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WCW Saturday Night 8/14/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Arn Anderson & Paul Roma defeated Bobby Eaton & Dick Slater
2.) Yoshi Kwan defeated Brad Armstrong
3.) Sting defeated Richard Ingram
4.) Sid Vicious defeated Jason Johnson
5.) Ricky Steamboat, 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell defeated Paul Orndorff, Lord Steven Regal & Maxx Payne

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dustin Rhodes comes out to be interviewed. Dustin notes that Rick Rude has been playing games with him for months. Dustin is going to make Rude wait right before their match to find out who the mystery partner is. Jesse Ventura doesn’t believe it is fair to do that.

2.) Harley Race is interviewed with the Colossal Kongs following Kwan’s victory. Race says that Vader is going to eliminate the British Bulldog once and for all. Race believes he will have another trophy like he has for Cactus Jack. Race wants Sting to think about 500lbs coming at him at the Clash. Race is mad that Ric Flair isn’t wrestling at the Clash and says he is gutless. Race says that Flair doesn’t have the guts to put the title on the line. Flair comes out and Race says that he doesn’t have guts. Flair believes that Sting could beat both Kongs at the same time. Flair suggests that nobody thinks they can beat him and that’s why he doesn’t have a match at the Clash. Race shoves Flair and does it again. Flair decks Race with a right hand and leaves the ringside area. Race wants Flair to get in the ring if he has the guts.

3.) Interestingly, the next set of commercials has Sting teaming with Ric Flair to take on the Colossal Kongs. So… that’s some good timing.

4.) Jesse Ventura interviews the British Bulldog regarding his upcoming match at the Clash against WCW World Champion Vader. Bulldog admits he’s crazy for one more match with Vader. He has proven his strength to slam Vader. Bulldog says we are looking at the next WCW World Champion and you can take that to the bank.

5.) NWA World Champion Ric Flair is interviewed regarding the Clash of the Champions. Flair notes that he always like to be the main event. Flair is asking a special favor and wants Sting to appear on camera. We get a split screen of Sting backstage listening to Flair. Flair knows that Sting wants his belt and they have great respect. Flair offers a tag match with him teaming with Sting to take on the Colossal Kongs at the Clash. Sting says there is a lot of bad blood between them. Sting says that Flair has something he wants. The Colossal Kongs have come out and Flair goes to the ring to get ready for them. Sting has left the backstage scene and is headed to the ring! Sting slides into the ring and the Kongs back off. So, the commercial aired before Flair actually offered the tag match.

6.) Orndorff and Steamboat kick off the main event. Steamboat shoulder blocks Orndorff but Orndorff stops Ricky with a knee lift and delivers several strikes in the corner. Steamboat fights back with chops and Orndorff rolls to the outside. Payne gets tagged in to try his luck with Steamboat. Payne works over Steamboat with a head butt and tags in Regal. Steamboat hits a cross body on Regal and a shoulder block for a two count. Regal gets control with a few uppercuts. Steamboat chops and then dropkicks Regal to the floor. Bagwell is on the apron taunting Regal. Bagwell comes off the top to axe handle Regal and tosses Regal across the ring. Bagwell fights off Regal in the corner to avoid a sneak attack by Payne. Payne back elbows Bagwell but misses a clothesline. Bagwell tries a cross body but is caught and slammed to the canvas. Bagwell avoids an elbow drop and tags in Scorpio. Scorpio dropkicks Payne and dropkicks both Orndorff and Regal! Scorpio scoop slams Regal and hit a slingshot leg drop for a two count. Scorpio heads to the top rope but Regal knocks Scorpio out in midair. Orndorff gets tagged in and works over Scorpio with strikes. Orndorff hits a back suplex but only manages a two count. Orndorff stomps on Scorpio and tags in Payne so they can double team Scorpio briefly. Payne elbows Scorpio and gets a near fall. Scorpio is being worked over in the corner by the heels. Regal continues to work over Scorpio with a gut wrench suplex for a two count. Scorpio fights out of the corner with right hands and tries to make a tag but misses. Scorpio breaks free and tags in Steamboat! Ricky cleans house with overhand chops but is stopped by Orndorff. All six men are in the ring brawling. Orndroff and Steamboat go to the floor trading blows. Steamboat knocks Orndorff down on the floor. Steamboat this a top rope cross body and gets a pin on Regal! (**1/4. An average match, but I was most entertained by Scorpio and Steamboat and their flashes of offense. Regal and Orndorff did well in their roles, as well. Payne and Bagwell were just kind of there and I’m surprised neither man was involved in the finish.)

7.) NWA World Champion Ric Flair and Sting are interviewed to close the program. They will be teaming at the Clash. They have agreed to something as well. Next week, NWA World Champion Ric Flair will defend the title against Sting on the show! I feel like Sting got a way better deal out of this. Sting says they are going to tear the Kongs apart!

Final Thoughts:
When Ric Flair plays the role of a good guy, he sure acts dumb. The whole show was mostly making the Flair & Sting vs. Kongs match at the Clash. They touched upon the Bulldog/Vader match and Dustin’s mystery partner deal again. Next weeks show is probably the biggest show of the year TV wise with Flair taking on Sting. I know they’ve wrestled a million times, but it is still enjoyable.

Thanks for reading.

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