WCW Saturday Night 8/7/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Sting defeated Bill Payne
2.) Bobby Eaton & Chris Benoit defeated Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce
3.) Yoshi Kwan defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell
4.) Rick Rude & The Equalizer defeated Warren Quinn & Leroy Howard
5.) 2 Cold Scorpio defeated Mercenary #2
6.) WCW Television Champion Paul Orndorff & Maxx Payne defeated Ricky Steamboat & Johnny B. Badd by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Backstage, Rick Rude is hyping up Equalizer for their tag match at Clash of the Champions. They are teaming tonight as well. Apparently, Rude will find out tonight who Dustin Rhodes will have as a partner at the Clash in eleven days.

2.) Harley Race and the Kongs come out to ringside to get a closer look at Sting in action. Awesome Kong is scheduled to fight Sting at the Clash.

3.) Kwan won his match against Bagwell with a nerve hold, but it’s not the usual looking hold. Instead, Kwan straightens the arm out while standing and grabs a hold of the side of the neck before going to the canvas, which gets the submission.

4.) Harley Race and Yoshi Kwan are interviewed following the victory. Race doesn’t have time for more packages from a dead Cactus Jack. Race is putting the bag around Kwan’s neck. In order for Cactus to get it back he is going to have to beat Kwan. Harley is confident that the next thing to be around Yoshi’s neck will be made out of Jack’s body.

5.) Dustin Rhodes comes out for an interview regarding his mystery partner. Rude and Equalizer appear on the big screen. Dustin is teasing the mystery partner and says that he has games to play with Rude now. So, Rude isn’t going to find out tonight and they are going to have to wait. Dustin offers two clues. These two men were six man tag team champions with Dusty Rhodes. The second clue is that at the Clash it is going to be their doom.

6.) Badd and Orndorff kick it off with Badd delivering a shoulder block but is met with a knee lift. Orndorff holds onto the ropes and falls down to avoid a left hand from Badd, who is still wearing a mask. Badd wants a piece of Maxx Payne. Payne offers a handshake but Badd doesn’t seem interested in it. Badd kicks Payne followed by strikes a cross body for a two count. Payne rolls to the floor to avoid Badd. Steamboat gets tagged in by Badd and comes off the top with an overhand strike. Steamboat decks Orndorff with another strike and Orndorff is begging off in the corner. Ricky ignores the plea and hammers away on Orndorff until he runs into a big boot. Orndorff yanks Steamboat down to the canvas by his hair. Steamboat goes for a sunset flip for a two count. Orndorff quickly gets up to run over Steamboat with a clothesline and stomps away on Ricky. Orndorff punches Badd on the apron and that allows Steamboat to be double teamed in the corner while the referee was dealing with Badd. Payne enters and scoop slams Steamboat missing an elbow drop off the ropes. Orndorff tags back in and plants Steamboat with a back suplex. Orndorff comes off the top but Ricky gets his boots up to block the move. Steamboat is able to tag in Badd who hammers away on Payne. Badd decks Orndorff to the floor but gets shoved by Payne out of the corner. Payne misses a middle rope big splash. Badd has the cover but gets off to fight off Orndorff. All four men are in the ring brawling and Orndorff has some brass knuckles. Orndorff misses a shot with the knuckles and Badd gets hold of the brass knuckles. Badd misses a left hand as Orndorff went to the floor. Badd hits Payne with the knuckles and the referee calls for the bell to disqualify Badd and Steamboat. (*1/2. That is such a corny way to give the heels a victory. The action isn’t all that great. I guess it continues the two feuds leading into the Clash but Payne or Badd could have eaten a pin here.)

7.) NWA World Champion Ric Flair and Arn Anderson come out for an interview. Flair says he will have a special guest on the Flair for the Gold at the Clash. Oh, Paul Roma is there too. Roma says he and Anderson are here to take the belts from the Hollywood Blondes. Anderson tells us the talk is over and it is time for the belts to come home. Anderson is guaranteeing they will be champions unless they are killed.

Final Thoughts:
I didn’t really find much appeal to this show. First, they promise Dustin Rhodes revealing his mystery partner, and that wasn’t delivered. Obviously with the hints provided, you can figure it out. Secondly, the action this week wasn’t all that entertaining. Luckily, it was only an hour program.

Thanks for reading.

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