he has ever felt. Ross notes that the British Bulldog appears to have some issues with DiBiase considering his wife Diana was also a victim of DiBiase’s actions. Bret tells Ross that while he got some measure of revenge on DiBiase, he supports Bulldog in his quest to take care of DiBiase for his own sanity. Hart finishes off saying that DiBiase is going to learn that you don’t mess with the Hart Family.
7. The British Bulldog defeated Mike Khoury in 1:39 following a running powerslam.
8. Yokozuna defeated Koko B. Ware in 2:15 following the Bonzai Drop.

Next week on Superstars:
Crush will be in action against Owen Hart!


WWF Wrestling Challenge 3/27/1994
1. Doink the Clown defeated Frank Johnson in 2:44 following a Whoopee Cushion.
2. Johnny Polo Interview: Polo shares some comments about how he was upset about Jim Cornette being fired due to his team losing at Mania. However, once the anger subsided he realized their was an opportunity. Polo says there are a group of men that need a leader and he has recruited them! That’s right. Yokozuna, Crush, Ludvig Borga and the Quebecers step into the picture and Polo is laughing saying that Johnny Polo is going to run the WWF and no one is going stop HIS army!
3. Owen Hart defeated Christopher Cullen in 2:06 following a missile dropkick.
4. Tatanka defeated William House in 2:16 following a Samoan Drop.
5. Ted DiBiase Interview: Vince McMahon introduces Ted DiBiase, who despite the loss at Mania, is still as evil as ever. DiBiase doesn’t want to talk about his loss to Bret Hart as he has moved on from that investment. No, instead he wants to talk about the British Bulldog. DiBiase describes his venture with Diana and notes how soft her skin was and how wet her lips were. Ted says that part of him misses that and knows that every time that Bulldog kisses her now, Diana will have a lasting memory of DiBiase. McMahon reminds DiBiase that Bulldog is coming for Ted, but DiBiase isn’t fazed. DiBiase tells Vince that he is going to put the dog to sleep and take his trophy wife too! Ted finishes off the segment with his trademark laugh.
6. Crush defeated Jeff Erickson in 2:55 with the Kona Vice.
7. Steiner Brothers Interview: We hear comments from the former WWF World Tag Team Champions Rick and Scott Steiner. They keep it short and simple. Diesel and Shawn Michaels better be training hard because the former champs are coming back for the straps. That’s right they are invoking their rematch clause.
8. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Marty Jannetty in 7:05 following a diving headbutt.

Next week on Wrestling Challenge:
Ludvig Borga will compete in singles action against Randy Savage!

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