WCW Saturday Night 9/24/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) WCW Television Champion Johnny B. Badd defeated Mark Starr
2.) WCW United States Champion Jim Duggan defeated Tony Vincent
3.) Alex Wright defeated The Gambler
4.) Steve Austin defeated Frankie Lancaster
5.) Stars & Stripes defeated Fred Avery & Chic Donovan
6.) Honkytonk Man defeated Barry Houston
7.) Arn Anderson defeated Joey Maggs
8.) The Guardian Angel defeated Vader by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Footage from Fall Brawl where Hulk Hogan talked with Ric Flair on the phone saying that if Flair beat him, then Hogan would leave WCW forever. The match will be held inside a steel cage, which was announced by Nick Bockwinkel. It’s going down at Halloween Havoc.

2.) WCW Television Champion Johnny B. Badd is interviewed following his victory. Badd has a title defense against Honkytonk Man at Halloween Havoc. Badd calls Honky a wannabe and talks about the opportunity he had at Fall Brawl winning the title on his mother’s birthday. Badd says all his handwork has paid off with a championship. Badd is going to kick Honky’s booty.

3.) WCW United States Champion Jim Duggan is interviewed following his victory, as well. Gene asks Duggan about Lord Steven Regal, but he doesn’t want to talk about him. Duggan is sorry about Ricky Steamboat and his injury. Duggan is proud of the USA and says he’s going to give Regal a shot at the championship and accepts a match with Regal for a match at some point.

4.) Kevin Sullivan and Dave Sullivan are interviewed. Dave is happy that Kevin beat Cactus Jack last week. Dave is also happy that Hogan is going to win the steel cage match with Ric Flair. Kevin wants to know the obsession with Hogan. Dave is buying into the working out and eating vitamins. Kevin slaps Dave and tells him to be worried about him instead. Kevin says the evil has woken up inside of him. Kevin spits on the memory of Cactus Jack and laughs that Cactus isn’t here anymore. Kevin slaps Dave and tells him he has to get on track.

5.) Steve Austin is interviewed following his win. Austin is a little upset about Ricky Steamboat not fighting him at Fall Brawl. Austin is livid about Jim Duggan being a replacement and then losing to him because he prepared for Steamboat. Austin has been harassed by Bockwinkel and if he puts his hands on him he’d be fined. Austin wants Jim Duggan at Halloween Havoc to get his championship back.

6.) Stars and Stripes are interviewed following their victory. Tomorrow night on the Main Event, they will get a shot at WCW Tag Team Champions Pretty Wonderful. They are very excited about their shot again. Gene thinks he knows who the Patriot is, but Patriot doesn’t seem to care and says they aren’t done yet. Paul Orndorff and Paul Roma come out wearing suits saying that Patriot and Bagwell cried to the officials about how many times they’ve been beaten by the champs. They earned the titles and they are going to do it again tomorrow night. Orndorff is going to expose Patriot for what he really is, and that’s a backstabber no good American. Paul Roma says they are the best tag team and they don’t just claim it they have the titles to prove it.

7.) There was a press conference recently led by Eric Bischoff to formally announce the match between Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan for Halloween Havoc taking place inside a steel cage. Muhammad Ali is sitting down next to Bischoff but doesn’t speak. Ali will be at the event and award the championship to the winner. Money from the event will be going to Ali’s foundation. Mr. T will be the special referee for the match at Havoc. Both Flair and Hogan comment on the match, which sees Hogan admit that he sees Flair as the top wrestler going today. Flair says he won’t retire if he loses but rather he will haunt Hogan if he wins.

8.) Ric Flair makes his way out to be interviewed with Sherri Martel. Flair has the replica championship around his waist, as well. Flair says he has the championship that proves he is the man. Flair believes that Hulk Hogan is thinking back at the worst mistake he ever made in signing a match with Flair at Havoc inside a steel cage. Flair is excited with the thought of no more Hogan when he wins at Havoc. Flair thinks he should defend his championship tomorrow night. Dave Sullivan comes over to cut off Flair and says that Flair isn’t the champion. Flair tells Dave to get back on his medication and tells him to never come out here again when the real champion is talking about a title defense. Dave doesn’t shut up about Hogan and Flair suggests that Dave might be his opponent tomorrow night. Dave agrees to give it a try tomorrow night. Kevin Sullivan comes out and freaks out on Dave and defends Flair for being the champion. Flair gives Dave a half-hour to come out and apologize for getting involved in his interview.

9.) Arn Anderson is interviewed following his victory and talks about Dustin Rhodes. He’ll be meeting Dustin at Halloween Havoc. Anderson says that Dustin has left his father injured again because he wanted to become a man. The Nasty Boys are in the hospital because Dustin wanted to be a man. Anderson says their issues end at Halloween Havoc no matter the outcome. Parker promises that the Nasty Boys have learned their lesson since their faces are all messed up now. Bunkhouse Buck wants the Nasty Boys to put their careers on the line and promises to kick their butts at the Havoc.

10.) Angel backs Vader into the corner but the referee gets between them and there is a clean break out of the corner. Vader pokes Angel in the eyes and tosses him into a corner to deliver several forearm shots. Vader continues to work over Angel in the corner with basic strikes. Harley Race gets some cheap shots in from the floor. Vader goes to the middle rope but Angel gets his knees up to block a splash. Angel delivers a few elbow drops to the ribs of Vader. Angel elbow drops Vader on the groin. Angel goes to the floor and decks Race a few times before getting back into the ring and kicks Vader. Angel leaps off the middle rope to clothesline Vader for a two count. Angel tosses Vader’s headgear off and tosses it at Race while hammering away on Vader. Vader goes for a slam but Angel lands on top and gets tossed to the floor on the kick out. On the floor, Angel sends Race head first into Vader on the apron! Angel grabs Race hitting a scoop slam on the floor! Vader stops Bossman with a few forearm shots but Angel connects with a back suplex slam and a head butt for a two count. Angel gets tripped by Race after coming off the ropes. Vader elbow drops Angel to get the advantage in his favor. Vader goes to the top rope but Angel slams Vader off the top to the canvas! Angel with a big splash which he hits twice for a near fall. Angel plants Vader with a spine buster for a near fall. Angel hits the side slam but Race comes off the top missing a diving head butt and that makes for a disqualification. After the match, Angel sends Race over the top to the floor. Vader attacks Angel from behind with a right hand. Race knocks he referee out with a right hand. Vader hits a splash off the middle rope. Vader goes to the top rope and nails Angel with a moonsault. (**. Quite honestly I was surprised that Angel dominated mostly the whole match leading to the DQ finish that prevented Vader from getting pinned. It was a decent match and the aftermath certainly continues their problems moving forward.)

11.) Ric Flair and Sherri Martel come out to be interviewed to close the program. Flair knows that the wrestling world knows that he is the real world champion. Dave Sullivan comes over again and Flair is getting annoyed. Dave says he’s going to wrestle tomorrow night. Flair calls Dave a real life Forrest Gump. Flair says whatever Dave has he’ll have it worse tomorrow night. Dave believes he can win tomorrow night and Flair agrees. Kevin yells at Dave to not come out here and tells Dave he is on his own. Kevin drags Dave away while Flair struts and woos.

Final Thoughts:
Not a whole lot going on here as all the feuds that happened at Fall Brawl are continuing onwards into Havoc. I have no interest in a Dave/Flair match, I must say.

Thanks for reading.

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