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WCW Saturday Night 9/17/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Jim Duggan defeated Chris Nelson
2.) Guardian Angel defeated Tex Slazenger
3.) Kevin Sullivan defeated Butch Long
4.) Steve Austin defeated Terry Taylor
5.) WCW Tag Team Champions Pretty Wonderful defeated Mark Starr & Frankie Lancaster
6.) Honkytonk Man defeated Jim Steel
7.) Sting defeated Harvey Solon
8.) Dustin Rhodes & The Nasty Boys defeated Rip Rogers, Ron Oakes & Tommy Stevenson
9.) Alex Wright defeated Bill Payne

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Jim Duggan is interviewed following his victory. Duggan has a few things he wants to point out. Duggan says he is just a working class guy and what you see is what you get. He is proud of the flag. Duggan gets annoyed when people talk badly about his country and won’t stand for it. I wonder if that’s in reference to Lord Steven Regal?

2.) The angry trucker fellow is yelling at Kevin Sullivan during his match. I probably should mention that it’s the former Repo Man/Demolition Ax under a new gimmick in WCW.

3.) Kevin Sullivan is interviewed regarding his match with Cactus Jack tomorrow night at Fall Brawl. The loser of the match will have to leave WCW forever. Kevin recalls being laid out last week by Cactus Jack. Kevin isn’t mad or angry at Cactus. Instead, Cactus has woken up an evil that is inside of Kevin. Kevin should have known they were going to meet since they are from the same species. Kevin is going to extinct Cactus Jack tomorrow night. Dave Sullivan says it’s been awful with Hogan being injured and wants to know who’s going to look after him. Kevin slaps Dave, who doesn’t want there to be any evil.

4.) Footage from the July 24th edition of WCW Main Event is aired where Steve Austin tried to attack Steamboat during a match between Steamboat and Flair. Sherri Martel got involved as well allowing Steamboat to get beaten on the canvas. The locker room emptied to make the save. Then, on the July 30th edition of Worldwide, Austin tied Steamboat in the ropes and got disqualified for his attack. At the Clash of the Champions event in August, Steamboat won the WCW United States Championship with a rollup. They meet at Fall Brawl.

5.) Austin backs Taylor into the corner and they trade a shove and a slap. Austin bails to the floor following the slap to regroup. Taylor hip tosses Austin, but Austin came back with a slam only for Taylor to kick him away. Taylor controls Austin on the canvas with a hammerlock. Austin reaches the ropes to cause a rope break. Austin works over Taylor with strikes but Taylor comes back with a drop toe hold. Taylor goes for a backslide and manages a near fall. Austin rolls to the floor to stall for a little bit and regroups. Austin decks Taylor in the referee while the referee was out of position. Austin sends Taylor into the ropes and delivers an elbow shot. Austin comes off the ropes with an elbow drop for a two count. Taylor runs into a high knee in the corner and Austin tries to use the ropes on a rollup for a near fall. Taylor almost wins with a rollup. Austin holds onto the ropes but the referee kicks his hands off. Austin sits down on the rollup attempt and pins Taylor clean in the middle of the ring. (**. A good pace of a match and a clean victory for Austin is a good move since Taylor doesn’t need protection in WCW.)

6.) Steve Austin is interviewed regarding his match with Ricky Steamboat tomorrow night at Fall Brawl. Austin says that as soon as Steamboat got use to be called a champion and checked his wife out of the clinic, the title will be coming back to Austin. Austin laughs at Steamboat not getting any other stipulations and calls Steamboat a loser, which he always has been. Austin says Steamboat will be lucky if he survives.

7.) Mean Gene met with WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan at the beach as Hogan has his boat ready. Hogan apologizes to Gene for being angry last time they had a chat. Hogan doesn’t believe Flair wants to get in the ring with all his fans. Gene wants to know about the knee. Hogan says they are back on track. Hogan knows that Flair doesn’t want a piece of him. He has gotten a million suggestions from his fans to trick Flair into the ring. Hogan isn’t going to tell anybody what his secret is to get Flair into the ring. He will reveal it tomorrow night at Fall Brawl.

8.) WCW Tag Team Champions Pretty Wonderful are interviewed regarding their match with Stars and Stripes tomorrow night. Orndorff believes everyone hates them because they are so good at what they do. There isn’t anybody close to their ability. Roma says he heard that Patriot is a draft dodger from Rush Limbaugh and they will retain the titles at Fall Brawl.

9.) Honkytonk Man is interviewed following his victory. He believes the fans want to hear him sing and dance. Honky is heading back to Memphis and renting every movie theater to watch Fall Brawl. He’s going to watch the pay per view and pay it for everyone in Memphis. He’s looking for a championship match and everyone is afraid of him. He’s looking for cheap impersonators like Johnny B. Badd. He’s the greatest of all-time and he knows it.

10.) Sting and the Guardian Angel are interviewed regarding Fall Brawl. Angel knows about the bad blood involving the two of them towards Vader. Angel wants to make it perfectly clear that come tomorrow night it is all business. Sting says it kind of fires him up hearing that talk from Angel. Sting looks right in Angel’s face and says if he gets the Scorpion Death Lock on him wondering if Angel is going to call him a snot nose kid. They promise to beat each other up tomorrow night.

11.) Dusty Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes and the Nasty Boys are interviewed following their victory. Tomorrow night, they will be battling inside War Games. Sags is sure that Parker and his boys are sweating bullets about getting in the cage with them. Knobbs screams that the war is about to begin and there is no turning back now. They are out to get blood. Dustin Rhodes is going to settle his personal war with Arn Anderson in the cage. Dusty believes the war between himself and Terry Funk will never come to rest. Dusty says that Funk has the chance to end him tomorrow night. If he doesn’t, then he’ll make Funk squeal.

12.) The Stud Stable is interviewed to close the program. Funk is looking forward to going to war against the Rhodes Family and the Nasty Boys. Parker is worried about War Games and says he’s never hurt anyone in his life. Parker says it’s in everyone’s hands who orders the show to see his demise. Bunkhouse Buck wants to knock everyone out and beat the hell out of the Nasty Boys. Arn Anderson says this isn’t about glory or money. It’s not about winning or losing. Instead, it’s about doing so vicious and devious that another man says they quit. Anderson says you’d have to kill him to make him quit. They better be prepared to die. They all go to war tomorrow night.

Final Thoughts:
A fine go home show leading into Fall Brawl. The whole show has been promoted rather well with every match getting plenty of promotion. If you’ll notice, Hogan and Flair aren’t wrestling on the show, so that likely allowed the whole show to get proper promotion. It’s been a fun and enjoyable build to Fall Brawl, I’d say.

Thanks for reading.

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