Rebooking The WWF: Week 16 (IYH #1 PPV)

The latest installment of the rebooking project features an In Your House pay per view event.

WWF RAW 4/18/1994
1. Yokozuna defeated PJ Walker & Barry Horowitz in 2:45 when he pinned Walker. After the match, Yokozuna stacked the jobbers onto each other and looked to hit a Bonzai Drop until Tatanka ran out and made the save.
2. The British Bulldog defeated Dave Sanderson in 2:17 following a running powerslam. During the match, Ted DiBiase appeared from the backstage area and watched Bulldog with an evil grin on his face. What does he have in store for us at In Your House this weekend?
3. Kings Court w/ Carlos Vega: Jerry Lawler welcomed us to “America’s number one talk show” King’s Court. His guest this week is newcomer Carlos Vega who has made it evident that he has some business with fan favorite Razor Ramon. Lawler introduces Vega, who comes out dressed nicely with a suite and a cigar in his mouth. Vega shakes Lawler’s hand before the start of the interview. Lawler asks for Vega to tell us about what history he has with Ramon. Vega proceeds to tell us that he is the man who molded Razor Ramon into a Bad Guy. They were part of the same Miami gang that ran the area for a decade. But, now he sees that Ramon has gone soft and listens to the same people they would beat on the streets. Vega tells Lawler that he is disgusted and ashamed of Ramon for what he has become, and he is in the WWF to make his people proud and in the process either take Ramon out or remind him of who he really is. That being said, Vega announces that he is going to be generous and give Ramon two weeks from tonight to make up his mind. “Razor, you can either come back to the family, or you can expect to feel a wrath you will forget or survive.” Lawler laughs at the end out of happinness after hearing that Razor has a tough decision to make!
4. Chris Benoit defeated Don Mosby in 2:55 following a German suplex. During the match, Owen Hart shared some comments saying that he as a bad taste in his mouth after losing to Benoit at WrestleMania X. Owen is looking for another chance to show Benoit he is better than him.
5. Marty Jannetty & the Kamikaze Kid defeated Mike Sharpe & Dave Strickland in 3:04 when Kid pinned Sharpe following a moonsault.
6. In Your House Report: Todd Pettengill runs down the card for the event and announces that two surprise bonus matches will be added to the show! Make sure to tune into this special Saturday evening pay per view! You are surely not going to want to miss this one! So, call your local provider and tune in!
7. Ron Simmons defeated Keith Johnson in 2:28 following a spine buster. During the match, WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel’s valet Tamara cut a promo saying that he rman will not lose the championship this weekend. She tells us that Martel not only has the amazing good looks, but knows what it takes to beat the big goof, Ron Simmons and he will do it again!
8. IRS defeated Bart Gunn in 6:11 following a lariat.

WWF Superstars 4/23/1994

1. Ludvig Borga defeated Mo in 3:09 following a shoulder breaker.
2.Tatanka Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Tatanka regarding what happened on RAW this past Monday. Tatanka says he is sick and tired of seeing the big guys in the WWF, especially the guys in Polo’s group take advantage of the smaller wrestlers. Tatanka knows he was on the winning team at WrestleMania X but now he wants a piece of them all in singles action. He figures to start at the top and that’s with Yokozuna! Tatanka suggests that Yokozuna find the little bit of courage he has and meet him in the squared circle. Tatanka warns Yokozuna that with the people behind him, the almighty Yokozuna will suffer an almighty loss!
3. The Headshrinkers defeated Hank Stone & AJ Fatal in 2:36 when Fatu pinned Fatal after a top rope splash. During the bout, the Quebecers shared some thoughts saying that they believe that the Headshrinkers and themselves can work together and beat the foursome of Men on a Mission and the Smoking Gunns next week on the Wrestling Challenge.
4. Owen Hart defeated Tim Timmons in 2:19 following a missile dropkick.
5. Doink the Clown Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Doink the Clown ans asks why Doink asked for this interview time. Doink starts off laughing but the laughter subsides and he becomes rather serious. Doink says that for the past several months he has been quiet and hasn’t hurt people with his pranks, which McMahon thinks is a good thing. But, Doink says that he has an idea. He thinks he knows a prank that will remembered for years to come and people will never forget Doink the Clown. Vince asks what the prank is, but Doink tells him that a clown never reveals his plans… and then proceeds to burst out into laughter.
6. Razor Ramon defeated Joey Cage in 2:06 following the Razors Edge.
7. WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel defeated Mike Evans in 2:07 with the Boston Crab.

WWF In Your House #1
Attendance: 9,000
From: Syracuse, New York
Announcers: Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan

A video promoting the main event between WWF World Champion the Undertaker and Bam-Bam Bigelow kicks off the show. It highlights the history between the two and the question is asked.. can Bigelow beat the Undertaker with the biggest prize of them all on the line?

Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan welcome everyone to the show. McMahon hypes the show and says tonight will be a big night. Heenan agrees because the Dead Man’s run as champion will burst into flames thanks to Bam-Bam Bigelow! Also, the British Bulldog looks to get revenge of his own against Ted DiBiase. Heenan thinks tonight DiBiase will put the Bulldog to sleep and take his wife in the process too! McMahon thinks that is a ridiculous statement. The show kicks off with the first of two bonus matches!

Opening Contest: The Quebecers vs. the Smoking Gunns: Jacques and Bart kicked off the bout with Bart getting the better of Jacques with a series of right hands, a dropkick and a gorilla press slam. Jacques backed away into a corner and delivered a cheap kick to Bart’s lower midsection to get the advantage and hit a neckbreaker to keep Bart down on the canvas. Jacques hit a back breaker and tagged in Pierre who hit a top rope leg drop for a two count. Pierre continued his offense with a belly to belly suplex nd a vertical suplex. Bart managed to block a backdrop with a face buster. Bart is able to kick Pierre away and hit a snap powerslam before tagging in Billy. Billy hammers away on both Quebecers and sends Jacques to the floor with a clothesline. Pierre clubs Billy from behind but Billy counters an Irish whip with a spinning spinebuster for a near fall. Late in the match, the Quebecers miss a double team splash off the top. Pierre is sent to the floor and the Gunns are able to hit a side walk slam/legdrop on Jacques for the win. (The Smoking Gunns over the Quebecers, 8:15, ***)

Backstage, Mean Gene is talking with Jeff Jarrett and Scott Norton. Norton is flexing his large arms while Jarrett is grinning ear to ear. Jarrett tells Gene that tonight Norton isn’t going to get screwed over like he did at WrestleMania X. Jeff is confident that tonight Norton will break Mr. Perfect in half!

Second Contest: Mr. Perfect vs. Scott Norton: Prior to the bout, Perfect chases after Jarrett around ringisde but is met with a vicious clothesline by Norton on the floor. Norton tosses Perfect into the guard railing and drops him face first over the ring steps. This causes the referee to send Jarrett to the backstage area! Norton is able to use his advantage for several minutes and uses his strenght advantage to take Perfect down to the mat with a series of powerslams and a belly to back suplex. Norton misses a middle rope splash and that gives Perfect a window to get some offense in. Perfect hammers away on Norton. Perfect comes off the ropes and hits a knee lift to Norton’s chin to stagger the big man. Late in the match, Perfect went for the Perfect Plex but Norton easily countered it and hit a shoulder breaker to win the match! (Scott Norton over Mr. Perfect, 8:45, **1/2)

A video promoting the feud between Ted DiBiase and the Hart Family is shown dating back to late 1993.

Backstage, Mean Gene is with the British Bulldog and his wife Diana. Bulldog tells Gene that tonight is the end of DiBiase and the end of the evil millionaire messing with the Hart Family. Bulldog assures his wife that he will make sure DiBiase pays for bringing her into the mix, too.

Third Contest: the British Bulldog vs. Ted DiBiase: Bulldog hammers away on DiBiase before the bell and knocks him to the floor with a clothesline. Bulldog sends DiBiase into the ropes and hit a gorilla press slam causing DiBiase to bail to the floor. While on the floor, Ted goes towards Diana, but Bulldog goes to the floor to protect her. DiBiase out smarts Bulldog by sending him face first into the ring steps Back in the ring, DiBiase controls Bulldog by stomping on his face and controls him with a headlock. DiBiase plants Bulldog with a piledriver moments later but can’t keep him down long enough. DiBiase leaps off the middle rope but is punched in the midsection by Bulldog who follows up with a miltary press slam! Bulldog follows up with a series of clotheslines and signals for the running powerslam. IRS comes out to distract Bulldog but Bret Hart runs out and brawls with IRS causing the referee to get distracted on the floor! Diana Smith gets on the apron and tells Bulldog she wants to get a piece of DiBiase! Bulldog tries to control her but she is demanding it! Bulldog turns around to grab DiBiase and is low blowed by his wife! DiBiase takes this time to lock in the Million Dollar Dream! Bulldog tries to get to his feet but he crashes to the canvas and he is out cold! (Ted DiBiase over the British Bulldog, 10:54, ***.) After the match, Ted DiBiase gets to his feet and lets out a trademark laugh. Diana gets into the ring and just stares at Bulldog, who is laid out on the canvas. DiBiase puts his arm around Diana’s waist and they proceed to kiss right over Bulldog’s fallen body!

A video promoting the match between WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel and Ron Simmons is shown. Can Simmons take the gold away?

Fourth Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel vs. Ron Simmons: Martel runs away from Simmons on the floor but gets in the ring and runs into a snap powerslam by the challenger. Simmons just pummels Martel in the corner and is pulled off by the referee. Martel gets a lace out of his boot and ducks a clothesline so he can choke Simmons from behind. Martel beats down Simmons with several strikes and a back breaker for a near fall. Tamara hands Martel a chair and Martel rams the chair into Simmons midsection before whacking the challenger over the back as well. Martel charges towards a corner with the chair in hand but Simmons avoids the champ, and Martel splashes the corner with the chair in hand. Simmons grabs Martel and hits a spinebuster but Tamara breaks up the pin attempt to save Martel’s championship. Simmons scares Tamara out of the ring and hits Martel with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Simmons continues his offense with a reverse neckbreaker. Late in the match, Simmons looks for a powerbomb but Tamara enters the ring and holds his leg. Martel breaks free and while Simmons is trying to get Tamara off of him, Martel low blows Simmons with the steel chair! Martel grabs the WWF Intercontinental Championship and leaps off the middle rope to hit Simmons over the head with the gold to win the match! (Rick Martel over Ron Simmons, 12:29, ***).

Backstage, Todd Pettengill is standing with Ludvig Borga and Johnny Polo. Todd asks about Borga’s upcoming match with Randy Savage. Polo doesn’t understand Randy Savage and his way of thinking. Polo is confused as to how Savage could ever think he could survive stepping into the ring with Borga again. Polo says that Borga is going to take Savage out for good and America will realize that they aren’t as good as they think they are!

Fifth Contest: Randy Savage vs. Ludvig Borga: Savage attacks Borga before the bell and knocks him off his feet with a clothesline. Borga stops Savage by sending him shoulder first into the corner and delivered a backbreaker. Borga continues his attack with a delayed vertical suplex and a knee drop off the middle rope. Borga focuses his attack on Savage’s shoulder and lower back. Savage punches his way out of a powerbomb and nearly pins Borga. Late in the match, Johnny Polo accidentally hits Borga with a hockey stick and that allowed Savage to scoop slam Borga. After knocking Polo off the apron, Savage heads to the top rope and hit the flying elbow drop to win the match. (Randy Savage over Ludvig Borga, **1/2, 9:13)

A video promoting the feud between WWF World Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels & Diesel agianst the Steiner Brothers is aired.

Sixth Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels & Diesel vs. the Steiner Brothers: The challengers start the match by sending the champions to the floor with clotheslines. Eventually, Michaels and Rick start off the contest with Rick controlling Michaels with mat wrestling and hitting a German suplex for a near fall in the opening minutes of the contest. Rick pummels Michaels in the corner until Michaels poked Rick in the eyes and hit a swinging neck breaker. Michaels stomps away on Rick before tagging in Diesel who hit a big boot and nearly got the pin as a result. Rick is able to duck under a clothesline and powers Diesel over with a big overhead slam! The crowd goes nuts for that. Rick tags in Scott who knocks Shawn off the apron but walks right into a side walk slam by Big Daddy Cool. Diesel tried a choke slam but Scott counters and hits a back suplex. Scott tries to hit a double under hook powerbomb but Michaels chop blocks Scott’s knee to help Diesel. Diesel and Michaels double team Scott and Shawn hit a superkick but couldn’t pin Scott. Late in the match, Scott plants Michaels with a double underhook slam and tags in Rick who cleans house and plants Michaels with a DDT. Rick climbs to the top and Scott puts Michaels on his shoulders. Diesel shoves Rick off the top and Rick crashes to the floor! Diesel saves Michaels and drops Scott with a big powerbomb! Michaels covers and wins the bout. (Shawn Michaels & Diesel over the Steiner Brothers, 11:27, ***1/2). After the match, referees check on Rick Steiner who is holding his right knee in serious pain.

Backstage, Mean Gene is standing with Bam-Bam Bigelow. Bigelow tells the “old man” to shut his mouth and wants the world to listen to him. Tonight he puts the Undertaker down once and for all. Bigelow is going to walk out the WWF World Championship and there is nothing anyone can do about it!

Seventh Contest: Chris Benoit vs. the Kamikaze Kid: This is the second special bonus contest. Benoit really dominated the smaller Kamikaze Kid and hit him with countless chops and vicious looking overhead suplexs. Benoit also hit a top rope back suplex that wowed the crowd. Kid tried to fight back with a spinning heel kick and a middle rope senton splash. Kid attempted a moonsault but Benoit moved out of the way and put Kid away with a bridging German suplex for the win. (Chris Benoit over the Kamikaze Kid, 5:48, ***).

A video promoting the year history between the Undertaker and Bam-Bam Bigelow is aired.

Main Event: WWF World Champion the Undertaker vs. Bam-Bam Bigelow: They start off the show trading right hands with Taker getting the better of the exchange. Taker attempts a leaping clothesline but Bigelow side steps the champion and hits a falling head butt to gain the advantage. Bigelow scoop slams Taker and comes off the ropes to hit a senton splash for a one count. Bigelow sends Taker into the corner and hits two big splashes causing Taker to crumble out of the corner. Bigelow scoop slams Taker but only gets a near fall. Bigelow attempted a neckbreaker but Taker countered and hip tossed Bigelow over. Taker backs the challenger into a corner and delivered several body shots. Taker hip tosses Bigelow out of the corner and follows up with a leaping clothesline he missed earlier in the match. Moments later, Taker walks the top rope and jumps across Bigelow’s shoulder. Taker signals for a choke slam but Bigelow elbows out of it and plants Taker with a reverse neckbreaker. Bigelow heads to the top rope but misses a diving headbutt! Taker hits a choke slam but Bigelow gets his foot on the bottom rope! Taker signals for the tombstone and has Bigelow set up. Lex Luger makes his way down to the ring and distracts the champ causing Bigelow to reverse the move and hit the tombstone! Bigelow covers Taker but can’t get the three. Luger gets on the apron and yells at Bigelow. Taker sits up. Luger wants Bigelow to send Taker into his steel plated forearm. Bigelow tries to d that but Taker counters and sends Bigelow into Luger. Taker picks Bigelow up and hits the tombstone! Taker covers and wins the match! (The Undertaker over Bam-Bam Bigelow, 12:09, ***). After the match, Taker poses with the belt while Bigelow and Luger argue on the floor to close the show.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 4/24/1994
1. Crush defeated Scott Stevens in 2:19 with the Kona Vice.
2. Highlights from IYH: The highlights include Ted DiBiase getting the win over Bulldog and getting his wife in the process. Rick Martel retaining the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Rick Steiner injuring his knee as the Steiner Brothers lost. Lastly, the Undertaker retaining the WWF World Championship over Bam-Bam Bigelow.
3. The Heavenly Bodies defeated Mark Miller & Dave Hudson in 2:55 when Del Ray pinned Hudson.
4. Sparky Plugg Vignette: Bob Holly hypes up his debut for RAW tomorrow night. Holly is looking forward to taking a victory lap after his first match on RAW!
5. Men on a Mission defeated Paul Williams & Jim Franklin in 2:49 when Mabel pinned Williams.
6. Bret Hart defeated Quebecer Jacques in 6:25 with the Sharpshooter.

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